HD Metal Board, HD Aluminium Board, Sublimation Aluminium Board Supplier, Sublimation Blanks

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Item specifice:

Material: Aluminum Thickness: 1.14mm (0.045”) Standard: Water-proof, scratch-resistant and anti-UV
Finish: Glossy white Coating: 4 layers Biggest size: 1.2x1.2m (different/custom sizes are available)

Product Description:


Sublimation Coated Aluminium Sheet


Sublimation aluminium sheet is manufactured specifically for sublimation printing


The hard surface coating on this aluminium is designed for improving image retention


Suggested heat transfer parameter: 200 ℃ and 40 seconds


Safe packaging and film for protection


High quality coating for sublimation and high definition


You can print any logo or pictures on it


Name of the product: Sublimation Coated Aluminium Sheet

Thickness: 0.45mm,0.55mm, other sizes as your customized

Size: 610*305mm,300*600mm,400*600mm,600*1200mm
Surface finish: Glossy, Matte, Satin, Pure,Pearlized,Brushed,Satin etc

Color: White,Silver,Gold,Cooper,Champange

Protection Film: PE,PVDF,PEVE,UV

Packaging: Seaworthy wooden pallet, wooden case or upon your request

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details

Seaworthy wooden pallet, wooden case or upon your request

Delivery Detail

15~30 days after deposite

Weight of Packaging

1000 pics per pallet,Around 800 kg


What is WunderBoard HD metal prints?

Wunderboard is high-definition sublimation aluminum:


- Material: Aluminum


- Thickness: 1.14mm (0.045”)


- Biggest size: 1.2x1.2m (different/custom sizes are available)


- Finish: Glossy white


- Coating: 4 layers


--Water-proof, scratch-resistant and anti-UV.


HD Metal Board, HD Aluminium Board, Sublimation Aluminium Board Supplier, Sublimation Blanks

HD Metal Board, HD Aluminium Board, Sublimation Aluminium Board Supplier, Sublimation Blanks

Our advantage such as:


-Similar quality as as the top brand in USA(CHROMALUXE)


-Competitive price (much lower than others competitors)


-Cash Rebate policy and complete supports for distributors


These products are OK:

Sublimation Blanks

Heat press machine

DTG&UV pintor 


The free samples are available, we're pleased to offer you some for testing.


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Q:What is the printing plate roll made of? What are the materials?
It not only prints organic objects such as PVC, but also prints complex objects such as metal, glass, ceramics and so on.
Q:What does the print edition mean?
OffsetA lithographic plate is a graphic part and a blank part of a printing plate, basically in the same plane, and has the characteristics that the printing part is lipophilic and the blank part is hydrophilic.stencil printA plate is a picture of a plate, consisting of holes or meshes of different sizes or sizes.
Q:What's the color of the print edition?
If not a multi-color machine printed color, also easy for semi-finished product color is not easy to control the appearance of color. Generally do not use four-color printing, and the use of spot color printing. This is also a lot of printing plant monochrome, two-color printing spot color. Four colors, 8 colors, more four-color printing. 5 colors, usually printed four-color, plus a spot color, or over oil, etc..
Q:The difference between the 60 and 100 lines of the printing roller
The characteristics compared with the traditional gravure, offset printing and convex printing flexo printing, flexo printing mode has its own distinctive characteristics: 1, less investment, quick effect, high efficiency. Flexo presses are much cheaper in comparison to gravure presses and offset presses of the same colour set. In addition, flexo printing presses, die-cutting, glazing and other processes in one, multi-channel processes can be completed at one time, without further purchase of the corresponding post-processing equipment, has a high return on investment. 2, the equipment structure is relatively simple, so the operation is relatively simple and convenient. 3, high production efficiency. Flexo printing is used to reel material, not only can realize the printing of double-sided printing materials, but also to complete the line of glazing (or film), bronzing, die-cutting, waste rejection, volume and other work. The production cycle is greatly shortened, the manpower, material and financial resources are saved, the production cost is lowered, and the economic benefit is improved. 4, the printing materials range is relatively wide, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, self-adhesive paper and so on. 5. The quality of printed matter is good, the printing accuracy can reach 150 lines / inches, and the printed material is rich in layers, bright in color and good in visual effect, especially suitable for the requirements of packaging and printing. 6, the use of new water-based ink and solvent based ink, non-toxic, pollution-free, fully meet the requirements of green environmental protection, but also to meet the requirements of food packaging.
Q:How can I place the printing rollers in the most convenient place?
With two vertical hook welding iron roller in the warehouse at the corner of wall can be guaranteed and two pending such local quality of roller.
Q:Why is the screen printing broken?
In the printing process, the version of film broke, mainly the process of plate making technical problems:1, the printing time is short, plastic film light curing is not sufficient, resulting in screen printing.2, before the plate, the mesh did not make degreasing treatment, resulting in photosensitive adhesive on the screen is not firmly, it is easy to break gel.
Q:What does the PS version of the print mean?
The PS version is an aluminum version for printing, specifically a PS version of the film!
Q:Can you tell me how to make a good print?
4, to improve the concentration of glue, the glue fully coated evenly; after the gum of the printing plate, the layout completely dry and then printed on the machine.5, in the make-up should be possible to use transparent tape thin and clean, if the tape adhesive stuck to the printing plate, should be gently wiped to developing. When you print, to fully exhaust, minimize air layer around the imposition of tape and the original film, will have the possibility to minimize the interference phenomenon. If there is adhesive tape on the page after exposure, remove the dirt manually or remove the dirt in the two exposure
Q:How to make the screen print surface smooth?
Finish drying / curing, then apply a layer of solvent based paint on the panel. Before drying, vacuum the part with the pattern on the back to make it clear, without vacuum
Q:How do I reduce the layout of carton printing?
When publishing hang article version of paste must and hang banpian base edge alignment. At present, the domestic corrugated carton factory commonly used adhesive tape in hang banpian hang article version of traditional fixed process, this print version in use and after a long time suspension preservation process, due to the relatively hang article version force, often hang article version shift phenomenon, especially in the year second quarter and third in the hot and humid quarter especially. In order to change this phenomenon, part of the corrugated carton enterprise began to use the cold welding technology, will hang banpian hang version with joint material fusion, cooling, the hang article version one-time firmly welding die in banpian hang, ensure the hang article version orientation stability. At the same time, in order to prevent hang banpian near the ends strip tear in force, and generally increase fiber tape for reinforcement.

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