Hot Sale High Power Custom 10W IP55 COB Led Downlight

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Product Description:

Hot sale high power custom 10W IP55 cob led downlight



Heat dissipation cob Led downlight features:

  1. High-tech heat dissipation for radiator

  2. Unique invention patent for rejection of heat

  3. Advanced LED lighting distribution process  ampoule led

  4. Pure aluminum housing

  5. High quality chipset for the Downlight

  6. Major Energy saving: Over 90% Compare to Incandescent

  7. Reduces Light Pollution: No wasted Light

  8. No Hazardous Emissions: No IR or UV Radiation, Do Not Attract Insects

  9. Extended Life Time: 3 years Maintenance-Free spot encastrable led

  10. Even Lighting: High Intensity / No Halation



High quality cob LED downlight specfication:




LED power

5, 7, 9W


15, 20W

Input voltage


LED voltage


Working frequency


Power factor


Junction temperature


Lens degree

60° . 90° . 120 °

LED initial luminous


90 lm/W



LED color temperature


Working temperature


Working life-span

More than 50,000H


3 years



LED downlight description:

  1. Using nonconductive silicone to bring the heat from chip to the radiator quickly.

  2. With the unique design of the independent intellectual property rights of the integrated radiator and shell, it’s possible to realize the heat conduction and air convection.

  3. It adopts the world’s leading high-quality LED chips and driver.

  4. All the COB LED use integrated high power light source.

  5. The Downlight have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. 


LED downlight applications:


Hotel, supermarket, factory, subway, hospital, school, meeting room, office, housing, etc.




T/T   L/C   O/A  Western Union   Escrow




5-10 days after received your 30% deposit or see the L/C





Each LED downlight packed in a box filling with foam and 10 to 20 pieces in a carton, reinforced with wooden case, which is safe and suitable for ocean shipment if any tough handling.

You may interest to know about:

World Leading Heat Dissipation Technology---Only one piece of “BLACK SLICE” could replace the primitive heat dissipation-Thermally Conductive Silicone and greatly increase LED Downight Lifespan.





*A special Zero-heat capacity in composited material using Nanotechnology.

*The heat of P-N Junction is diffusing at a speed of microsecond unceasing, thus lowers the

junction temperature drastically.

*The heat from the light source escapes to the radiator in the way of heat exchange between

positive and negative electron in wave patterns.

*Non-Volatile and long lifespan. 


The shortcoming of Thermally Conductive Silicone:


*Volatile, result in a thermal resistance

*Easy to aging

*Difficult to plastering

*Low thermal conductive coefficient (1-3w/m.k) compare to our “BLACK SLICE” thermal  diffusivity (200-300w/m.k, 260m^2/s).



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Q:7 square feet of aisle to install 3 LED downlight, how much w led downlight
The three three watt brightness is enough, and the five watt is a bit wasted
Q:Common questions about LED downlight spotlights
LED lamp is a low DC voltage, single lamp voltage can be lit in general about 3.3 volts, general household LED lights have many particle beads, most of which are connected in series, no matter what form of the LED lamp needs a voltage conversion device, this device has the external voltage conversion has built-in, have a stable manifold has stabilized shape, useful integrated circuit is also useful for discrete components do, a complex circuit has simple circuit, a lamp and a conversion circuit package together also has a separate lamp and a conversion circuit, it is all kinds of all kinds, now the country there is no one standard, all manufacturers do, want to make what is what, so it brings inconvenience to the users, so the home LED lights after the damage will be very difficult to get the same, every You should also ask professional staff to press the button, you say the problem is not surprising, it is likely to bring a driver, and the other without driving, need additional driver.
Q:The office, sample room, corridor, the most commonly used several LED downlight which is several dimensions, what is power?
You should use big ones. My home is small, 5W's PL*D005
Q:How to choose the right LED downlight
Look at the radiator lamps: cooling speed determines the degree of attenuation of the whole lamp and the service life of the radiator is too small will accumulate in the light of internal temperature. Light long time working under the condition of high temperature, light decay very fast, life is short. Our shell and radiator are all thick materials to ensure heat dissipation.
Q:The difference between ordinary LED lamp and LED downlight and integration of advantages and disadvantages
Energy saving: the energy consumption of white light LED is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp and 1/4 of energy-saving lamp
Q:How much is the general 15WLED lamp luminous flux.
Look at the product parameters, and if it's done with a single 1W, it's probably around 1600LM,
Q:What brand of downlight is good? Please explain the reason, thank you!
Cost. From a cost perspective, the LED lamp price is about 3-10 times of the traditional lighting range, if the power of the time more than 6 hours a day, LED lighting is good, is expected about 1 years to be able to save money to buy a lamp; if one day 2-3 hours, it is not how much electricity the.
Q:LED lamp power off why would light up
The distribution of capacitor connected switch contacts of parallel line formation (originally existed), after turning off the switch can still trace by alternating currentYou used a small light source lamp power LED lamp (mA current to shimmer)The combined effect of the above.
Q:Led downlight can light panel directly with intelligent dimming Mody?
No, the LED dimming should be adjusted in its drive circuit
Q:What is the size LED downlight
LED lamp size generally have 6 inch, 5 inch, 4 inch, 3 inch, 2.5 inch, inch inch refers to here, refers to the inside of the reflection cup diameter.The commonly used standard size and parameters of LED downlight:2.5 inch LED lamp size parameters of hole (phi 80) - page table size Phi 102 * H30 power 3W;3 inch LED lamp size parameters of hole (phi 90) - page table size Phi 112 * H30 power 5W;3.5 inch LED lamp size parameters of hole (phi 100) - page table size Phi 122 * H30 power 7W;4 inch LED lamp size parameters of hole (phi 120) - page table size Phi 146 * H30 power 9W;5 inch LED lamp size parameters of hole (phi 150) - page table size Phi 180 * H30 power 12W;6 inch LED lamp size parameters of hole (phi 160) - page table size Phi 190 * H30 power 15W;LED downlight is a kind of embedded lighting ceiling light shooting style.

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