Airway Guedel Bermann Nasopharyngeal

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Product Description:

Product Specification of Airway Guedel Bermann Nasopharyngeal:

Guedel Airway, Length.40-120mm;

Designed with reinforced bite block with a large flange that has a gentle curve to follow the contour of the tongue.
Suction tube can be inserted through the center of the Guedel Airway for suction.

Color coded for size identification.
Available in 9 lengths.

Bermann Airway, Length.40-110mm;

Anatomical shape designed to follow the curvature of the tongue and airway.
Dual-side channel with holes to minimize the risk of airway occlusion.
Suction tube can be be placed along the side channel of the Berman airway for insertion.
Available in 10 lengths from 30mm to 120mm. 

Nasopharyngeal airways ID3.5-9.5mm;

Soft and flexible nasal airway tube to minimize trauma or bleeding during insertion.
Smooth surface finishing facilitates tube insertion.
Equipped with pressure port for pressure monitoring.
Suction ports on both airway tubes for suction procedure during application.
Latex-free material to minimize tissue irritation.
Double swivel elbow connector enables more flexible movement when changing position.
Light-weight and easy to handle.

Packing Details of Airway Guedel Bermann Nasopharyngeal:

PE Bag for Individual, Inner label;

500pcs Per Outer Box, Size 52cm*38cm*52cm;


Airway Guedel Bermann Nasopharyngeal

Airway Guedel Bermann Nasopharyngeal

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Main Markets North America, Europe, Japan, etc.
Company Certifications ISO 13485:2003;ISO 13485:2003 Certificate

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Nearest Port Shanghai
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