2014 High Class Top Quality 20W 30W Cob Led Track Light

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$17.20 - 19.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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50000 Sets pc/month

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Product Description:

Product feature

      ·       Lamps shell adopts high-quality aluminum,aluminum cover,paint surtace treatment or andodes.

              The  light body heat is beautiful,delicate and good perfor mance;

      ·       Can adjust the angle according to the needs,make to the best light angle effects;

      ·       Using high-power 1W(3W) LED as the light source to replace the traditional light bulbs with energy

              saving and environmental protection functions;

      ·       Lighting electrical integration ,beautiful and compact design,easy to install;before the open source

              replacement,easy maintenance;

      ·       with imported light source .Built-in constant -current driver,havingstable performance;
      ·       This series of products are recommended to single color LED,lifetime about 50000hours.
      ·       Green environmental protection.


Product Parameter


Product name

 cob led track light

Output Power

Total Dimension 20W:105*140MM  30W: 105*170MM
Power Factor 80
Input Voltage 85-265V AC
CRI 80%
Body Materia oxidizing aluminum(whole housing is aluminium
 Color temperature: W(6000-6500K)/ WW (2700-3200K)
LED quantity: 1pcs

Luminous flux

Lifespan 50000HOUR
 Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
 Protection grade IP20




Itis suitable for showroom,museums,art gallery offices of local lighting.Also widely used in cabinet,such as jewelry store,fashion clothing shop,to make up for lack of local luminance.lamps and metal halide light sources.



Ageing test

 LED track light quality Control:
1). Material: aluminum alloy quality,Anti-UV,Anti-corrosion dealing etc.;Driver detailed & long time test;LED chip color temperautre,CRI,lumen efficiency test; 
2). Assembling: following schedule for quality and lead time.Every order's progress is shown to all relative perons in software and board every day. 
3)  Aging test:48 hours aging test to confirm all quality is OK. 
4). Warehouse and shipping: files for item No.,quantity,color temperature,voltage,label,packing etc.All with signature of responsible persons.



Trade terms:

1. T/T 30% deposit after order confirmed,  70% balance before shipment.

2. Lead time: normally in 7-15 days after deposit received. 

3. Sample policy: Samples are always available for each model. Samples time in 3~4 days 

once payment received. 

4. Discounts: We offer discount for big quantity.



Delivery detail:

We ship samples by UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT express, 

which takes 3~ 5 days to arrive, or by air cargo which takes about one week to arrive. 

Large quantity will be shipped by sea which takes about one month to arrive , depending 

on your actual requirements.



Our Services

1.Reply you inquiry in 24 working hours                                                                  

2.Customized design is avaliable,OEM and ODM are welcomed.                                      

3.Delivery the goods to our customer all over the world with speed and precision.          

4.Offer customer with lowest price with high quality of LED light.  



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Q:The standard of led track light rail
Used in the LED track light rail used for 1.5 m and 2 m two specifications. Actually this also depends on the location of the use of lamps and lanterns, some places may because of the high light demand, so the area light requires a little more, then the orbit will be a little bit long, so in addition to the commonly used 1.5 meters and 2 meters, can order different lengths of rail to suppliers.
Q:High-end LED track lighting efficiency to achieve?
High-end also share very fine, if just do experiment 95 lm/W no problem, if it is used in actual production, considering the cost factor, estimated that only about 85 lm/W
Q:What material is used for high-power LED track light, track light
Lighting is the environment needs to design the lamps and lanterns. Lighting in place as a starting point, aims to build a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to foil scene effect, make the person feel the scene atmosphere
Q:Who used to decorate clothing store trunk LED lamp?
Especially in the field of commercial lighting, will occupy the main market. Mainly depending on the specifications of the products suitability parameters, it is recommended that you in decorating a BBS post ask other users on the website. Hope to adopt, thank!
Q:The use area of 40 flat, how many W track shoot the light, how many suitable
Lamp is the main effect, make setting wall and corridor with more. Have effect on the lighting is too demanding, not durable.
Q:LED track light floodlight is indoor or outdoor lighting? Can be used in the office?
Is the office interior decoration lamp, smothering with a word generally used in setting wall and image wall, lighting, can consider to use the led tube light, or absorb dome light
Q:The current economic turmoil, want to develop the LED this aspect.
It seems that the LED chaoyang industry, but the water is deep. But you should have enough money to maintain the LED now, believe in the near future the dawn of the victory belongs to you. Fu cheng lighting company's main products are: light source series, the article lamp series, ceiling lamp series, the series of track lamp, tube lamp, grille lamp series, panel with the tube lamp series and other indoor LED commercial lighting products. Shijiazhuang fu cheng lighting engineering co., LTD and shenzhen tricolor combining the brand, win gold medal agent in hebei area. We with low price, the good faith principle, have established a long-term and hebei gold decorated a company to target relations of cooperation. See the telephone address can be directly baidu, welcome leaders from all walks of life to guide!
Q:In led track lamp transformer received in two lines
Transformer (Transformer) is the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the ac voltage of the device, main component is the primary coil, secondary coil and iron core (core). Main functions: voltage change, current change, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer), etc. According to use can be divided into: power transformer and special transformer (electric furnace change, rectifier, power frequency transformer, voltage regulator, mining, audio transformers, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, impact transformer, instrument transformer, electronic transformer, reactor, transformer, etc.). T is commonly used as a serial number at the beginning of the circuit symbol. Example: T01, T201 and so on.
Q:How to choose the lamps and lanterns general use canister light or shoot the lamp to?
The classification of light: 1. The light lamp. Can be installed in the ceiling, above the head of a bed, ambry, also can hang, fall to the ground, impending, divided into two types, the Tibetan and half Tibetan. Under the light of the lamp is characterized by light scattering from top to bottom to do local irradiation and freedom, the light source is folded inside the chimney, its modelling is under light pipe, sleeve down under the light, the flower pot type lamp, concave groove under the pictures under the lamp and wall lamp and so on, can be put in the porch, sitting room, bedroom, respectively. Such as the TV near to a light green porcelain under the hood as wall lamp, already substantial content clearly and do not affect to watch TV. Sculpture modelling photo set one sleeve in light above, can lead the line of sight of people to art, is advantageous for the taste. Choose the light, wattage shoulds not be too big, just as the light, not strong smooth dazzling
Q:The electrician how long does it take to change a LED track light?
In the LED lights don't have to be an electrician in orbit, oneself have a ladder can also change, easy, just a minute or two

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