silver cored flux welding wires industry grade

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Flux Cored Silver Brazing Material
Availability:TiBright flux-cored silver brazing materials numerous advantages compared to traditional metal-joining methods. It consists of a filler metal in strip form that is rolled around a powdered flux. For mostly instead of hand manual torch brazing, especially recommend for automatically brazing working cycle.  
Product size:Product size: the most commonly used diameter lengths are: 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm,  . We can also specially make the size to meet the requirements of our customers.
Advantages:Flux and relative operations are not needed.
Workers and equipments are not exposed to dust atmosphere.
Precise composition of materials can reduce the amount of pores and enhance the quality of the welding points. Environmental friendly, non-corrosive, no post cleaning needed.  
Packing:0.5kg,1kg,2kg,2.25kg,5kg/roll. 10 Kg/Roll

Class modification Melting/Solid Temperature
Brazing alloy Composition
FC-316608 - 630 °C5622 175

< 0.15.

FC-303675--743°C453025--< 0.15
FC-322 650 – 710 °C403030
< 0.15
FC-314660--740 °C3539251< 0.15
FC-311675--765°C303832--< 0.15

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