Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel Modern

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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel Description:

Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel is material proportioning and technical output, six-component mixed pouring technology,allowing on-line automatic operation which is the most advanced in the globe is adopted to take the lead in achieving six-component continuous foaming in China and finish proportioning process on line at a time; On the other hand, the formula can be adjusted in accordance with the environmental change to match with air-entrapping mixing unit to bring more well-distributed materials and finer foams for the purpose of producing high-strength, energy-saving and environment-friendly building boards.

Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel is a green building decoration material free of radioactivity, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other hazardous substances; in case of high temperature or open fire, no harmful gases and smoke are generated.

2.Main Features of the Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel:

Interior&exterior wall cladding panels

CE,SGS, 3.1220*2440MM

Unbreakable/ breakable LDPE core

PVDF for 15 years warranty

PE for 5-10 years warranty

3. Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel Images

4. Wood Finish Aluninum Composite Panel Specification

Product Name

Aluminium Composite Panel


PE or PVDF, Nano, Brushed, Mirror, Marble Look, Wooden Look, Glossy


LDPE, Fireproof

Back Side

Primer or Mill Finish

Aluminium Thickness


Panel thickness

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm


1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm,1550mm,Less Than 1570mm


Any Length Less Than 6000mm

Standard size

1220 x 2440mm


Around 5 kg/sqm based on 4mm thickness

Aluminium Alloy

1100 H18 or 3003 H24


①What is the delivery time?
In general,Within 15 days

②How about Protective Film?
Alusunbond or in your brand name

③Do you provide Product Certifacate and Paint Mark?
Yes, provided.


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Q:China, how can sell aluminum-plastic plate, how can sell aluminum plastic plate in China
East building materials are, a lot of!
Q:Whether the aluminum plate is non-combustible material
Can provide non-combustible grade aluminum composite plate material, but can not say that aluminum-plastic plate is non-combustible material.
Q:Answer: drawing wire and aluminum plate internal structure Thank you
The two products mentioned by the questioner are similar, and the difference is that the former is a multi-drawing process and the use of fire-resistant core material.
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The company produces more than 6 million square meters of Huayuan brand composite panels each year, and all the specifications of the world's all kinds of aluminum-plastic plates are able to be produced here. For the OKorder high-tech enterprises and OKorder foreign investment in advanced technology enterprises. The "copper-plastic composite board", "stainless steel-plastic composite board", "copper-aluminum composite board", "stainless steel aluminum composite plate" and so on won 28 national patent approval number, including a number of products were included in the "OKorder City High-tech Achievement Transformation Project "," OKorder Key New Products "and" OKorder Science and Technology Achievements ", won the OKorder Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award and the National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation II
Q:Will the decoration door with aluminum-plastic plate how construction, construction process, thank you friends
Generally have to do the grassroots, after the paste with glue.
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Aluminum alloy saw fast, slow grinding wheel
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Kitchen and bathroom ceiling with aluminum plate
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Added: do the general wall are recommended to use fluorocarbon coated aluminum-plastic plate, the warranty for a long time. Polyester aluminum-plastic panels are generally used for indoor use. Recommended Astrid aluminum panels, indoor and outdoor aluminum-plastic panels can be found
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Single-sided aluminum-plastic composite panels in Zhejiang and manufacturers in the production

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