Gu10 Led 5W Dimmable Spotlight 2700K Osram Led Gu10

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Product Description:

gu10 led 5w dimmable spotlight 2700k osram led gu10: 


Full specification of MR16&GU10

BaseItem No.PowerLEDBeam Angle



CRICCTInput VoltDimension
Include pins
GU5.3CCSL~03014*1/3WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°240lm~260lm82





CCSL-05014*1/5WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°300lm-350lm82AC/DC12VD50*H49mm
CCSL-05023*1/5WOsram 353510°350lm-400lm82AC/DC12VD50*H49mm
CCSL-07023*2/7WOsram 353510°/15°/25°/35°/45°/60°500lm-550lm82AC/DC12VD50*H49mm
CCSL-10024*2/10WOsram 353510°/15°/25°/35°/45°/60°650lm-700lm82AC110-130V
GU10CCSL-03014*1/3WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°240lm-260lm82



4500K 6000K

CCSL-05014*1/5WOsram 303015°/25°/35°/45°/60°300lm-350lm82D50*H58mm
CCSL-05023*1/5WOsram 353510°350lm-400lm82AC110V/220VD50*H58mm
CCSL-07023*2/7WOsram 353510°/15°/25°/35°/45°/60°500lm-550lm82D50*H93mm


Product Benefits:

1. Very low energy consumption. 3W MR16 or GU10 LED replace 30w halogen lamp, 5w replace 50w, 7w replace 70w, 10w replace 100w. 90% efficient than traditional MR16 & GU10 halogen lamps.

2. Long life span of 35000h. Substantial savings are generated by eliminating the need to replace lamps throughout the year.

3. Discharges virtually no UV/IR light in the beam.

4. Environmental friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances.

5. Substantial savings are generated by eliminating the need to replace lamps throughout the year.

6. The lamp keeps your indoor environments easy on the eye.


Product Features:

1. Powered by OSRAM LED with CRI>82.

2. 10°/15°/ 25°/ 30°/45°/60°beam angles for a clearly defined beam spread.

3. Leading dimmable function.

4. Impressive design and technology innovations abound in the lamp’s fanless housing design.

5. Impeccable engineering and advances in dimmer and transformer compatibility enable a seamless transition from standard halogen lamp.

6. Precision optics and compatibility with a range of existing dimmers.


Trade terms:

1. Payment term: T/T, Paypal, WESTERNUNION.

2. Fast delivery: 7-10 working days.

3. Shipping freight are quoted under your requests.

4. FOB Port: Guangzhou ,Mainland China

5. The price is much more flexible and it completely depends on the quantity you need.


Our service:

1. One owned factory and three OEM factories make you get your products in time and no need worry for delayed delivery.

2. Our own QC staffs ,check the quality strictly before delivering for our clients.

3. Our own QC staff will control all materials purchasing and go to the OEM factories directly and take the samples randomly. Then check it and compare with the standard to ensure the quality.

If there are any questions about our products, we promise they will be solved within 24 hours.



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1. 3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-15 business days for Bulk Orders for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Q:The led lamp is suitable for reading?
To reading lamp can choose color is white, 3 w shoot the light is illuminated distance is limited, additional LED shoot the light when there is a shadow of the fluorescent lamp is not. Your room how many lamp?
Q:Cob lamp and led lamp that electricity consumption big?
Cod to shoot the light electricity consumption. Cob lamp is to use the cob LED light source as a light source to shoot the light. Traditional lamp light source used more halogen lamp and high power led, halogen lamp luminous efficiency is lower, more power consumption and environment temperature rise by illuminate, service life is short; And local too light efficiency, high power led light spot uneven, with the dark. In LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products. And LED the unidirectional formed to shoot the light distribution of the perfect support.
Q:Led track light to shoot the light can not track meet 220 - volt power supply directly
LED track light to see your installation, if it's orbit type must orbit, orbit electricity, lamps and lanterns hang on there is a built-in power can light up. The orbits of the lamp type suction a top need to connect power after opening. The characteristics of the LED track light is moving in orbit, can change the direction of light, very suitable for clothing stores, exhibition hall and other places lighting. In the lighting CLSASELF answer for you, hope to be able to help you!
Q:Led to shoot the light color temperature 3000 k what do you mean who knows
Color temperature is the most common said light source spectrum quality indicators. Generally expressed in Tc. Color temperature is defined in absolute blackbody, absolutely blackbody radiation and light radiation in the visible area all at the same time, the temperature of blackbody is called the color temperature of light source. Low color TPS source is characterized by energy distribution, relatively more red radiation, commonly referred to as "warm light"; Color temperature increase, energy distribution, the proportion of blue radiation increases, often referred to as "cold light". Some commonly used color temperature of light source are as follows: standard candle is 1930 k (kelvin temperature unit); Tungsten is 2760-2900 k; Fluorescent lamp is 6400 k; Flash is 3800 k; At noon the sun is 5000 k; Electronic flash light for 6000 k; The blue sky is 10000 k.
Q:Led lamp power consumption how much every day
Power consumption calculation: 1 hour because 1 kw is 1 degree, if according to the 5 w, 10 hours, computational method is, 0.005 kw x = 0.05 degrees, 10 hours a month (30 days) power consumption is 1.5 degrees.
Q:Shoot the lamp to use of what brand is good? How much is a led lamp?
If you don't consider the price factor must be philips osram panasonic these imported brands But the price will be very expensive If you want good quality price is also reasonable price higher domestic leishi mitsuo jiamei op these is ok
Q:The ceiling of a ceiling light is of general size
And the size of the wattage for the 70 w lamp also has two kinds, one is opening, width is 205 * 110, height is 205 a; The other is 180 * 137 opening, width, height of 220. Then there is the lamp wattage for Max300W, the size of openings and width 150 * 287, 391. Then there is the lamp wattage for Max300W, the size of openings and width 150 * 287, 391. And Max120W shoots the size of openings, 130 * 220, wide and high is 309. The size of the lamp for 35 w generally has two kinds: the first is a opening, width is 205 * 90, the size of the high of 170. Usually shoot the lamp to the size of holes to 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm and 70 mm, 75 mm and 80 mm, 90 mm and 100 mm.
Q:Store decoration, good track shoot the lamp to LED lamp or metal halide lamp is good?
Hot metal halide lamp, power consumption, most of them are in the store to choose LED now, I also changed, in the store is to use ESSAC brand to shoot the light,
Q:The led lamp has been dark bright
Switch to the zero line, should be a wire into the switch, do you have the leakage floor on a line, so it caused the leakage current, the LED can shed light on small electricity.
Q:Led lamp light source plate can change yourself?
Can change the lamp bead, light source is welding on board!

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