Solar Powered Cooling Fan Solar System For Air Conditioner

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Product Description:

 Rechargeable Air cooler fan with adjustable spray humidifier


Voltage: AC110V~240V,50Hz/60Hz, DC24V
•6L detachable portable water tank                                                                                                                 

•10Meter Remote Control
•50W in 4pcs motors control wind, oscillating, humidified, cooling
•Water cycle air cooling
•Three Air Speed: High / Medium / Low
•Two Air Mode: Natural / Sleeping / Low
•120degree left & right, up & down wind-supplying
•Negative ion air purification and UV germicidal lamps
•Oxygen Bar with Negative Ionizer
•Timer from 1 - 12 Hours device
•one minute Digital screen self-protection
•2PCS Rechargeable battery built in the fan
•Automatic emergency fan during power failure 
•AC & DC automatic conversion and workable
•Overcharge and over discharge protection
•The fan works continuously 3-5hours when the power fails
•Option function:Car Charger, Mobile Charger on extra charge



Q1:Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

A:Without them you can clog up vital parts of the heating or cooling components that can be difficult to clean out and can cause severe damage that will be much more expensive to repair than the inconvenience of replacing a filter once a month.


Q2:What is VRF Air Conditioning System?

A:VRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements.

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Q:Household air conditioning refrigeration there is burning smell
Aging line, electric heating circuit was heat sear, or plastic parts in internal displacement, lead to heat. If this is the reason, will boot check repaired.
Q:What is the air conditioning air filter
Air conditioning filters are divided into a lot of kinds, home air conditioning air filter is v that nylon filter at the top of the supply air fan volute. Central air conditioning air filter can be divided into, in effect at the beginning of the high efficient level Its material shapes.
Q:The car can hold home air conditioning?
You can use a dc air-conditioner, rated voltage 24 v, and fuel efficient use of electricity, is three times that of the original car air conditioning effect. You can also use after car parked. Is the price of your air conditioning your point, I do not know can not acceptable
Q:Household air conditioning open 24 hours a day, it's about how much electricity
Therefore, cannot be accurately how much electricity 24 hours every day.
Q:Air conditioning use how long and snow?
If it is newly bought 1 year commonly ~ but want to see you the last time I added many generalisations
Q:Why are some called the central air conditioning air conditioning?
Central air conditioning and central air-conditioning: refers to set of air conditioning heat and cold source machine to supply the dispersed air conditioning supply of cold and heat source system. Compared with the decentralized air conditioning, has high thermal efficiency, low price, convenient management. Popular said, relative to household air conditioner, central air conditioning is by one or a few big air conditioning unit concentrated provide cold and heat source, and then through the form of hot air or hot water will be these cold quantity or heat to each room.
Q:Choose frequency conversion air conditioning and fixed frequency which is more suitable for me?
Choose a bit more stable performance, such as panasonic, gree brand of fixed frequency is good, because of the frequency conversion although has the characteristic of power saving mute, but because of frequency conversion technology was introduced in recent years, the performance is not very stable..
Q:Install the central air conditioning home?
See how big is your area, If conditional word, of course, your home is the best!
Q:Which band air-conditioning energy efficiency is best
Air conditioning is level 3, or are a power hog.Now few, generally is secondary.
Q:Why didn't air conditioning dehumidification function?
Press the mode button on the remote control, the display screen on the left side of the water droplets icon appears is dehumidification function model, and then on the indoor machine according to the open key to start the work. Dehumidification function definition Open air conditioning dehumidification function, not only can quickly reduce indoor humidity, can let a room, humid air is fresh. The working principle of Air conditioner has dehumidification function in two modes: First, independent dehumidification mode This way, the personage inside course of study called constant temperature air conditioning dehumidification principle, the basic principle of it is to be cooling the air through the evaporator and then heated to the temperature of the original, and then into indoor, so the indoor environment in humidity drop under the condition of maintaining relatively constant. Second, cooling mode This is any air conditioner with model, is also the most basic function of air conditioner. Air conditioner refrigeration process inevitably accompanied by dehumidification, moist air after air conditioner evaporator temperature will drop dramatically, and the humidity of the air in a state of supersaturated, separating out excess water vapor in the form of condensed water condensation on the finned evaporator, namely "condensation", wait for refrigeration mode reaches a certain balance, air humidity has dropped to a certain level. Matters needing attention We should pay attention to when using air conditioning dehumidification mode, if the outside temperature is very high, and the air is very dry, don't open dehumidifier mode for a long time, so as not to damage the compression machine, usually outdoors when the temperature is above 40 degrees will run in ordinary refrigeration way, only in relatively low temperature, humidity larger night, can timely open dehumidification mode in order to achieve the effect of adjusting the room temperature and humidity.

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