Bi-color 1*1 LED video light panel

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with DMX512

button adjust color and dimmer

color Tem 5600K/3200K
Power 50W  with digital show
Voltage 16V DC
lamp 1200 pic

Beijing HDY Technology Development Co.,Ltd, is a manufacturer specializing in LED video light, LED camera light and camera battery, with advantages of high quality and competitive price.

Key Features:

 - light output 3200K mode: 1m = 2600lx | 2m = 700lx | 3m = 350lx

 - light output 5600K mode: 1m = 2800lx | 2m = 800lx | 3m = 400lx

 - photometrics: 1m = F11 | 2m = F5.6  - T500 @24fps

 - lightweight (2.5 kg) and slim design (4.5 cm)

 - strong metal housing

 - dial-up, variable color from 3150°K to 5700°K

 - dial-up brightness

 - 1156 LED's ( 578 in 3150K and 578 in 5700K)

 - ultra-efficient LED technology with high CRI level (>85RA) for broadcast.

 - flood led's (60 degree beam angle)

 - 50'000h LED's life

 - heat & flicker free

 - ballast free and silent operation

 - dimming from 100% to 10% with no color shift

 - universal power input (AC 100-250V / 50-60Hz; DC 12-17V)

 - runs from AC or batteries

 - XLR 4P DC input socket

 - built-in V-Lock battery plate

 - modular design for multipanel configuration

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Q:What's the difference between a camera and an ordinary light? 20
Power and color temperatureThe photography lights are divided into continuous light type and flash typeThe power of the photographic lamp is large, and the power of the continuous light type can reach 1000WThe flash can reach several thousand watts / secThe continuous light type is divided into ordinary incandescent type / halogen lamp type / high color temperature typeColor temperature from low to high, need to use color temperatureNow more popular is high-power flash color temperature 5600kOther civilian lights are also available, but they are not very convenient to useBecause the power is small, matching lamps and lanterns are few
Q:Simple interior photography how scaffolding on photography lights, soft lights, reflective umbrella 5
The box is used to flash, you put the light bulb on photography.It's not enough to shoot people with two 105W lights. And color temperature is difficult for amateurs to control. I suggest you buy a studio flash with Softboxes, if the budget is limited if you can buy one, when using the lamp at the ceiling, open the camera aperture. If the budget is enough to buy only a lamp, the auxiliary lamp, there should be no shadow.
Q:What's the function of the camera light hitting the ceiling?
Keep your face from getting too white,Let the light look natural
Q:Excuse me: indoor shooting still life, 2 400 watt light photography,
Ukraine chug, possible photography lights are not synchronized, the manual mode with a smaller aperture will not reduce the shutter at point
Q:The difference between the MSN series and the EC series of Jin Bei photography lights
Good material ensures the stability of the lamp, so it's more expensive
Q:Studio purchase flash 50
A practical, as long as you show high wattage index is high, so you can easily catch clap, now mainly to see the lamp, look inside the fused with the tube, if you want to care about the brand, "then buy yasuei, British imports, the light is very good, but very expensive. "In addition to love Linglong, most of the lights, the quality is not distinguished, you still search in Taobao, observe."An outside flash sb400-sb800 is ok!
Q:Why do you get red when you take pictures with camera lights?
Set the camera's white balance exactly, without changing it in the same light environment.
Q:On the use of photographic fixtures and flash devices
The lamp use soft light, can ordinary lamp, can be plugged with flash with Flash support; and an umbrella; trigger end is inserted into the camera on the top of the shoe, one end is inserted into the flash can be used.
Q:How much W do I need to take a picture lamp for jewelry?
It is not important that the number of tiles is large. The key is the color temperature. If the color temperature does not reach the color range.
Q:For camera lights, 5500K
5500K is the most close to the sun, the sun light color temperature 5500-6000k, so you can, as are the basic need to change to PS with warm or cold, 2 85W brightness if enough on the line, if it is translucent, such as clothes, a lamp in the front and one in the later some of the objects this position, take a good level

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