SKW Series Gold Silver Paper Card Printing Ink

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  • Place of Origin: Shanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

  • Brand Name: Gukangli

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Packaging Details:1kg per can
Delivery Detail:7 working days


The printink ink is applicable for high quality package like smoke, drink, food, cosmetic, medicine, etc & metal etched copies.

SKW Series Gold Silver Paper Card Printing Ink

Printing Ink Characters

The ink film is bright, & of good color disperses, pure color gloss. The printing ink is with excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, good leveling, even fineness, but the printing color is the two colors of printing ink & base paper.

Applicable Industry:

High quality package like smoke, drink, food, cosmetic, medicine, etc & metal etched copies.

Application Field:

Aluminum plating paper with surface treatment (named as gold, silver paper card).

Product Features:

MONOLEN PLUS: 165 34T (420) or less

Surface dry time: room volatilization: 8 15 minutes, 40 sirocco dries: around 2 3 minutes.

Dilution: SW solvent or HR-783

Cleaner: S 186 (net board cleaner)

Antifoaming agent: HR-701 (oil antifoaming agent)

Print Cover Area: 40 60 square meters

Color Match System:

Adjust (match) with this series printing ink, cant be mixed with other type printing ink.

Operation Instruction:

1. Mix evenly before use, seal carefully after use.

2. Use cleaner to open the sealed net, print after the solvent is volatile.


Low temp storage; avoid direct contact to the sunshine, product warranty period: 6 months.


1. Try the printing ink before mass production, as factorys material character is different.

2. Wait until the solvent in the print film is volatile to fold them for shipment.

3. Incorrect storage, or excess warranty period, the printing ink characters will be changed.

4. Choose different drying speed dilution according to different weather.

5. Cant be mixed with other printing ink, or the quality will be changed.

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Q:What ink does the PE material print? The specific point of the trouble!
Printing PE generally use silk screen a little more, there is a dedicated PE ink; when printing, ink with other additives, to prevent the ink specially added additives to lose effect
Q:Plastic printing ink thinner with which of the two
Weaving printing and printing machinery, printing ink and thinner the net bag is the same, we do the printing for several years, has always been like this
Q:Ink printing process, how to solve bubbles?
The following measures are often used to prevent ink bubbles from forming:Use hydrophobic solvents as much as possible.When the ink itself produces bubbles, it can add some anti foaming agent into the ink. If the ink flow is poor, when the screen plate lifting, the ink flow is relatively small, can not fill the screen traces, you can not get the smooth surface of the ink layer.
Q:What's the recipe for PVC printing ink?
Main categories: according to the range of application, PVC can be divided into: universal PVC resin, high degree of polymerization PVC resin, crosslinked PVC resin. The general PVC resin by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer is formed under the action of initiator; high degree of polymerization of PVC resin is resin in the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer added to the system, the chain growth polymerization crosslinking agent; PVC resin is added to the resin crosslinking agent containing dienes and polyenes in vinyl chloride monomer polymerization polymerization system.
Q:What ink is used to print the recycled plastic?
Back to the plastic can be used ordinary plastic general ink printing, ink price is low, after printing, ink adhesion is better.
Q:What are the features of matte UV ink printing?
In the selection of ink, "pass rate" is a key parameter to consider. The ink with poor net crossing rate has more residual residue when printing, and the printed material at the beginning of printing is clear. After printing a certain amount, the incomplete and incomplete dot will appear. We should try to use some web matte UV ink in printing, avoid frequent washing, reduce labor intensity, at the same time, UV ink than solvent based inks more safety and environmental protection. In the screen printing process, with the increase of the squeegee and washing times, screen the photosensitive glue layer is thinner, when reaching a certain number of printing, print the printed will in effect has the big difference with the new version. Therefore, in the production of frequently check proofs, timely replacement of the screen.
Q:Screen printing ink is not dry
Here recommended to choose the Toshiba UV printer printing, no plate, once formed, that is, not only can print the traditional plane effect can also print the 3D effect and the effect of relief, dot 5pl, Toshiba CE4 is only about 6000, Toshiba life up to 24-36 months, Toshiba print head is two times faster than EPSON the high precision, than light, Toshiba head warranty of two years, which determines the process of using the printer in the future whether the problem of increasing cost.
Q:Does the use of resin ink affect your body? Which kind of printing ink is environmentally friendly?
At the same time, the UV lamp is harmful to the eyes, long time is harmful to the body skin under ultraviolet light; the environmental protection is a water-based ink, marks our clothes are made of water-based ink, more environmentally friendly, less harm against, is generally not a problem; mainly to see what do you do for a hand printing, so this three kinds of ink application field is not the same, and see what is your hand printing.
Q:How does a red word appear on a green background in ink printing?
Not like this, is to print multicolor overprint green space from this position, of course you need to keep pressure side a little more, then second times as long as the position of the red print, can be a good
Q:Filling material in a printing ink
Aluminum hydroxide is a typical amphoteric compound that is insoluble in water but dissolves in acid and alkali solution. Aluminum hydroxide has been widely used in oil-based ink. It not only acts as filling material, but also is a good thickener. Aluminum hydroxide with dispersion and strong stretching force of good, but also easily lead to ink colloidization. At present, it has been gradually replaced by colloidal calcium carbonate.

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