Grey Cast Iron Pipe European Standard Epoxy EN877 DN200

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Flexible cast iron pipe by centrifugal casting, compact structure, light weight, thin tube wall, the wall thickness is uniform and smooth surface; the flexible interface, rubber sealing ring with a durable duration exceeds the building life expectancy; noncombustible, non-toxic, does not spread spark; corrosion resistance, not aging; expansion, contraction coefficient is small; low noise; flexible anti shock, strong resistance, light weight; joint anti infiltration and Exfiltration; dissolved standardization, the design of (which can be connected with other pipe), beautiful; installation, repair simple features, can be completely recycled. Cast iron drainage pipe is a new type of drainage pipe construction, has been widely used for drainage, sewage, rainwater pipes and ventilation piping system, is the government promotion, instead of the traditional sand casting new products UPVC pipes and pipe.



W type flexible cast iron pipes, is the introduction of our production technology abroad ninety years, casting cast iron drain pipe production experience in the production of the company 10 years, not only models complete, but with different countries and regions of the standard (EN877, ASTM A888, ISO6594, CISPI301, KSD4307 etc.).
1.Length: 3 meters, size: 1.5 inch -10 inch,
2.Standard: EN877
3.Certification: UPC
4.Material: grey cast iron pipe
5.Use: industrial wastewater discharge, ventilation, toilet facilities, sewer.
6.Packing: wooden packaging standard.



1. Long service life: the use of high-quality low sulfur, low phosphorus iron, manganese, silicon, with a variety of raw materials, iron solution through special inoculation treatment, grain refinement, greatly improved the tensile strength and impact performance. Life in 50 years.

2. Flexible seismic: excellent seismic performance, seismic fortification can be used in high-rise buildings, applied axial deformation caused by a variety of factors in 35mm internal leakage, no leakage of transverse vibration deflection of up to 31.5mm. The flange plate and the rubber ring flexible connection, good sealing performance, allowing the swing and no leakage in the range of 15 deg..

3. Low noise: no quiet most of the pipeline, to create the most comfortable living environment.

4. Fire: fire performance for the world recognized.

5. High strength: impact resistance, corrosion resistance, not aging, high temperature (thermal expansion and contraction of the drainage pipe of the universal, is a factor that can not be ignored, may cause quality problems of this product can withstand 70 degrees general sewage continuous immersion).

6. Recycling: the world has more than 95% used iron through melting into recycled iron continue to use, but also to maintain the original characteristics of iron, cast iron pipe fittings can be 100% recycling, energy saving.

7. Varieties: pipe fittings varieties complete, can meet a variety of design and installation requirements.

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