OKorder Financial Service Systems Overview

CNBM OKorder's finance service system is based upon existing business models and tailored for enterprises involved in E-commerce. Our service members are able to easily become users, receive credit certification, a credit rating and enjoy the benefits of credit. We are also proud to offer purchasing on credit, as well as other value-added services.
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Credit Rating

OKorder's professional risk control team and management team are well-versed in cutting-edge credit rating technology, and combined with CNBM's nearly 20 years of experience in overseas sales, have developed a reliable credit evaluation process and risk control system. Our systems are based upon and evaluate overseas companies' registered customers' background, relevant qualifications, relative size of purchase orders, and their professional systems. In order to meet the conditions required by our overseas customers, OKorder also bases their rating on the customer's strength overseas.

Credit Services

OKorder's credit service utilizes a credit evaluation service developed and based upon registered customer credit ratings, allowing those users that meet certain conditions can enjoy a full range of value-added services. OKorder provides a line of credit according to the customer's credit rating and performance. This credit line can be used to make purchase orders in advance within the previously agreed upon credit period and amount. In the case of default or late payment, Members will be required to pay corresponding interest fees, while their credit rating with OKorder will be downgraded and their line of credit decreased.

Credit Purchasing

OKorder's service team is staffed with professional purchasing managers, each of which has ample experience with overseas procurement and customers. They are committed to helping customers source the right product, and the right price. Procurement services range from initial vendor recruitment, product inquiry negotiations, quality supplier selection, procurement and implementation of the recommendations under a single operation, product quality verification prior to shipment, the entire shipping process and all aspects of the procurement process for customers overseas, allowing buyers to delegate much of the process and enjoy more efficient sourcing. Credit purchasing allows for Members to deal with procurement, quality control, shipping, and verification all in one step with OKorder.

Enjoy the benefits of OKorder Credit Purchasing:
- OKorder must be the current purchasing agent of any overseas Member
- OKorder will charge a fee as a percentage of the procurement order
- Purchased products must not be contraband or illegal goods in the Members jurisdiction, and must be in accordance with relevant international regulations and law