Shoot-Shoot sterilization deodorizing spray

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Product Description:

Usage: sterilization (virus), deodorization

Capacity: 300 ml

Product Features:

(1) Efficient and active sterilization:

In a variety of commonly used health protection products, vivacelf  is the fastest and most effective sterilization (virus) product. vivacelf is the only active attack sterilization molecular will take the initiative for the bacteria, odor effect in your rooms.

(2) Wide range of applications and easy to use:

vivacelf is a sterilization molecules which has wide range of applications. vivacelf  is a good sterilization effect to all pathogenic microorganisms that spread from water, and it will not make resistance. Especially for influenza, enter virus, nor virus and other infectious diseases all have a good inhibitory effect. Shoot-Shoot is very easy to use. You just need to direct spray it on the place or space where you want to sterilization, you can feel a significant effect.

(3) non-toxic, non-stimulation:

The acute oral toxicity test showed that this product is nontoxic products. The disinfection of the water does not make damage to the oral mucosa, skin and hair. It is absolutely safe in acute toxicity and genetic toxicology.

(4) safety, residue:

vivacelf does not generated with the organic matter in the water to make trihalomethanes or other carcinogenic substances. vivacelf will not make mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic effect to animal cells, sperm and chromosome. Therefore, using vivacelf  for disinfection is very safe and no residual toxicity. Its safety level by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the AI level.

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Q:Solid air fresheners have no harm.
Hazard: pollution of the environmentThe air freshener, as long as the understanding of its working principle, the harm may pollute the environment, it is not just to cover up the removal of odor, and can not fundamentally eliminate odor, so released into the air, itself is a kind of pollution, and their solutions, and harmful substances, and some air freshener, and some impurities, also pollute the environment material.Harm two: allergyMost of the material in the air freshener is organic, the body is more sensitive to the crowd, is likely to cause allergies, respiratory tract will also produce some strong stimulation.Harm three: cause serious diseaseThe most serious aspect of air freshener is that it can lead to serious illness, because in its composition contains aromatic substances, such materials will stimulate the nervous system, affecting the growth and development of children.
Q:Do you have a solid air freshener that looks better?
The cleaning agent is suitable for the car, my car is always with solid fresh jasmine, good taste, smell very good smell, the biggest advantage is the long duration, we all love.
Q:What kind of air freshener is better? Have you ever used one?.
You don't know where we are, living room, kitchen, bedroom is in the New Zealand Aqua air freshener fragrance, 3 personal taste, I love Qin Quan vanilla type, subtle smells good.
Q:Can methanol be used as an air freshener?
Especially the invasion of the optic nerve and the retina, resulting in blindness. Normal people who drink 4-10g pure methanol at one time can cause severe poisoning. Drinking 7-8g can lead to blindness and death from drinking 30-100g.
Q:Which brand of air freshener is better in the car? Recommend
The car smell, and if the air freshener used not easy to influence human motion sickness, the best selection of good points, I use the New Zealand autumn osmanthus aerosol spray lightly, taste particularly good.
Q:Are there any non-toxic air fresheners?
Nowadays, the ingredients of the popular air freshener in the market are mostly composed of ether and aromatic essence. When these ingredients are released into the air, they will decompose and become a kind of pollution substance.
Q:The smell of what home? Don't tell me the air freshener is useless
- green plants placed in the family bathroom, air conditioning can be achieved, eliminate odors. The best in the window to keep the pot plants, or put a vase, inserted 35 flowers, can bring fresh and pleasant feeling.In everyday life, we are often haunted
Q:Does air freshener go to the smell of body odor?
The air freshener is a flavoring agent, composed of ethanol, essence and deionized water and other ingredients, through the scent to cover up the smell of smell, relieve uncomfortable feeling, can only improve the body odor of air around the body odor taste, and can not be removed.
Q:In addition to the smell of home, it is said that air freshener harmful, then what to use, sandalwood?
You can buy all kinds of air purification oil have fragrance and sedative hypnotic function
Q:Feel inside the home always has very smelly smell, how to do? Can the air freshener be used regularly?
If not the room itself, that is the foreign matter, such as rotten egg, the taste particularly smelly, dead rat, expired milk, food, long bubble and unwashed clothes, looking to find the taste and smell of the goods except on the line.

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