PU Polyurethane Foam Sandwich Panel Frame Panel (CE/SAA)

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1000 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:


1. Variety of Surface Steel 
2. Thickness: 50/75/100/150mm 
3. Fire Resistance: B2 
4. Density: 38~42kgs/m3 
5. Connect:Cam-lock

PU Polyurethane Foam Sandwich Panel Frame Panel 

Combined Cold Storage Library Structure

Combination cold storage was assembled by PU Panels. Panels was connectd by the type of ecentric locks with better air tightness close and better insulation effect. It also has the disassembling easilly, can be lexible mobile etc. Such kind of cold storage can be assembled to be different size and capacity on different places.

Cold Storage Panel Standard



Base Plate Thickness

Applicable Temperature Range



High temperature (5°c or above )



 Medium temperature (-5°c or above)



 Low temperature (-30 °c  or above)



 Ultra Low temperature (-45 °c or above)


According  to the different requirements of customers, refrigerator production use different material combination, the cold storage floor interior surface and buried steel or wood quare, rinforcement, so as to adapt to replenish one's stock in the heavy truck driving r bear the weight of the shelf. Some cold storge directly using strip PU do bottom, in its upper berth on a certain thickness of cement to make a floor board, such already strong and durable, sultable for hotel ktchen.

Cold Storage Panel Option  (by different material):

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Painted Galvanized Steel

  • Stucco Embossed Aluminium

  • PVF Steel

  • Galvanized Steel


 Panel Details:


1. Panel Width Available: 295.30mm, 590.60mm, 885.80mm and 1181.10mm


2. Panel Length Available: Any length but not exceed to 12000mm


3. Regular Steel Sheet Color Code: RAL 9002(Grey White)


4. PU Density: 32-50 KGS/M3


5. Heat Transfer Coefficient: 0.024 W/M*K


6. Bending Strength: 331Mpa 


7. Fire Rating: B2


8. Surface of Panels: Can choose any kind of the surface materials.



Referred to inspection sandard on use of heat insulation sandwich panel in composite cold storage in nationa machinery industry standard JB/T6527~2006, cold storage panel should be in accordance with the following technical conditions.



Feature Project


Technical Requirements

Test Results

Average Density




Heat Conductivity Coefficient

W/m. k



Compression Strength



≥ 171



A, Could be changed the size of the panel?

    Yes, we design the size according to your requirement.

B, What is the color of the panel?

     All the colors in "RAUL"

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Q:What is the weight per unit area of 100 thick rock wool sandwich panels?
First, the electricity management: ⒈ temporary electricity must be "" construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications "JGJ46-88" compilation of electricity construction organization design and development of safe electricity technical measures and electrical fire protection measures. ⒉ temporary electricity engineering drawings must be drawn solely by the electrical engineering and technical personnel, after the approval of the technical person as a temporary basis for construction. ⒊ temporary electricity construction organization design content and steps: ⑴ site exploration, to determine the power line into the total distribution box (cabinet), the distribution of electrical box location and line direction. ⑵ load calculation, select the wire cross-section and electrical type, specifications. ⑶ draw electrical plan, elevation and wiring system diagram.
Q:How does the wall rock wool sandwich panel be installed?
will be fixed on the wall insulation material, play a warm and warm role in warm technology
Q:The stove is dedicated to the plastic used for plastic paper
It is best not to sleep so, first bubble is airtight! The skin is very bad, long-term will also affect the health
Q:Can glued wallpaper be glued to the sandwich panel?
Buy the quality of a little bit of what the material is no problem, although the price is more expensive, but the first safety is important
Q:Now signed a thermal insulation project with polyurethane sandwich panels, you can request: flame retardant, in accordance with the provisions of GB8333, from the fire self-extinguishing time must meet the "0"
Steel pipe is a steel pipe bowl buckle is the connection point like a bowl button is the connection point is a disk above a lot of hole pin is not a national standard thing is not recommended to use
Q:Color steel sandwich board on the price of how much?
Due to the level of restrictions, there must be inappropriate, hope to add to the same channel or finger scaffolding erection of quality requirements and safety requirements should be organically unified to ensure that the erection process and the subsequent use and removal process of safety and application
Q:Own balcony capped, with the kind of sandwich panels better, EPS sandwich panels or rock wool sandwich panels, or other kind of sandwich panels?
First of all you have to steel structure design and construction specifications to understand, have to clear the construction process of steel. The construction plan is mainly applicable. Quality Assurance Measures and Safety Assurance Measures.
Q:What is the difference between rock wool sandwich panels, EPS sandwich panels and polyurethane sandwich panels?
Can do the insulation that is the foam board, the so-called insulation of the extruded board with high Ji floating reed kill the devil ghost Tong Kankan Kun resistance, low linearity, low expansion characteristics of the structure of the closed-cell rate reached 99% Above, the formation of vacuum layer, to avoid air flow cooling, to ensure its long-term stability and stability, relative to the foam polyurethane 80% of the closed-hole rate, the leading advantage is self-evident
Q:Sandwich board after spraying the primer to paste the wallpaper how to paste!
Expandable polystyrene foam board (referred to as polystyrene board, the EPS board). Polystyrene Biscuit Powder Kuba Kawakun Fung Mo foam products are processed intermediate products, with less investment, fast turnover, low energy consumption, occupation of production personnel less, the production of high profit products. At the same time the number of devices less simple operation, strong production flexibility, product quality has a reliable guarantee, and thus the project construction risk is small. EPS board is made of polystyrene (EPS) beads made by foam molding. Polystyrene is invented in the 1950s, polystyrene foam products is a new type of advanced insulation, noise insulation materials. It is light in quality, non-toxic and tasteless, without any pollution. Use is very wide, mainly used for refrigerators, trains, ships, limousines, mobile homes, housing insulation insulation. Instrumentation, porcelain, glass products, home appliances and other packaging. In the construction industry it is an alternative to moisture-proof powder, perlite, asbestos and other insulation materials, is a very wide range of new products, so far there is no one product to replace the market prospects are very broad.
Q:This is not required, the requirements of the interval of the wall to meet the fire requirements of fire resistance or fire time requirements.
China's Ministry of Construction and other four ministries and commissions also issued a clear from the 2000 single tiger toilet mortar 丿 hinge paint closed from the galvanized pipe as a water supply pipe, the new district of cold water pipes have been rarely used galvanized pipe, and some district heat Water pipes are galvanized pipes

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