Power Stacker-RSP13 ZAPL controller Ride-on design

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PRODUCT NAME:Power Stacker-RSP13

1.High efficiency and easy to steer
2.Ride-on design reduce fatigue
3.ZAPL controller makes travel and lifting stable and smooth
4.Safety shut-off valve and slow lowering function ensures operating safety.
5.Smart and compact design,high quality European mast
6.Tilting up to 2°,down to 4°,perfectly meet need for cargo loading and unloading
7.Scissor type reach truck with controllable speed makes it convenient and stable to operate .

1kg=2.2lb 1ICH=25.4MM
Identification1.2Model  RSP13
1.3Power(battery,diesel,petrol,natural gas,manual) electric
1.4standing,Manner of operation:hand,pedestran,
1.5Load CapacityQ kg1360
1.6Load Centre distanceC mm600
1.8Distance between fork backrest and frond wheelX mm394
1.9Wheelbasey mm1305
Weights2.1Weight(including battery)kg2600
Wheels3.1Tyres(rubber,high-elastomer, pneumatic,polyurethane polyurehtane
3.2Wheel size drive sidemmФ310×125
3.3Wheel size load sidemmФ127×70
3.4Castor wheels(dimensions) Ф150×60
3.5Wheels, number(x=drive wheel)drive side/load side 1×-1/4
3.6Track width(front)drive sideb10 mm668
3.7Track width(rear)load sideb11 mm1082
4.2Closed mast height h1 mmm2472
4.3Free lift height h2 mm1820
4.4Lift heighth3 mm5330
4.5Extended mast heighth4 mm6550
4.7height of guard roof of drive cabh6 mm2160
4.8Height of stand boardh7 mm960
4.9Height of steering wheelh14 mm1180
4.15The lowest height of forkh13 mm60
4.19Overall length l1 mm2160
4.2Length between fork backrest and vehicle bodyl2 mm1245
4.21Overall width b1 mm1050
4.22Fork dimensions s/e/l mm40×100×950
4.24Fork carriage width b3 mm760
4.25Overall fork width b5 mm200-720
4.31Clearance between mast-base and groundm1 mm50
4.34Working aisle with 800×1200 pallet
(1200 along with fork)
Ast mm2780
4.35Swerve radiusWa mm1680
Performance5.1Speed Load/without loadkm/h8.5/7.4
5.2Lifting speed Load/without loadmm/s105/168
5.3Lowering speed Load/without loadmm/s260/270
5.8Gradeability Load/without load%6/10
5.1Brakes electric
E-Moter6.1Drive motorkw4KW
6.2Lifting motorkw3
6.3Battery acc.to DIN 43531/35/36A,B,C,no 43531B
6.4Battery voltage,normal capacity K5V/Ah24/540
6.5Battery weightKg430
 battery dimensions l/w/hmm960×230×700
Other8.1Type of drive control MOSFET ControLAC
Details8.4Noise level at operator’s earsdB(A)<70
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