2000Lm 35W Par30 Led Tracking Lights

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$7.72 - 38.00 / pc
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50 Pieces pc
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50000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

2000lm 35w par30 led tracking lights



Available items in our led spotliht series:

Product PictureModel No.BaseLuminous Flux (lm/led)Input Voltage (v)Current (mA)Wattage (w)CCT (k)
LUOW-CP38-24W-AE26/E27210lm/ledAC85-265V 480mA24W2600-7000K



Product Feature:

1.High aluminum contatin rate housing to promise a perfect heat releasing system, protecting the led chip set from sharply burning down and largerly extending the life span of the finished products;

2.High transparent PMMA lens to ensure a high light output;

3.Big brand led chip set (CREE,OSRAM,BRIDEGELUS,EPISTAR,EDISON etc.) inside to ensure a steady quality and a long life span with at least 50000hrs;

4.Chosing the highest quality of driver to max enhance the quality standard of light fixture and minimize the defective rate

5.CE and ROHS approvel;

6.No ultraviolet (UVA,UVB) or radiofrequency (RF) energy;

7.Over curent protecion and reversed polarity protecton.



Packing Detail:

1.Each item of our's is packed in small cardboard box before puting into the cartons.For the small cardboard box, neutral white box, full color neutral box are availble for customer's option. Customized cardboard box is als available but need extr-cost for this packing type;

2. 100 pieces of spotlights are packed in one big carton with size:45x29x23cm;

3.All cartons are stronglyl wraped up with adhesive tape and adhesive shipping mark before sending out.



The reason why you should choose us:

1.As a supplier,we always persuit to offer the highest quality product and bestest service to every of our customer under a faith of win-win business relationship.

2.All items have been made out with the good raw material and produced in the strict quality test system

3.Thanks to our customers continually supportation all through the road we grow up to today. Mass production are fulfull in our production line due to our customer's continually support. This had help us to expense the minimum money and get the best raw material while coming to the raw material purchasing issue. Als had help us to perfect our production line and produce high quality product;

4.sample will be shipped out within three days after receiving sample order from customer

5.A production capacity of 50000 pieces of led spolight can promise a fast lead time for every customer of our's







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Q:LED track light floodlight is indoor or outdoor lighting? Can be used in the office?
Is the office interior decoration lamp, smothering with a word generally used in setting wall and image wall, lighting, can consider to use the led tube light, or absorb dome light
Q:Who used to decorate clothing store trunk LED lamp?
Hello, trunk LED lamp is the new product on the market recently, the product features combined with the advantage of both LED track light and tube light, is bound to be replaced after LED track light and tube light (ceiling)
Q:Do you have any contracted style LED track light
We all know that the LED light source also generate heat, so in order to increase the cooling area often design more complex, and ek Sue's top LED track light after a full analysis of the thermal management and testing, doing extremely concise appearance.
Q:18 watts LED track lamp ballast is built-in, or external,
Clothing store, I prefer to look at the color rendering of light source, the higher the color rendering index, to the clothing color reduction degree, the better, the clothes look beautiful.
Q:Decorate with LED track light question
2 line is only wire and zero line, 3 add a protective ground line. According to the specification of lamps and lanterns of metal shell to ground, general orbit shell are iron, so the application of 3 lines, also remember your power wiring if 3 lines.
Q:Which do well led trunk light? A: how much is it?
The quality of power supply, a good power supply can be 3 to 5 years of choose and employ persons is no problem, the power of the poor with a 1-2 years it broke the price also differs 20-30 yuan, The third is the shell material, good material, good heat dissipation, the service life of lamps and lanterns is long
Q:LED lights and metal halide lamp good or good energy-saving tube lamp and metal halide lamp
Orbital lamp or metal halide lamp, such as good, but can consider to 35 w ceramic metal halide lamp, Shi Yingjin than 70 w halogen lamp. On taobao to buy cheaper, ceramic metal halide lamp is not false.
Q:Don't know where the power cord, want to get out to the LED's light rail, you help me
Light is you want to change? The lamp is 220 v? This ceiling lamp lines are in condole top, the ceiling lamp holder down can see lamp holder spring, there is a spring clasp, gently pull
Q:Europe type dome light sitting room lamp, wrought iron installation led
1, choose the right position, the dome light on the marking on the ceiling. 2, where the marking punch with expansion screws. 3, separate the dome light shade and chassis, the chassis screwed to the ceiling, fix the chassis with the dome light fitting screw. 4, the reserved in advance good wire and absorb dome light wires. After 5, after turn on the switch, the light can put the lampshade fitted.
Q:The electrician how long does it take to change a LED track light?
In the LED lights don't have to be an electrician in orbit, oneself have a ladder can also change, easy, just a minute or two

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