LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 300W LED Grow Light

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Quick Details

Light Source:


Item Type:

Grow Lights

LED Light Source:


Input Voltage(V):


Lamp Power(W):


Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):


Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):


CRI (Ra>):


Color Temperature(CCT):

full spectrum

Working Temperature(℃):

-20 - +45

Working Lifetime(Hour):


Lamp Body Material:


IP Rating:




Emitting Color:

full specification

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:


Product name:

panel grow light led grow light plant growth


Vegetable Flower Fruit Greenhouse Growing Lights

LED Quantity:





3 years

Color ratio:


IP grade:



No Fans

LED power:



grow light

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:carton box
Delivery Detail:5-30days


 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light




1.Product name: LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light

2.LUX 2016 new design. All Al body, Ultra high effective lighting
3. All aluminum body, well heat dissipation, long lifespan, no corrosion
4. Module design, scientific structure, maintain in minutes
5. Advanced design allows spectrum to be changed in a easy and free way, at any stage of growth.
6. Selective lens, extremely strong penetration 2-3 times strong of common led grow lights
7. High quality material, Easy detaching and maintenance, Spectrum changeable, High effective lighting, Thermal switch protection 

8.Customers can choose the different LED ratios, Our suggestion is as below
1) For vegetative stage we suggest red and blue ratio is 2:7.
2) For flowering stage we suggest red and blue ratio is 7:2.
3) For fruiting stage we suggest red blue orange ratio is 7:1:1.


Quick details

Model NOPowerSpectrumIP gradeInput voltage
LX-GL-1X24*3WFull specifocationIP65 waterproofAC85-265V
LX-GL-4X72*3WFull specifocationIP65 waterproofAC85-265V
LX-GL-7X168*3WFull specifocationIP65 waterproofAC85-265V
LX-GL-14X336*3WFull specifocationIP65 waterproofAC85-265V


 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 300W LED Grow Light


More details

 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light

  LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 300W LED Grow Light


Pictures and Size 

LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow LightLED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light



LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light  widely use in Greenhouse, Plant Factory,  Vegetable Flower Fruit Greenhouse Growing Lights , Indoor Garden and so on.

LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow LightLED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow LightLED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Hydro Plant Growth Lamp Panel 320W LED Grow Light


Q:Plant growth lamp, lighting plants with what types of beads?
Hello:General lighting beads have used plants:0.2W-0.5W: 2835, 5050 beads, 5730 beads of monochromatic light bulb, full-color 5050RGB lamp;1W-3W: PCT/EMC2835 beads, 3030 beads (alternative imitation of lumen structure of large power)
Q:How long does it take for plants to grow and light?
During the process of plant growth and development, they usually go through the temperature sensitive stage, the photosensitive stage, and finally enter the reproductive growth stage.
Q:What kind of light can be used instead of sunlight plants?
The formation of chlorophyll in all plants requires light for photosynthesis. The blue and red wavelengths play an important role in the growth of plants. Blue waves stimulate leaf growth, while red promotes flowering.The plant has certain requirements for quality. Incandescent lights are the most common. They emit intense yellow and red lights with warm colors, while halogen lights are cool colors. Should be placed on the attention should not be placed in close to the light source, the heat will burn its leaves, there should be a certain distance between them. Such as incandescent bulbs should be 60 cm away.As long as the growth of plants, water, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, growth conditions, then ordinary fluorescent lamp is OKThere is now a fluorescent tube specially built for the sun to replace the sunTo the shops that sell aquarium equipment, there is a fluorescent tube used to grow water plants.
Q:Do sunlight and light affect plant growth in the same way?
There is a big difference between simulated light and natural daylight.Artificial light sources can be added as a supplement to plants, depending entirely on artificial light sources or on a laboratory project.There are still many problems in practical application!
Q:Live in the east wing, two potted plant, but the light is not good, want to DIY lights, can use the blue and red hat LED lamp? Please.
We need 450nm blue straw hats and 630nm red straw hats. If it's a flower, the red color is 4 times the color of blue
Q:The office for a few jasmine, fill out the idea, I used three 5 3*3W spotlights, one of the red 4, blue 1, every night light for 12 hours or so, but found and outdoor flowers compared to the flowers of plant growth lamp was ahead fall, some not bloom, lost, what is the reason?
The growth board is not the sun, he cannot give plants with trace elements, so the flowers wither. Specific, you can go to the Dragon ticket above to see how to solve the best
Q:What is the wavelength of a plant's violet lamp?
Two: the application of visible lightThere are several plants can be used to fill the lamp on the market (1.LED, red and blue, or full visible spectrum) 2. three color, 3. small sun (with the ultraviolet and infrared light rare earth (4.) pink or blue)1.LEDThis saves power, produces very little waste heat, and has a long life. LED planting is absolutely possible, but I don't recommend LED with family support. Although LED can full spectrum, but the full spectrum light distribution is not uniform, if a small area of brachytherapy, for small plants, the spectral distribution is not balanced. And now I haven't found a LED with uvb. LED lamp power, uneven distribution can be used to solve large scale, long distance, but in general a full spectrum of LED is more suitable for factories and planting greenhouse. Meanwhile, the lack of UVB is also more suitable for growing C3 C4 plants. If the separate UVB chip, large area and high strength, can be. But in general, less efficient is less efficient. If the annual plant, regardless of the root development, regardless of shape, red and blue enough, if you consider the root development needs to add orange yellow light, orange light also has a certain underground accumulation.2., three primary colorsFever is not too much, cheap, spectral distribution is not very reasonable, relatively large energy consumption, plant utilization of the luminous utilization rate of less than 70%. The disadvantage of using three primary colors is that the energy consumption is still a little bigger. No 10000LX light intensity can be said to have no effect on desert plants. But the energy required by 10000LX is quite scary. I calculated that it would be about 500 watts per square meter (50CM distance), and it would be uneconomical to use it for a long time.
Q:this voltage regulator diode should be used, what should pay attention to? TenThis is to prevent a zener diode lamp lamp does not light the other bad. Just contact, I don't know what parameters are used here. Hope to get expert advice!If you use the 1W LED beads, should use what parameter regulator?If you use 3W LED, should be what parameter regulator?The pictures are as follows: (each LED is connected with a regulator): I hope to receive a sincere answer. Thank you very much!
Two conditions should be met:1, the regulator value is higher than 4 volts, can also be slightly higher. Because the 1W and 3W of LED normally emit light, each operating voltage is typically between 3.2 volts and 3.5 volts, mostly at 3.7 volts. Therefore, the parallel regulator voltage regulator value must be higher than the work voltage of LED, otherwise the electricity from the regulator tube gone, do not go LED, LED will not shine, this is not the original intention of the design.2, a LED circuit for 1W, rated current is greater than 0.3A, LED circuit for 3W, rated current is greater than 0.8A, because once a LED fault circuit, voltage regulator tubes will replace LED to enter the working state, the current through LED, 1W circuit, LED circuit current will reach 0.27A, 3W, current will reach 0.7A. Therefore, the working current of the regulator is greater than the working current of LED. Bigger, better.
Q:Can plants grow fluorescent lamps instead of sunlight?
No, the fluorescent lamp is not strong enough.
Q:Introduction of plant growth lamp
Selection of light sourcesWhen using artificial light sources, we have to select the closest natural light that satisfies the plant's photosynthetic conditions. The light source should have the following characteristics:1. efficient conversion of electric energy into radiant energy2. achieve high radiation intensity in the effective range of photosynthesis, especially low infrared radiation (heat radiation)3. the radiation spectrum of the bulb conforms to the physiological requirements of the plant, especially in the effective spectral region of photosynthesis.Compared with the intensity in the effective zone of photosynthesis, the energy conversion effect of sodium lamp is two times higher than that of mercury lamp in various artificial light sources with horizontal radiation. Sodium light is the most effective light source for greenhouse plants to affect photosynthesis and correct growth. The tubular lamp can achieve high efficiency radiation 150lm/w, is currently on the growth of various crops most favorable choice. Increasing the sodium vapor pressure in the ceramic arc tube can broaden the spectrum of blue and red light, which is a high range of wavelengths pursued. In high-pressure sodium lamps applied to horticultural products, we recommend PLANTASTAR (OSRAM), SON-T, AGRO (PHILIPS), LUCALOX, XO (GE). Their difference is to raise the higher 0-40% blue range and activate the chlorophyll of plants. To achieve maximum radioactivity, all sodium lamps are fitted with reflectors at the side of the lampshade. At present, the majority of factories in China generally use the sodium lamp as the street light, and use the sodium lamp on the spot. The export has caused a lot of losses to the customers.

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