LED Slim Panel Ecomax stress free ambient light for office,school and shopping more

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Warm White Lamp Body Material: Aluminum    
IP Rating: IP40 on surface part Power(W): 35

Product Description:




• Optimized laser dot di_user design

• Slim and stylish design, only 16mm thick

• Flicker free



• Even, balanced light

• Minimal aesthetic footprint once installed

• Stress free ambient light

Product   DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average   Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Sq595-35W-3000-WH-GP35 1 2,800 2,800 75 3,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Sq595-35W-4000-WH-GP35 1 2,900 2,900 75 4,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Sq595-35W-6000-WH-GP35 1 3,000 3,000 75 6,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Sq603-35W-3000-WH-GP35 1 2,800 2,800 75 3,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Sq603-35W-4000-WH-GP35 1 2,900 2,900 75 4,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Sq603-35W-6000-WH-GP35 1 3,000 3,000 75 6,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Re295-35W-3000-WH-GP35 1 2,800 2,800 75 3,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Re295-35W-4000-WH-GP35 1 2,900 2,900 75 4,000 30,000 A
LEDSPanelRc-EII   Re295-35W-6000-WH-GP35 1 3,000 3,000 75 6,000 30,000 A


LED Slim Panel Ecomax stress free ambient light for office,school and shopping more

LED Slim Panel Ecomax stress free ambient light for office,school and shopping more

LED Slim Panel Ecomax stress free ambient light for office,school and shopping more

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Q:What is the light source of the LED panel light?
The light source of LED panel light is LED patch type component.Brightness can be adjusted according to power,General 600*600mm panel lights can do 30-60W, surface illumination of more than 10000lux.As a pendant light source, the LED component is different from the one placed in the panel light,Chandelier generally use high-power LED as a light source, as decoration, luminous flux is enough.
Q:What is the structure of the smart LED panel lamp?
In the LED panel lights the whole parts, the light guide plate belongs to an important position, similar to the host computer in CPU, the function of the light guide plate is the need to make the whole lamp luminous effect panel to achieve a uniform requirements in effect, the function of the product, the need for LGP is excellent the design and use of materials also need to pay attention to, is the most important transmission rate must reach the product shipment requirements, in the choice of plate supply manufacturers also need careful attention to the function of the product procurement, strict testing, so as to ensure the production of high quality LED panel lamp products.
Q:How many watts is the LED panel light?
LED panel light now there is no unified standard how many watts, Merkel (MOKER) panel lamp according to specifications divided into the following five dimensions: 300*300*8.5mm, 300*600*8.5mm, 300*1200*8.5mm, 600*600*8.5mm, 600*1200*8.5. The corresponding powers are 10W, 20W, 40W, 40W, and 45W. In contrast to the traditional grille, a panel light can replace the two grille lights
Q:How can I change the lamp of integrated ceiling lamp in the kitchen? I want to change to LED panel lamp
What kind of light is it? If it is a round of ordinary incandescent lamp, the lamp basically is round, there are several clips on the lampshade, is directly removed, the Mai Rui technology microwave induction lamp mounting panel back can, with automatic induction switch lamp function,
Q:Differences between office buildings, office lighting, LED panel lights and traditional lamps
LED panel lights, energy saving, only 1/4 of the electricity required,
Q:How does the embedded LED panel light fit onto the ceiling?
Do ultra-thin panel lights, thickness is only 9mm, if there are problems, you can go to the site to see, to make a reference
Q:What is the light guide panel of the LED panel lamp?
The optical grade acrylic plate as basic raw materials, and then use the LCD panel and the backlight module of notebook computer display technology, through the light guiding points full of high light transmittance, the PC distribution guide dot design makes the LED panel light guide plate parts light converted into surface light source are light design and manufacture after molding.1, the light guide plate (light guide plate) is the use of optical grade /PC acrylic sheet, and then use high-tech materials with high reflectivity and absorption of light, the optical grade acrylic bottom with UV screen printed guide dot printing technology. The use of optical grade acrylic sheet drawing out the lights stay in optical grade acrylic sheet surface, when the light guide to each spot, the reflected light will spread to all angles, and then destroy the reflection condition by the light guide plate is injection.2, through the various density, different sizes of light guide point, can make the light guide plate uniform luminescence. The purpose of the reflector is to reflect the light exposed on the bottom back into the light guide plate to improve the use efficiency of the light. Under the same area of illumination, the luminous efficiency is high and the power consumption is low. Single side micro array light guide plate is usually made by injection molding.
Q:How do you remove the LED panel light?
Look at the four borders. Are there any switches or buttons inlaid?.
Q:LED panel light beads is used which beads?
Hello, you said above LED lamp can be used in the panel light, good effect and common words or 3014 good affordable price. The market is ripe.
Q:What's the difference between the LED panel light and the LED ultra-thin panel light?
Personally, I think LED panel light or side light-emitting products, cost-effective to be higher!

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