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We can supply you any colors of granite, marble, travertine, limestone,and quartz.

Popular marble colors: ChinaCarrara, Pure White, Absolute White, Overlord Flower, Cyan Cream, Yunnan Beige,Pinghua Cream, Bonan Stone, Voladas, Bianca Carrara, Marmara White, CremaMarfil, Royal Botticino, Botticino, Chang'e Beige, Flash Playinum, New Marfil,Peach Honey Onyx, Classic Cream, Wood Vein, Coffee Brown, Hang Grey, RossoLevanto, Classic Brown, Nero Marquina, Red Cream, Perlato Svevo, Sunny Yellow,Oream, Tiger Beige, Galala Beige, Moca Cream, Martini Flower, Butterfly Beuge,Habak Geige, China Marfil, Apollo, Shell Beige, Rosalia, Rosa Norwegian, GoldBeige, Emperador Light, Dark Emperador and etc.

Popular granite colors:G603, G654, G681, G682, G636, G633, G635, G640, G623, G664, G687, G617, G439,G684, Tiger skin white, Tiger skin red, Tiger skin red, Spray white, Leopardskin, Huidong Red, Tianshan red, Guilin red, Maple leaf red, Red porphyry,China butterfly green, Absolute black, Kashmir white, Sesame gold, ImperialGold, Mardura gold, Diamond gold, New veneziano, Giallo veneziano, Gialloornamental, Santa cecilia, Giallo fiorito, Tropical brown, Baltic brown, Carmenred, Imperial red, Multicolor red, Sapphire gold, Tan brown, Café imperial,Blue pearl, Butterfly green, Emerald pearl, Verde ubatuba, Santa Cecilia light,Black galaxy and etc.

Packing & Delivery
packing detail: carton box or as your demand

delivery detail: about 30 days or as the client requirments.

The series of products using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials jade pure, using computer more pipelines from tile colour cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects designs create perfect create beautiful and elegent noble generous adornment effect.We have many different color and different design in this series, this tile is good sell in the supermarket, shopping mall


granite tiles

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1. CNBM is a state-owned group company. So we have good reputation and credibility.

2. We own many qurries in china,brazil,iran,india to ensure our supply of different types of granite,marble,limestone,sandstone,etc.

3. We are a professional manufacturer so we can provide you various tiles with high quality and best price.

4. We have more than 5 years exports experience.So we can make your order more smooth.

5. All of our goods will pass THREE QUALITY INSPECTIONS before shippment.

6. Best after sale service, customer can follow their orders situation any time, no matter on production line, warehouse or shippment.

7.Special dimensions available according to your request.

8.We have many certifications of our tiles.

Here you can find good productions, better price and best service;

please enjoying and welcome inquirying!

Choose us is your best choice!  Our purpose is: CUSTOMER IS FIRST!

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Q:The advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone and natural marble
1 as long as the natural stone will have radiation, will release a radon gas, it is a kind of inert gas, a long time in the human respiratory tract. But as long as the harmful air circulation is not what the problem. The 2 main components of marble is calcium carbonate, so it is very brittle easily broken. After a long time of the 3 sun baked, some stone will appear discoloration. 4 marble density is low, easy to penetrate the dirt inside. 5 marble not seamless mosaic. 6 artificial stone is completely environmentally friendly without radiation. 7 artificial stone main component of epoxy resin and aluminum powder, so it is very hard not to love the 8 artificial stone fracture. Not fade. 9 artificial stone density high, dirt is not easy to penetrate. 10 artificial stone can be seamless.
Q:Some people say that natural stone radiation is very powerful. Is that true?
Natural stone really have radiation (marble for example) and stone radiation levels are divided into three categories: a minimum of B radiation, followed by C, the biggest, but a choice for indoor use is no problem, and don't try to choose bright colors of marble. The marble granite radiation than the strong, so can not vote on the election.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of natural marble
Natural stone: natural marble, natural stone in high-grade granite is completely traditional raw materials used, the more commonly used are black and white two.Advantages: natural stone with natural texture, more beautiful, hard texture, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance performance is very prominent, its price is relatively low, is one of the most economical material.Disadvantages: 1, with high radioactivity, feel cold;2, hard enough, lack of flexibility, can not produce more than 1 meters of the table, easy to break when heated or hit, and it is difficult to repair, molding is not easy to smooth processing;3, there are natural pores, easy to be contaminated, easy to breed bacteria, easy to oil, easy to stain;4, by splicing operation artificial rubber and natural stone color to match, and the cross section is uneven, so it cannot achieve seamless, and natural stone are currently connected with domestic domestic adhesive glue, short service life, easy to mildew, formaldehyde content.
Q:What natural stone is good for your health?
The yellow crystal - strengthen liver stomach and digestive organ, especially the stomach cold. The main wealth, often bring unexpected wealth. Help the mood is gentle, practice teaching people went through channels. The green ghost crystal that strengthens the heart function, stable mood. A highly condensed the power of wealth, is money, is the representative of hard work and the accumulation of wealth. The crystal magnetic energy can enhance the strong, courageous, strengthen one's confidence and assertiveness, can bring people courage, can help people projected out of the energy of the authority, have to carry out help leaders command. Can go to disease gas, to help the muscles and nervous system. The tea - smoky quartz to promote renewable developed, make the wound healing faster, enhance immunity, activate cells, restore youth, youth effect. Can help to analyze and master the ability to help improve the taste. Strengthen the seabed wheel helps to enhance sexual function. The crystal can turn down the shaft, getting gas, help spiritual purification, gas field, promote the role of the enlightenment "> Aquamarine - including, water, fire, wind four elements, powerful treatment, purification, power sources, the crystal is the most effect. Strengthen the lower body function, purify the body of the gas field, the bones and muscles, kidney and headache helpful. To strengthen the understanding of things and focus on the master. It is a kind of green glass - Safety amulet, on behalf of peace, joy and happiness; to establish good relationship with people, can strengthen the courage, and others of the melting deliberately excluded. With a powerful purification function, can relieve toothache and throat problems. ...
Q:What color natural stone window
According to the style of your outfit to decide, it is recommended that you can use colorless stone
Q:Artificial stone hardness relative to the natural stone to a lot of weak, accidentally in the process of transportation was scratched a few scratches, how to deal with better?
After the two grinding, the luminosity of the original will be relatively large difference. Also, the grinding surface will be a bit lower than the non - polished surface of the perimeter, unless it is completely polished offCompare headache
Q:Sill stone with natural stone or artificial stone good?
Of course is to use natural and artificial stone is not durable, I used a golden beige, outstanding effect.Look at your usual use of the windowsill often put things on the artificial stone can be used most of the natural (but there is a gap between the natural particles oh)
Q:Which is better, natural marble and artificial marble
Identification of inferior artificial marble method, we hope to be useful, summarized as follows:A look: the color of the visual sample is not pure turbidity, the appearance is not similar to plastic colloid feeling, no small pores on the back of the plate.Two smell: nose smell no pungent chemical breath.Three touch: touch the appearance of the sample silk feeling, no astringent feeling, no obvious upper and lower sense.The four row: with the nail plate appearance, no obvious scratch.Five touch: the same two pieces of percussion, not easy to break.Six check: check whether products ISO quality system certification, quality inspection report, there is no product quality insurance card and related security signs.
Q:What is the difference between marble and quartz? Which cost-effective?
Natural stone part of the material may be radioactive and toxic gas, does not meet the requirements of environmental protection, such as no special process, it may cause harm to the human body, so the best choice to do radiation testing.Quartz stone countertopsQuartz stone is actually a distinction between the material of artificial stone, it is also a kind of artificial stone. However, because of its unique performance and high cost so that its price is higher than the general artificial stone, is a new artificial stone products. The utility model is characterized in that the natural quartz crystal ore is used as the main raw material, and the decorative panel is made of a fully automatic control production technical equipment imported under the condition of high temperature and high pressure.The utility model has the advantages of high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, impact resistance, and easy cleaning. With super hard composite quartz plate production of the world's most advanced technology, including natural quartz is up to 93%, also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives, selection of materials by color and vacuum pressure to form a complex is extremely close, after cutting and polishing process become complex surface of quartz stone, the surface of the sheet as hard as granite, marble as rich as color, structure of a glass like anti pollution, after finishing the form like artificial stone as perfect. Thanks to her superior performance in many ways, she became the world's most ideal material for use in kitchen countertops and fine wall surfaces.Disadvantages: higher pricesSpecial reminder: due to the higher requirement on the quartz stone processing technology, the quality is also divided into various grades and ranks, so the choice must pick a better reputation, service assurance brand.
Q:Why cut quartz so smelly?
Artificial quartz stone will be mixed with plastic components of the adhesive, so when cutting, due to high temperature, will produce plastic odor.When the general good quality quartz stone cutting will not have obvious plastic smell, but poor artificial quartz stone, mixed with the adhesive composition too much at the time of manufacture, so the smell will be great. Pay attention to wearing a mask to protect the nose and mouth, in order to prevent allergic reaction.

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