PVC Strip Doors of Different Colors

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Specifications of High quality PVC Strip Doors

1. the CHEAPEST and the FASTEST solution to divide small or large rooms.

2.Strips: made of transparent or coloured plastic in full or partial overlap and are supported by fixed or sliding metal junctions.

3.can create real partion walls suitable to divide rooms and sheds.

4.a barrier against bugs and birds. they can be installed either in food or in pharmaceutical  areas.

5.Suitable for LOW TEMPERATURES: -50 °C  to -50 °C is also available.

6.Easy and quick to install and do not require any particular maintenance.

7.Solid or sliding track manufactured in either stainless or galvanized finishes.

8.This product is manufactured to suit the clear open specified by the client.

Applications of High quality PVC Strip Doors

PVC flexible strip doors are widely used in the following area:

Door construction, lamellar doors

Trade and industry

Seperation of production and storage sites

Cold stores,cold store depots

Door area screening for cold stire vehicle

Coloured warning strips for industrial doors

As a view protection, also with frosted surfaces

Package& Delivery of High quality PVC Strip Doors

Wooden pallet,shirnk film according to custom requires.

Colors of High quality PVC Strip Doors

Blue, Green, Orange, White and Yellow.

Other colours are available on request.

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