HDPE sunshade net folded aliminium net for plant flower

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Thermal Screens Save on Costs, Maximum. Plant Growth

Cost and Energy Savings for your GreenhouseThermal screens are by far one of the most effective energy and cost saving technologies for modern greenhouses. Power plants’ brings the growth-max. Thermal Shade Screens to all over the world. Our thermal screens open when light is limited and close when light is excessive. They also reduce heat loss, dew drop, heating costs, and help to maintain a more constant and comfortable greenhouse climate for your crop and your staff.


Reduce condensation on leaves and fruit The screens keep the crop warmer, reducing the possibility of condensation forming and leading to fungal disease. CNBM’ Thermal Screens are made from aluminum and polyester, which are excellent insulators. Aluminum reflects long wave radiation from the crop back down to the crop, and polyester absorbs long wave radiation and provides a warm ‘blanket’ above the crop, reducing radiation heat loss. With gas and energy prices still rising, can you afford not to save even 20%? By reducing the amount of energy you consume, you will also be doing your part to reduce global warming, too.

How do Thermal Screens Work?  


Reflect light when it is excessive China is one of the hottest, driest countries in the world. While this is great in winter, summer heat is a big problem. High temperatures are caused by excessive light getting into the greenhouse. Our Thermal Screens are made of polished aluminum strips, which reflect light straight back out of the greenhouse.


Reduce heat loss at night The screens are automatically closed at dusk in order to trap as much heat as possible for the night. This means that heating costs are greatly reduced by 20 to 70%.



Retract when light is limiting On cloudy days or in the mornings and afternoons, light becomes limited and plant growth slows down. So CNBM’ Thermal Screens retract automatically in order to maximum growth.


Increase production & quality, decrease costs, increase profit! With a lifespan of 8 to 10 years, CNBM’ 
Thermal Screens give you a phenomenal return on investment.

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Q:Do we have to open the door to give him a canvas?
What materials can not be completely resolved, to completely solve the case, you have to give someone else's air conditioning condensate water tank or long in your canopy above the water position put a sponge and the like.
Q:I would like to ask, I see the lawn, there are some families that only cover the head of the half-open folding awning called what name? Where can I buy it?
No, if the doctor to the parcel is good, in general, will not, my family had a cat before, naughty night went to the balcony outside the awning to play the results fall off his legs broke, and later brought to the hospital plywood, Go back after the tamper is also afraid of his fixed good broken, but also not to move, then asked the doctor said nothing, animal injuries themselves know, but they are moving to make their own sitting or tummy with a little comfortable, If the artificial to deliberately stop or adjust them will be uncomfortable, as long as they adjust their own general will not move, and you have to pay attention to the following, sometimes the dog to defecation or pee when the Move, my family that cat is also the old urine life and death do not wear in the nest, have to go to the toilet, so sometimes the move may also be this. You'd better give the dog a clean matty soft so that he tummy, drink the water bowl too far or you think he was thirsty when he gave him to drink, eat also show him, do not let the urine there They will stick to the dog who is also injured in the legs, if the sticky may cause the legs and skin rotten, and animal movement is generally the same, usually the first day of moving more, as long as he knows you will show him to eat, In fact, is to take care of him, after a day will not always move
Q:Pro, do you know what materials do awnings to prevent air conditioning dripping noise?
semi-basement where the roof elevation beyond the outdoor floor elevation of 1
Q:Outside the window of the awning with a long time feeling very dirty, how to clean up ah
. urban management issued by the legal instruments are in place. . urban management law enforcement procedures are legitimate. . if the above two are in place, you can according to the urban management issued by the legal documents required to apply for reconsideration, put forward the demolition of suspected raft pipe Wo 禾 drum Guzheng card, if you next door there is a similar building why not split (this is Law enforcement injustice), you build awning on the community, the public did not affect why the demolition (no cause social harm, why should be punished). You first try me to say! The The The
Q:Electric car awning in the end easy to use, used the answer, not used to mislead others!
Is the use of parallelogram of the variable structure with the hinge to achieve the expansion and contraction
Q:The advantage of the awning Who can talk about, the best specific point
How to calculate the building area: The building area of ​​the complete house is composed of three parts: the area of ​​the house, the area of ​​the inner wall and the building area of ​​the balcony. . the use of the area within the use of housing area for the use of space within the housing area, the horizontal projection area according to the following provisions: a. Sets of housing use area for the sleeper bedroom, living room, hall, Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, storage room, closet and other space area of ​​the sum. B. The inner staircase is included in the usable area according to the total area of ​​the natural layer. C. Excludes the internal chimneys, ducts and pipelines contained in the structural area. D. The thickness of the interior wall is included in the use area. . the amount of wall area within the set of wall area is the use of space around the maintenance or load-bearing walls or other load-bearing support of the area, in which the partition between the partition wall and the separation of public buildings and space As well as the external walls (including the trough of the tassel tea is too good to fill the gable) and other common walls, according to the level of projection area accounted for half of the set of wall area. Within the free wall by the horizontal projection area all included in the wall area. . set the balcony area of ​​the building area within the balcony building area by the balcony and the external walls of the building between the horizontal projection area calculation. Which closed the balcony according to the level of projection of all calculated construction area, unsealed balcony by the level of projection of half of the calculation of building area. Hope to help you
Q:My family's life balcony awning and anti-theft network was out of the wall brick smashed, may I ask the property management for me to repair it? What is the legal basis?
The second is the grid-like fabric plus PVC cloth, the back is coated, feels like plastic to do, than the former thick, shading effect is good, the defect is more brittle The third is the blended with linen and cotton, its own weight is relatively heavy, drape good, can be made directly into the curtains, environmental performance is good, but the color is single Shade cloth price from more than ten yuan / m to hundreds of yuan / m range Boss curtain shopping malls have a lot to understand Curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains, curtains,
Q:What are the shades of architecture? What are the better brands?
This is mainly to see how much the maximum voltage? If the voltage peak exceeds the hairpin tamper with each other or close to 250V can not be a high voltage pulse can make the breakdown of the capacitor ...
Q:Shop back and forth in the palm of your hand retracts how to do
China Unicom often engage in these strange activities, so it can not judge true and false. First of all you want to see the stalls have Unicom Logo logo? Usually orange awning, awning on the Unicom Logo. The staff have to wear the rush of the company's hoarding plateau consumption chop with rafts uniforms do? Is the clothes in the chest with the company's logo. If there is no, Bacheng is a liar, because it is generally impossible to take your phone to press, as long as you know your phone number can
Q:I planted a few strawberries, want to give them a small awning, do not know how to take
When the awning was wet and had to be put away, the expert suggested that it had the opportunity to start it completely and dry it The heavy rainforest sunshade should be sunny when the sun is fully stretched when the cleaning awning? Whether the electric awning needs to be cleaned is largely dependent on the environment Periodically remove the dust with a brush when the awning is dry branches, leaves and other debris fall into the awning should be cleaned up in time to reduce the load capacity of shade cloth If the cloth has a small piece of sticky, with a common cleaning agent soft brush brush, you can clean the stains on the sun cloth clean up other parts should pay attention to the problem: electric awning skeleton with aluminum alloy material, it can not use acidic (such as hydrogen chloride) or grinding materials (such as grinding pad, diamond paper, sandpaper, etc), aluminum and Some acidic substances are reflected Aluminum alloy frame clean, generally use a soft cloth, cleaning agent And note that the cleaning agent used in high-grade aluminum alloy, shall not touch the awning cloth, constant force electrical professional production Hope that the above can help you

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