LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP41 Power(W): 4-18 Body material: high thermal conductivity aluminum plate
Certification: other Input voltage(V): DC/24V Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55
Warranty: three years

Product Description:

●C21SL-C  LED Crystal Strip Lights is a high brightness LED used as special decorative light source. 


The product is sleek in design has simple installation method, composed of top grade LED chips, soft light, and high luminous efficiency. 


This product is widely used as a back-light source or decorative lighting. Inter-connectable in a variety of sizes and lengths.


Product Features


●Circuit boards with high thermal


●Conductivity aluminum plate  


Mercury and lead-free


AC90~132V wide input voltage range


Operating Temp -40℃~+55℃




Types of Application 


●Advertising light boxes, buildings,

decorative lighting purposes



LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C      LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C



Technical Parameters



         ModelPower WattageLuminous Flux       CCTCRI  IP     DimensionNet Weight
C21SL-C150-18W         18W      1440lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L1370×W20×H17    8.0 kg
C21SL-C120-15W         15W      1200lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L1220×W20×H17    7.2 kg
C21SL-C100-9W          9W       720lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L1020×W20×H17    6.4 kg
C21SL-C070-8W          8W       640lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L720×W20×H17    5.6 kg
C21SL-C060-8W          8W       640lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L620×W20×H17    4.8 kg
C21SL-C050-6W          6W       480lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L520×W20×H17    4.4 kg
C21SL-C030-4W          4W       320lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L320×W20×H17    3.2 kg



Size Chart(mm)     C21SL-C


LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C


Light Distribution Curve   C21SL-C


LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C 


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Q:What type of LED lamp comes with the brightest light?
In two different manufacturers, using the same patch made of light, brightness may not be the same, LED is the current device, current is, the higher the brightness, some manufacturers in the pursuit of brightness and low cost, will increase the current to improve the brightness, life will be a lot worse, especially white. You can solve the problem that: 5050 led domestic manufacturers with some formal, ask the clerk to provide product specification, comparison of various manufacturers specifications on luminous flux values, a large number of lumens brightness generally high, of course, do not forget to consider the half angle.
Q:Home decoration, want to buy lights, with what kind of lamp well?
Entrance hall: the entrance hall is the place where the first impression is made to the room. The light should be bright, and the position of the lamp should be placed at the entrance and at the junction of the interior space.
Q:How to solve the problem of LED lamp out of light effect?
When the lamp band is too long, the brightness of the tail of the lamp belt is not enough1) use a more powerful constant voltage drive. Unlike 3A appliances, you can drive 3528 soft lights with 6 meters, but in order to prevent the tail of the light belt brightness is not enough, you can use 4A appliances, to ensure that the appliance has sufficient margin. But the power of the appliance doesn't need to be higher, otherwise it will waste.2) change the way the lights are connected. 6 meters of 3528, you can use 5 meters +1 meters in parallel with the lights, you can also 3 meters +3 meters combination of parallel.
Q:What's the LED band?
LED lamp belt price is generally in meters as a unit, cheap 10 yuan or so: quality is more general, can do home decoration, or other use time comparison case use. The quality is better, the quality is about 30~50, and its service life is longer
Q:LED is that band good?
Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED lamp band. If the LED belt produced by SMT process, its surface cleanliness is very good, and no impurities or stains can be seen. However, if you use hand welding process produced cottage version of LED lights, regardless of how the surface cleaning, there will be traces of stains and cleaning, and at the same time on the surface of FPC will have soldering flux and tin residue
Q:Want to use LED light belt, put a layer of alternative eye protection lamp under the shelf, the effect is good?
The direct use of light with the words may have a little dazzling aluminum laminates can choose lamps with PC uniform lighting effect is good oh.
Q:60 bead LED lamp with power supply, can be used on 120 bead LED lamp belt?
If the power of the single bead is the same, the total power of the 120 bead light band is more than twice as much as that of the 60 bead lamp, and the power of the original 60 bead will be burnt out.
Q:What do you mean by "LED" belt model 5O5O and 3528?
If you use LED lights with the product, you need to take into consideration the number of SMD beads per unit length is much, we often say that the meter is 30 or 60 or 72 lamp lamp lamp. Of course, the color classification, and single LED brightness value etc.. Answer so much, I hope you have more understanding of this product.
Q:How much is a band of LED light meter?
LED lamp belt is divided into high voltage lamp belt and low voltage lamp belt, because the low voltage lamp belt each aspect performance is better than the high voltage lamp, therefore the price is also relatively expensive.
Q:What is the most bright Led band of white light?
The white light is divided into white, natural white and white general is white light color temperature of about 6000K, about 4000K, natural white warm white 3000K. White light and ordinary energy-saving lamps, like color, natural white slightly yellow, warm white is yellow, look at the decoration style

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