30 to 120W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: 2000K-6700K Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Power(W): 30

Product Description:

30W to 120W  Explosion Proof LED Flood Light  



Certificate: CE ,RoHS

                     explosion proof certificate


Ex code: Ex d II C T6

Ambient Temperature:-20~+40°C

Ingress Protection:IP67

Anti-corrosion Grade:WF2



The BC9700 high power explosion proof led lamp provides operator with a powerful and energy efficient alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaires. It is ideal to be used as floodlight or spotlight at the oilfield, metallurgy,refinery, gas station, oil rig, petroleum, petrochemistry and anywhere a highly durable and efficient light source is needed that can withstand exposure to high stress environments.


Characteristics of Performance:


1. It adopts America BridgeLux LED as light source, long life span ,maintenance free.

2. The anti corrosion aluminium alloy body is powder coated for added durability and an attractive aesthetic appearance.

3. The lamp is specially designed for high durability and to efficiently dissipate heat for prolonged LED life and safer operation in hazardous locations.

4. The lamp is multi-voltage capable and can be operated with 85 to 265VAC.

5. The strong aluminium alloy body and LED lamp design give this lamp excellent durability and resistance to vibration and impact.

6. Available in several optional mounting configurations including ceiling mounting, pendant mounting,wall mounting etc.

7. The lamp is tested to Ex d II C T6, IP67. It has two explosion proof chambers which increase the safety than the other lamps.

8. The lamp is equipped with adjustable gear that enables the operator to position lamp in any directions.




Cut off the power supply before opening the cover, demounting the lamp or changing the bulb.




We have been specialized in industrial energy-saving lighting over 10 years.

More than 100 types products in 4 categories are under production and sales.

We have 11 patents.

We have ISO9001 certified, IQNet approved in China and some other countries.

CCC,COC,CE and RoHS certificated for most of our products.


Development history

We have researched and produced the following lights and lighting solutions with independent intellectual property rights:

2005- industrial high power energy-saving lights

2006-electric circuits to improve input characteristics of electrical energy-saving lights

2007-industrial high power energy-saving flood lights

2011-high bay lights with high efficiency reflector of combines tiny mirrors

2012-high efficiency heat dissipation system for LED high bay lights




30 to 120W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light

30 to 120W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light

30 to 120W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light


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Q:LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED courtyard lights, LED tunnel lights, LED solar lamps, current market capacity and saturation?
LED is still a market, I am here in Manchuria is the border between China and Russia, where LED was very promising, at present LED has just emerged in the Russian market, the future is likely to be LED lamp LED, LED is widely used, LED power bottom, long service life, convenient transportation, etc.
Q:What is the difference between a LED projector and a floodlight?
Su lighting street lighting manufacturers to answer your LED floodlight, it is a light source in all directions in all directions evenly irradiated, in addition, the range of illumination can also be adjusted arbitrarily. Floodlights manufacture light is highly diffuse without direction rather than clear-cut, so generating soft shadows and transparent objects, used for lighting, lighting is reduced compared to the speed of the spotlight lighting is much slower, and even some lighting weakened floodlight is very slow, looks like a light not a shadow.
Q:Led brand lights, floodlights, projection lights, outdoor lights, which brand is good?
The lamp body is made of steel, glass and silicon rubber are sealed, and epoxy resin is embedded to ensure the superior waterproof performance of the lamp. Light source with high power LED chip, built-in constant current drive power. You can go to the website to understand.
Q:Now the market out of LED floodlights, about how much to install one?
You did not say where to install, 1.5-2 meters in the house
Q:Under what circumstances will the LED lights be burned and the customer is using floodlights 48W wide pressure (AC100~240V)?
48WLED lamp heating situation is quite large, often as the use of light projection, in the surface layer often covered with things, the epicenter of the case is easy to burn lights.
Q:How much is the LED 100W floodlight now?
Depends on what kind of configuration, the market is relatively chaotic, and now there are 700 to 2000 yuan, a price, a cargo
Q:What are the types of outdoor lighting? What's the difference between a LED floodlight and an LED projector?
The floodlight is also called cast light lamps, cast light lamps with different floodlight is the projection angle of light above, but now many people confuse is not a standard to distinguish between them, his light beam is more uniform, the light source is relatively concentrated on buildings or landscape objects but now, can he made.
Q:LED emergency floodlight, zy118 normally light, how to connect?
The emergency lamp has more than one control line of the conventional lamp. The zero line of the lamp is connected to the zero line, and the live wire is connected with the switch
Q:The difference between the gold halide lamp and the LED lamp in explosion proof floodlight
The metal halide lamp and the LED lamp are used for explosion proof floodlight, and different light sources used can be used.
Q:How about the PHILPS floodlight?
The key of different quality life is life, life is decided by the light fades. A small decline, long service life, long service life, high price.

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