6W Integrated Apple Solar LED Street Lights Path Automatic Solar Garden Lights

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Product Description:

6W Integrated Apple Solar LED Street Lights Path Automatic Solar Garden Lights

Product description

Solar panelPower


(poly/ monocrystalline silicon)
BatteryService life25 years
Typelithium battery 


Service life5 years
LED lampMax power


led chip brandBridgelux from USA with high brightness
lumen (LM)1000-1100 lm
Service life>50000hours
Viewing Angle120°
Charge timeby sun8-10 hours (with enough strong shine)
Discharge timefull power>10 hours
saving mode>24 hours
Rainy day working time3-5 consecutive rainy days for solar power Integrated Solar Led street light
Working Temperaturerange( ℃ )-30℃~+60℃
Colour temperaturerange(k)6000k
Mounting heightrange (m)4-5m
Lamps material :Aluminium
Certificate:CE FCC BV ROHS 
Warranty period: 5years


Details regarding 6W Integrated Solar led street light path square garden park yard lamp

 6W Integrated Apple Solar LED Street Lights Path Automatic Solar Garden Lights


 6W Integrated Apple Solar LED Street Lights Path Automatic Solar Garden Lights

6W Integrated Apple Solar LED Street Lights Path Automatic Solar Garden Lights

6W Integrated Apple Solar LED Street Lights Path Automatic Solar Garden Lights


Application for 6W Integrated Solar led street light path square garden park yard lamp

Parking Lot Lighting 
Roadway Lighting 
Street Lighting 
Pathway Lighting 
Ramp Lighting 
Sidewalk Lighting 
Private Road Lighting 
Jogging and Bike Path Lighting 
Perimeter Security Lighting 
Farm & Ranch Lighting 
Wildlife Area Lighting 
Park Lighting 
Campus Lighting 
Boat Dock Lighting 
Remote Area Lighting 
Military Base Lighting  

Advantage for 6W Integrated Solar led street light path square garden park yard lamp

1) Appearance design is more scientific, more beautiful, to prevent scratches in the process of production , shipping and installation  
2)The material of chimney is Acrylic, light transmittance is brighter, other use the material is PC , the light transmittance is not good than Acrylic.

3Have independent R &D of the heat emission system, heat emission performance is better than others , We can emission performance for whole light system, others only use heat emission hole for dissipation.

4)The controller is more stable , more efficient, and high precision ,have got patent.

5)PIR sensor anti-interference is stronger, more stable, and the induction distance is 12-16 meters , others can 7-12m at most .

6).All our products made of stainless steel waterproof switch, temperature resistance, waterproof function is better 
7) High quality and above B grade Lithium LiFePO4 battery, the reliable capacity of batteries, life time 5-8 years 
8) The material of lens is Acrylic, the transparency to 98%, make the lights more brighter .




1.How to install? 
Fix the product with a right angle and make sure no shelter on the surface of solar panel. 
2.How to use? 
The product is off before delivery in order to avoid discharging during transportation. You can activate it by using the pin or related button or tearing off the film. This is depend on different item, the activate way may differ. 
3.What to do with the rainy day or Cloudy day? 
The outdoor outdoor solar wall light is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about it. After fully charged, the capacity of battery can keep the LED working in several rainy/ cloudy days. 
4.If you found the light brightness is down or total off, how to handle? 
It prove the power of outdoor solar wall light battery is not enough to support normal lighting, so you need have 2-3 goods sunlight charged, especially in Winter season, the sunlight intensity is much below the standard sunlight (1000kw/m2), it may need more longer time to charge. 
5.Why the charging efficiency is low in winter or cloudy day? 
Generally the sunlight standard is 1000kw/m2, in the winter or cloudy day, the sunlight intensity are much lower than standard so the charging efficiency is lower accordingly. 
6.Can I get some samples?  
Yes,of course. We are honored to offer you samples,usually samples can be ready in 3~5 days. 
7.Can I order less than MOQ? 
Yes,you can.However,we will adjust price according to production cost. 
8. Can we customize product? 
Yes, OEM, ODM always welcomed. 

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Q:Solar garden lamp product parameters
* storage battery: fully enclosed maintenance free lead-acid battery 15V20Ah - 80Ah* light source type: energy saving high power integrated LED, rare earth high efficiency energy saving lamp* protection level: IP65* use temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees, wind resistance is more than 150Km/h* lighting time: adjust as needed* pole height: according to need
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At present, I have not found this kind of solar energy
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