LED Candle Light C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen

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Product Description:

LED Bulb Light are receiving global recognition for their energy saving capabilities, long service life and the ability to reduce carbon emissions across a host of different sectors.

Specifications of LED Bulb Light

CRI 80


Beam Angle:150 degree



Features of LED Bulb Light

-No. UV and IR

-No mercury or other deleterous material.

-High brightness and long life

-All products has got CE and RoHS certificate

-Environment protection

-Energy Saving

-Low heat, lowe power consumption/high intensity

-Easy installtion

-Long lifespan


    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen

    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen

    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen

    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen


    Applications for LED Bulb Light

    Replacement bulbs for traditional halogen lamp, such as store, supermarket, especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic, counters where UV or IR radiation is undesirable.

    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen

    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen

    LED  Candle Light   C37E14-TP011-2835T6W High Lumen



    Why choose LED lighting products from CNBM?

    Q: What is the Operating temperature?

    A: -20 to +40 degree Celsius

    Q.What is the Light efficiency ?

    A: Upto 100LM/W

    Q:What is the starting time of LED bulb ?

    A: Instant

    Q:What is the Power Factor of Led Bulb ?

    A:0.5 or 0.9

    Q:What is the CRI ?

    A: we offer CRI 80

    Q:What is the beam Angle?

    A:180° / 360° beam angle, no dark space

    Q:Any Mercury or Radiation or UV ?

    A: NO 

    Q: Are your product IEC satisfied ?

    A: YES

    Q: How Much Energy It Can Save ?

    A:Can save power over 80%

    Q: Your Product 100% Real Wattage ?

    A: Yes, 100% enough 

    Q:What is the percentage of replace Incandescent Bulb Light ?

    A: 9W can replace 60-75W Incandescent bulb light, 12W replace 100W Incandescent Bulb 

    Q:Which Kind of hold base you can offer ?

    A: E27,E14,B22 and others

    Q: How Long of Warranty

    A:  Minimum  3  years



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    Q:Led the bulb is flashing. What's wrong with it? How do you fix it?
    The driving power inside is broken. If there is basic electronic knowledge, replace the inner capacitor. Most probably the electrolytic capacitor is broken.However, the cost of the bulb products is relatively low, and the cost of the repair is greater than the cost of the change.
    Q:60W how many lumens and how many W LED bulb does incandescent bulb replace?
    General household enough, if in 10 square meters of housing, installation of more than 10W LED lights, brightness is too good, if not the study, it is best not to.
    Q:What is the AC voltage of the LED bulb?
    The AC voltage of LED bulb is usually 220V, and the power is divided into 3W, 5W, 7W, 8W, 9W, 12W and so on.The biggest market for LED bulb lighting is the civilian market, and the LED bulb is a new green light source to replace the traditional incandescent bulb. LED lamp has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, no stroboscopic, green and so on.
    Q:What brand of LED bulb is good in quality?
    What brand of LED bulb is good? LED bulb has replaced the ordinary fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp gradually, with the market demand is more and more big, and the production of the LED lamp threshold is very low, so a lot of small family workshop also began assembling production of LED lamps, the technical content is low, without testing and certification of products, also began to circulate on the market.
    Q:LED bulb PC, will the white cover affect the color temperature of the finished lamp?
    The chip may damp, no air humidity warehouse management process; or the chip in the assembly process by foreign influence, the lampshade is removed, and then measured once in the color of the aluminum plate radiator
    Q:What's the difference between a glass cap for a bulb and a PC hood?
    1, impact strength comparisonPC and glass is the biggest difference resistance shock, PC is transparent plastic, the most resistant to impact, smashing not broken.Similarly, PC is 200-300 times the impact resistance of glass. PC is 30-50 times the impact strength of PMMA acrylic.
    Q:How did the trademark on the LED bulb go up?
    Laser printing and screen printing, pad printing can be, look at the needs and equipment.
    Q:LED can the bulb be used in the bathroom?
    From a long-term perspective is not enough, you can choose a lamp are closed, such as ceiling lamps what, now have special indoor lamps, but you must not use ordinary lamps, because LED lights to the heat at the edge of the open slot or empty, easy water.
    Q:LED what are the bulb screws?
    There are E14, E27, E40, B22, LED bulb, only these screwsThe most commonly used are the E27 sizes, and the E14 is used in small bulbs, such as refrigerators and E40, for larger power.
    Q:LED how does the bulb return electricity?
    A 0 ohm resistor with a large point on the negative electrode

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