2014 Decorative Circular Led Lighted Water Bubble Columns Interior For Holiday Decor

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Product Description:

Product Information
Item No: SBC180-D15
*Stainless Steel&Acrylic bubble panel 
*Product Size:H180cm x Dia15cm
*G.W:9kg/pc ,CBM:0.14/pcs
*LED light ,LED life span:50000hours
*Supply with: Remote control and controller
1x20 watt adaptor
1x5.5l/min pump (5w)
1.8 metres of cable



Square and circular bubble column add bright colors to your home, office and leisure places.  You can choose color freely or it can be changed automatically . This bubble column brings you decorative sensory effects,moreover it makes you feel full of energy.To some extent it is the source of motivation.



NO.Name of partsFunction description
1one(1)-Top capTop cap is at the top of the acrylic panel
2one(1)-Acrylic PanelAcrylic panel is used to hold water,display dancing illuminated bubbles.
3one(1)-Matal BaseA base for acrylic panel,contain transformer,metal tray and Rocks
4one(1)-Remote controlControl the color and the light of LED Light
5one(1)-Air PumpProduce Air & generate bubbles.
6one(1)-TransformerSupply Power
7one(1)-controllerEquipment designed to receive remote control order
8one(1)-PVC Water PipeWater Pipe is a tool for water injection in and siphon water from Acrylic Panel.
9two(2)-Blue NozzlesOutlet of gas connects with Air-pipe in Air-pump
10five(5)-air pipesConnect with blue nozzle and air pump.




1)2 peoples are required to safely assemble and install this unit. Do not attempt to assemble on your own.


2)Do not attempt to move the assembled unit once it’s filled with water. Turn Power off this unit before removing.


3)The probe of the controller should be out of the base when in use.


4)Ensure the blue nozzles are inserted properly in acrylic panel and connected with Air-pipe from Air pump in case any water leak.


5)Ensure the air-pipe is straight to avoid there is no bubbles coming out.


6)The bubble wall will continue to lose water due to evaporation after one or two months operating, which is dependent on a many variables such as climate, humidity, temperature, etc. it is required to refill water timely.





Each water feature has five years warranty on defect parts including the Panel, Frame,.The re-circulating pump, and adaptor, light have one-year warranty. 


Delivery Time:


We do our best to provide high quality products in a timely manner. Delivery times for custom or personalized orders will be quoted individually.


Custom and Personalized Orders:


Your custom and personalized orders are welcomed.In addition, company logos can be etched into the Water Features for an additional cost.





*High quality Pump.


*Suitable Adapter.


*LED submarine light.


*English Instruction Manual.


*Decorative pebbles.


*Remote control- programmable color changing led .

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Carton with Foam, Exported fumigation-free MDF Board for Samples
Delivery Detail:20-45days




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