Ahl Model S16-1 Rgb Led Christmas Trees

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Product Description:


 Product Specifications



 LED Source

1 pcs CREE SMD

 Color Range

16.7Million additive RGB colors

 Color Resolution


 Beam Angle

120°(Clear Lens)


Min:40mm Max:5000mm


Translucent, Pure PC


Clear Flat/Translucent Marquee, PC


10 g(1node);





 Lumen Maintenance

60,000+hours(operation temperature<50°C

 Electrical Specifications

 Operating Voltage


 Power Consumption

0.3 W (Max);0.15 (Av)


Power with/without data, dc-dc long distance transit

 System Specifications



 Addressing Options


 Data Source



Power Supply:

1. Separate power supply. Suitable for big projects and permanent installations.

 350W Distance to first pixel is less than 2 meters. Supports 1-2 strips,200-4,000 pixels per strip.

2. Combine power supply with controller. Suitable for small projects and rental installations.

  Maximum distance:100 meters. Uses PDS(power data supply)+PE(power engine).

  PDS model:200w-27v;350w-36v;600w-36v;1000w-36v


Control System:

1.Main Controller: DVI/HDMI input, resolution 1024×768.Supports both online and off-line control.

2.Sub-controller(single port):With 200mm pitch, supports up to 2,048 pixels and up  to 400 meter length; with 5,000mm pitch, supports to 100 pixels and up to 500-meter length.

3.Sub-controller(8-port):With 200mm pitch, each port supports up to 512 pixels and up to 100-meter   length; with 5,000mm pitch, each port supports up to 100 pixel and up to 500-meter length.

Lightning-Protected Communication Boards:

Use for long-distance communication. Maximum distance from the sub-controller to the first LED pixel:300 meters.

Protect sub-controller and pixels from surge damages caused by lightning.

Installation Method

Steel Cable, Aluminum Section, and Panel



Project: U-Town Sculpture

Location: Brazil

Model: AHL-S16     Pitch: 80mm

Installation: steel cable

Completion: Feb 2011


Pictures as below:


About Us: 

Launched in 2008, Lighting Group focuses on LED lighting solution research and development, manufacturing, marketing and various other services. The company has developed unique technologies and products related to media pixel lights, becoming one of the world’s most well known brands with projects in 88 countries as of 2013.The company continues to develop new technologies and products, and has become a global leader in supplying LED media pixel lights.

With an R&D team led by professionals with Ph.D. and master’s degrees, we has acquired 23 domestic and international patents. Its production lines occupy more than 4,000 square meters of space, and its production equipment is worth more than 6 million RMB( or nearly US$1,000,000).The company’s sales and support network consists of not only domestic offices in Beijing and Shanghai, but also overseas offices in Hong Kong, the United States and Germany.Engineers serve projects all over the world and provide onsite service within 48 hours of  requests.



Waterproof:IP68 rating

Gray level:Regular:256levels;Advanced:4,096levels

Power Supply:Standard:5V,12V,15V,24V;Long-distance power


Installation: Backplane fixed with screws,3M glue paste, steel cable, Aluminum profile, Metal plate with mounting holes.


Pre-sales services and post-sales services: 

1.     Planning, system drawings and die-cut drawings.

2.     Installation structure design and prototyping.

3.     Lighting effect material design.

4.     Onsite support for commission, cable connection, layout adjustment and testing.

5.     Contest design, integration with construction design.

6.     Maintenance and warranty replacement services.



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Labor law fiftieth: wages should be paid in monthly currency to the workers themselves. No deductions or unpaid wages shall be withheld for any reason.
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