PVC Solid Color Glossy Film for Door Vaccum Pressing

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1.Description of PVC Solid Color Glossy Film:

PVC Solid Color Glossy Film for Decoration covered by vacuum/membrane press/laminating machine on the surface of various boards, such as MDF, veneer boards, flake boards, fiberboards, block boards and other materials of high-pressure floor slabs, asbestos boards, slates, aluminum and plastic profiles. PVC Solid Color Glossy Film are widely used for indoor decoration and furniture making industry.


2.Main Features of PVC Solid Color Glossy Film:

Different models and various kinds of style

Sparkle silver and wood grains are available

Easy cleaning

Eco Friendly
Exquisite color, high saturation, environmentally-friendly, waterproof, unfading,acid and alkali resistant.


3. PVC Solid Color Glossy Film Images:

PVC Solid Color Glossy Film for Door Vaccum Pressing


4. PVC Solid Color Glossy Film Specification:

Thickness from 0.12mm to 0.60mm
Length: 100-500m/roll
Width: 200-1,575mm


5. FAQ of PVC Solid Color Glossy Film:

We have organized several common questions for our clients, may help you sincerely:

1) How about your company?

A world class manufacturer & supplier of PVC decorative sheet is a new kind of environmental protection material, it has strong sense of grain simulation, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, fire from self quenching characteristics, because it will not fade, so the construction without paint, convenient operation, which shortens the construction period and reduce the cost, especially without paint pollution gas.

2) What is the storage condition?

The welded wire mesh should be stored at room temperature and kept from wet and heat source.

3) How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

4) How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within four working days, we will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The specific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.

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Q:Furniture surface decoration materials in the PVC stickers and melamine stickers difference is?
PVC stickers, that is, you see the pattern paper, is the so-called gem wear-resistant that the next pattern, and melamine is a composite substrate inside the substrate additives, to the bonding effect, melamine can replace glue, the previous glue formaldehyde content , And melamine instead of glue can greatly reduce the amount of formaldehyde, of course, it is still necessary to use glue, to see a factory recipe Also I said, see a lot of people to participate in what network buy. I would like to say my advice, for your reference
Q:Car beauty film generally how much money
Hello, what kind of car you are
Q:What is the car decoration foil tool?
Cotton: After the film is finished, absorb the water around the window frame to prevent backflow, to avoid the film after the film blistering.
Q:Glass decorative film market how.
The market should be very large, the key is to join the words you want to want to target which customer groups to open their own market, low-end, in the end or high-end, decorative film selection is low and high-end have, you have to choose Which grade, the current import film in the market is relatively expensive to the United States as the most expensive, while the other countries followed, the domestic price should be basically the cheapest, you can choose according to their own strength.
Q:It is good for the decorative film
Dumb film is relatively light the kind of cloth pattern is relatively thick, feel different, to see what you like.
Q:Does the beauty of the car include the film?
As the name suggests, must also include, but also for some small parts, the premise is not affect the safe driving parts
Q:Is the decorative foil environmentally friendly?
Does not contain harmful heavy metals, do not use DOP (dioctyl phthalate) plasticizer, is a green decorative materials.
Q:Home decoration with color crystal film ok?
I do not know also know that it certainly needs to be flat on the wall, and there is no shedding of the wall, can paste! Rough room can also be posted, is simply nonsense! You put it as a wallpaper on the line, is cheaper than the wallpaper!
Q:What are the types of glass foil?
One-way perspective: the use of metal functional layer through the sandwich or magnetron sputtering technology made of glass film, with the highest reflection of solar radiation and visible light function. The side of the light with a mirror characteristics, the reverse is able to perspective. The mirror effect and color of this reflective layer make good use of the appearance of the building, that is, the one-way perspective type has reflective / translucency and pleochroism.
Q:Home color film is how to paste the wall
With a light soapy water, the film and the walls are spray wet, by the top slowly paste, while the side with a ruler to push, so as not to have bubbles, adjust the location, dry on the OK, if the middle of a bubble, gas.

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