Shoot-Shoot sterilization deodorizing spray

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Product Description:

Usage: sterilization (virus), deodorization

Capacity: 300 ml

Product Features:

(1) Efficient and active sterilization:

In a variety of commonly used health protection products, vivacelf  is the fastest and most effective sterilization (virus) product. vivacelf is the only active attack sterilization molecular will take the initiative for the bacteria, odor effect in your rooms.

(2) Wide range of applications and easy to use:

vivacelf is a sterilization molecules which has wide range of applications. vivacelf  is a good sterilization effect to all pathogenic microorganisms that spread from water, and it will not make resistance. Especially for influenza, enter virus, nor virus and other infectious diseases all have a good inhibitory effect. Shoot-Shoot is very easy to use. You just need to direct spray it on the place or space where you want to sterilization, you can feel a significant effect.

(3) non-toxic, non-stimulation:

The acute oral toxicity test showed that this product is nontoxic products. The disinfection of the water does not make damage to the oral mucosa, skin and hair. It is absolutely safe in acute toxicity and genetic toxicology.

(4) safety, residue:

vivacelf does not generated with the organic matter in the water to make trihalomethanes or other carcinogenic substances. vivacelf will not make mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic effect to animal cells, sperm and chromosome. Therefore, using vivacelf  for disinfection is very safe and no residual toxicity. Its safety level by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the AI level.

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Q:Can the air freshener in the car be used? Is it safe?
In the car off the air freshener, people will stay comfortable, Sealand brands are familiar with it, no security problems.
Q:What air freshener is good and used in the bathroom?
I think the bathroom put on the solid body is convenient, natural fragrance, solid fragrance of Sealand 6 flavor, is the healthy environmental protection formula, fresh and healthy, you can choose what you love.
Q:Suitable for the use of air freshener in the bedroom, which brand is good?
The composition of air freshener is mostly composed of ether and aromatic essence. Bedroom, it is best not to use air cleaners regularly, ventilation windows should be regularly to get good air quality.
Q:Is air freshener useful for non - circulating rooms?
The hollow freshener is up to cover other odor, no adsorption, no fresh, just taste strong, can make people more sensitive to smell the taste of it. In the air circulation in the room, it can not cover the taste of good taste, but did not get real air fresh.
Q:Can lemon and sweet scented osmanthus air freshener be put together?
Melon flavor air freshener1, air freshener can only cover the smell, can not fundamentally eliminate the odor, the release of fresh air into the air itself is a pollutant;2, the air freshener contains organic compounds, which can cause irritation to people who are allergic or allergic;3, air freshener contains aromatic substances, will stimulate the nervous system, affecting children's growth and development, and even induce cancer and other diseases.
Q:In addition to the smell of home, it is said that air freshener harmful, then what to use, sandalwood?
I know. Put cool oil in the bathroom.
Q:Air fresheners harmful to the human body?
Therefore, the use of air fresheners should pay attention to the following points:1, indoor infants and young children, asthma patients, allergies and allergic diseases should be used with caution.2, spray or ignite the air freshener, it is best to temporarily evacuate the scene, most of the aerosol or particulate matter after the settlement and then into the door before entering the best ventilation.3, toilet and bathroom deodorant should choose air air freshener.4, can not be too dependent on air fresheners, should be found out from the root of the source of the odor, thoroughly cleaned, so that the air is really fresh room.
Q:Car long-term air cleaning agent, good for the human body? Will long-term inhalation not be harmful to human body?
Car air freshener, also known as the "environmental perfume" is currently clean air environment inside the car, the most common method to improve air quality, because of easy to carry, easy to use and cheap, air freshener as many drivers purify the air inside the car of choice, its working principle is very simple, is in a adding a small amount of chemical odor substances through chemical reaction, to achieve the purpose of deodorization and aromatic substances with strong concealment odor, so a lot of air freshener in fact does not remove the peculiar smell of the car, only with a delightful love flavor will odors.At present, the market for the sale of air freshener common flavor: single floral type (Jasmine, rose, osmanthus, bell orchid, gardenia, lily), flavor, fruit flavor compound (apple, lemon, pineapple, melon and other grass), "coast" flavor, flavor, flavor "perfume" (Su Xinlan) in addition, some drivers will love toilet water as car air freshener, compared with the general air freshener, toilet water containing alcohol also has anti-virus effect.
Q:Use fruit to make air freshener
Take the right amount of water and add it to the sprayer. This time our air freshener is ready and he can be used as a humidifier!
Q:There's always a bad smell in the kitchen. You can't catch it. Is there an air freshener that you can use in the kitchen?
You can try Amway's air freshenerIt tastes goodIncense is also good IKEA has soldIn addition, you can also put some grapefruit peel kindIt can remove odorsHowever, this is a temporary solutionPro is best to find the root cause of the hood is the cleaningAny other questions?

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