Led Architectural Track Spot Lighting

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Product Description:

General Description

LED architectural  track spot lighting  230V track spotlight with Multi-chip LED sources and integrated power supply. The new version with Multi-chip LED further extends the light, which already covers all types of light sources – from multi-LED halide to halogen – as well as sizes and applications.
The projector operates with separate optics sets equipped with faceted optics with different emission angles: it is also available with the Polarising Prism system, a high performance and low luminance prismatic diffuser. The technical features and lighting efficiency of Multi-chip LED light sources – which have been designed in response to different lighting requirements – support advanced professional use of the product and increase its versatility of use and fields of application.


Our led architectural lighting advantage:

1. The  novel elegant practicl and beautiful design is unique

2. COB chips                                

3.The cup to make a better abstraction of heat                     

4.Scaly optical design to guarantee the designed beam angle                                  

5.The Super quality raditor make it very low heat      

6.Strict  quality control and inspection  to ensure high quality


LED track  light specification:

Power:15W (COB)

Luminous flus:990lm

Input:80-260V AC                                                                                                                                                  Material:aluminum                                                             

IP20 indoor use                                                                                      

Size:Dia110*250h mm                                                 


Mounting: surface mounted                                       

Surface finish: white/black/grey                                  



1.Cob provides high packing density quick turnaround                                                                                                 

2. Enhanced thermal characteristics                                                                             

3.Can be adapted to high frequencies

4.Can mix standard assembly technologies and is applicable to most substrates  


Custominzing Options


Input voltage: AC85-265V 220-240V

Surface finish: white/black/uv grey powder



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1.    3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-30 business days for Bulk Orders for Bulk Orders.

2.    "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3.    DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

4.    The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Our Service

3.To produce under CE.

4. 2 -3years warranty

5. MOQ:30-50pcs

6. Can do it as per your requirement,such as LEDs type,Size,material and so on.


About Us

We are factory specilized in designing unique and high quality LEDlight.The target  customer are the project users or wholesalers who need special model,high quality and good guarantee service to used in the hotel,school,office,supermarket,building and anyother big appliance.Areek have the stable customer who just need high quality production and keep looking for the new models in Europea and other area.

If u need  them,pls free to contact me to get the newest information.

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Q:With LED lamp and metal halide lamp good or good energy-saving tube lamp and metal halide lamp
With a metal halide lamp With about 50 a philips light source.Number of 35 w to save electricity.
Q:LED track light, LED track light, LED guide light what's the difference?
LED track light guide light are the same no difference, action principle is the adornment effect, don't know what you want to purchase specifications of the shoot the light, we are one of the LED application product business
Q:The standard of led track light rail
General, of course, these two kinds of specifications of the track also will do the trick, because LED track is generally used for focus lighting, is of a certain area to outstanding performance, so if you put too much light in one place will feel a bit of a mess, so it is better to choose a fluorescent lamp
Q:18 watts LED track lamp ballast is built-in, or external,
Power supply doesn't matter, as long as reasonable structure appearance beautiful, men's clothing with 4000 k color temperature estimation is too warm, the ideal 4500 k
Q:A level of about 50 square meters of dodavah clothing store choose to shoot the light is better
As you say the lamp is very important in the clothing store decoration, if your lights just take lighting effect, an energy-saving lamp is ok. To make clothes look better lighting effects to make your shop look, can be more kinds of lamp. Do give priority to with a chandelier lamp, hanging in the shop, general with choose some crystal lamp is better, let your shop grades improved. In addition you can also add a few lamp, shoot the light of the role is to let some of your goods in need more attention. Do you want to highlight a few pieces of clothing, for example, is arranged in the lamp can be according to local, make it has distinguishing feature than other clothes in the shop. Then there is the light too much and don't let a person feel uncomfortable, the light is too strong to let a person dazzling.
Q:How to solve the problem of led light color
Due to the various manufacturers of LED lens assembly is different even the same light Angle (nominal), effect is different also, makes it harder to the selection of condenser cover, still to can't general. Search 5, LED blind potential hidden trouble Center of LED point concentration makes super brightness, so it is easy to hurt people's eyes, though some lighting manufacturers to try in this aspect, but due to the laws and regulations lag, also is only human moral problems
Q:LED track light floodlight is indoor or outdoor lighting? Can be used in the office?
Is the office interior decoration lamp, smothering with a word generally used in setting wall and image wall, lighting, can consider to use the led tube light, or absorb dome light
Q:Various brands of led track light rail is the same specifications
The current market there is a fake article three lines of track. Track the best article adopts high hardness and thickness of dural and PC flame retardant materials. Different brands on the market of LED track light just according to the guide rail installation (or assembly) suction a top and guide of the specifications (a few lines, bearing, guide light safety requirements) can match guide bar. Many manufacturers are not necessary article sale guide rail.
Q:The electrician how long does it take to change a LED track light?
In the LED lights don't have to be an electrician in orbit, oneself have a ladder can also change, easy, just a minute or two
Q:What are the advantages of LED track lamp?
Widely used in shopping malls, hotels, hotel, hall, chamber, villas, window, clothing stores and other places of lighting and decoration.

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