SKW Series Gold Silver Paper Card Printing Ink

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

  • Brand Name: Gukangli

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1kg per can
Delivery Detail:7 working days


The printink ink is applicable for high quality package like smoke, drink, food, cosmetic, medicine, etc & metal etched copies.

SKW Series Gold Silver Paper Card Printing Ink

Printing Ink Characters

The ink film is bright, & of good color disperses, pure color gloss. The printing ink is with excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, good leveling, even fineness, but the printing color is the two colors of printing ink & base paper.

Applicable Industry:

High quality package like smoke, drink, food, cosmetic, medicine, etc & metal etched copies.

Application Field:

Aluminum plating paper with surface treatment (named as gold, silver paper card).

Product Features:

MONOLEN PLUS: 165 34T (420) or less

Surface dry time: room volatilization: 8 15 minutes, 40 sirocco dries: around 2 3 minutes.

Dilution: SW solvent or HR-783

Cleaner: S 186 (net board cleaner)

Antifoaming agent: HR-701 (oil antifoaming agent)

Print Cover Area: 40 60 square meters

Color Match System:

Adjust (match) with this series printing ink, cant be mixed with other type printing ink.

Operation Instruction:

1. Mix evenly before use, seal carefully after use.

2. Use cleaner to open the sealed net, print after the solvent is volatile.


Low temp storage; avoid direct contact to the sunshine, product warranty period: 6 months.


1. Try the printing ink before mass production, as factorys material character is different.

2. Wait until the solvent in the print film is volatile to fold them for shipment.

3. Incorrect storage, or excess warranty period, the printing ink characters will be changed.

4. Choose different drying speed dilution according to different weather.

5. Cant be mixed with other printing ink, or the quality will be changed.

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Q:How can I make ink printing to keep brightness on the product?
Printing will also affect the brightness of the product, as well as light oil! Like you ink in the product is dried after the intense darkness without light phenomenon is generally the problem of printing substrate!
Q:About printing machine printing problems, such as printing in a sudden big water, the ink punch one by one, but after the door is still no effect
As you described, the ink can be washed one by one. The water is no longer big enough. It can be said to be "huge"Although you off the water (or turn off the water, but said) has entered the water between the rollers is not so easy to do at once,This case is not to have the effect very quickly, with the water pump stop off, see the PS version of the water right and then boot print on OK
Q:What ink is best to be used as a light guide plate?
The light guide plate (light guide plate) is the use of optical grade /PC acrylic sheet, and then use high-tech materials with high reflectivity and absorption of light, the optical grade acrylic bottom with UV screen printed guide dot printing technology. The use of optical grade acrylic sheet drawing out the lights stay in optical grade acrylic sheet surface, when the light guide to each spot, the reflected light will spread to all angles, and then destroy the reflection condition by the light guide plate is injection. The light guide plate can be uniformly luminous through a plurality of light guide points with different sizes and sizes. The purpose of the reflector is to reflect the light exposed on the bottom back into the light guide plate to improve the use efficiency of the light. Under the same area of illumination, the luminous efficiency is high and the power consumption is low. Single side micro array light guide plate usually adopts the extrusion molding process.
Q:What ink printed melamine tableware
If often friction, good or the use of paper, rub off, do not fade, if the screen baking cost is not low, I'm afraid to go!
Q:Is the printing ink used in printing industry harmful to human body?
One of the major problems with ink contamination is pigment. These pigment particles are very small and have strong adsorption ability. They contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury, all of which have certain toxicity. Lead, for example, contains about 2000 micrograms of lead in a page of colored newspapers. Lead is the only trace element that the human body does not need. It is stable, non biodegradable and prevents blood cells from forming. When the accumulation of lead in the body to a certain extent, there will be mental disorders, nightmares, insomnia, headache and other chronic poisoning symptoms, severe fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on. Lead can also enter brain tissue through the blood and cause brain damage. According to the study, the amount of lead absorbed by children is several times higher than that of adults, and lead poisoning has a great influence on children's intelligence.
Q:Why flexo printing uses water-based ink?
Because water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents, greatly reducing the volatile organic compounds (VOC, the same below) emissions, reducing air pollution, improve the printing operators environment conducive to the health of workers.
Q:What ink is usually printed on the packing bag?
Ultraviolet (UV) curing inkThe curing process of the UV curing ink is a process of photochemical reaction, namely in the ultraviolet energy under the effect of prepolymer in a very short period of time the film curing, UV curing inks which in addition to the surface, UV curable ink can penetrate deep into the liquid, and further stimulate the deep curing ink film. In traditional ink, the ink based on oil is solidified under the action of oxidation, and the ink based on solvent or water is solidified mainly by evaporation of water or solvent. Some ink can permeate the paper. Therefore, compared with the traditional ink, UV curing ink polymerization drying more thoroughly, there is no evaporation or solvent pollutants, ink film 100% curing. UV curable ink is mainly used for flexible printing of soft base material. It consists of prepolymer, reaction diluent, pigment, additive, photoinitiator / composition. The reactive diluent selection has an effect on the migratory responses of the ink formula; performance additives on ink (ink printability, migration, substrate wetting, friction coefficient, wear resistance, pigment dispersion and stability) and printing smell adjustment; pigment on the UV absorption spectrum requirements as may be small, the ideal pigment should have good dispersibility, good leveling, strong coloring, in light under the irradiation of ultraviolet absorption of small, for the characteristics of polymerization without impairing the. The use of UV curable ink printing should be paid attention to when the polymerization inhibition effect, surface tension and wetting effect, ink viscosity and humidity correlation, the printed version of the expansion; due to adhesion of the ink for plastic is not good, so it is necessary to the production of the plastic flame treatment or corona discharge treatment, in order to improve the adhesion of plastic surface.
Q:How to calculate the amount of ink? How to know the thickness of ink? What is the unit? How do I calculate the printing area?
Volume and area: This is related to your printing materials and requirements as well as printing methods. Generally speaking, the screen printing ink is thickest
Q:What's the recipe for PVC printing ink?
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), English abbreviation PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), PVC can be made by substitution of ethylene, chlorine and catalyst. It is a kind of plastic widely used. Because of its fire prevention heat effect of PVC is widely used in all walks of life every kind of products: wire skin, skin fiber, shoes, handbags, bags, accessories, signs and billboards, building decoration supplies, furniture, ornaments, rollers, pipes, toys (such as the famous Italy "Rody" jumping horse), curtain, door, auxiliary medical supplies, gloves, some food preservation paper, some fashion etc.. The vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resins.
Q:Join in printing ink can reduce the Teflon powder printing block is true or false?
In printing ink, using Teflon powder as additive, adding offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing inks.

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