Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles

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1. The high-efficiency antibacterial silicone material has an antibacterial effect as high as 99%. The silicone material is easy to clean, and there is no residual trouble of bacteria, so that children's diet is safe and secure.


2. The material is safe, fully silica gel protection, anti-falling and not fragile, very suitable for children.


3. There are many colors to choose from, including dark blue, light blue, pink, red, tender green, and bright yellow. The bright colors will make the children happier during the meal. There are many styles to choose from, and the beautiful appearance of the antibacterial silicone dinner plate will attract the attention of children and make picky eaters no longer anorexia.


4. The large-area suction cup at the bottom, which is designed to imitate the octopus foot, can firmly absorb the dinner plate on the smooth surface, which is more stable than ordinary dinner plates.


5. Divided grid design, the grid will separate each food, so that the original taste of food can be retained, so that children can be more focused on eating, intake of balanced nutrition.





Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles

Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles



Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles



Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles



Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles



Antibacterial silicone children's plate in many styles


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