Pon-pon sterilization deodorizing placed the bottleot-Shoot sterilization deodorizing spray

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Product Description:

Usage: sterilization (virus), deodorization

Capacity :160 g

Product Features:

(1) Efficient and active sterilization:

       In a variety of commonly used health protection products, vivacelf is the fastest and most effective sterilization (virus) product. vivacelf  is the only active attack sterilization molecular will take the initiative for the bacteria, odor effect in your rooms.

(2) Wide range of applications and easy to use:

     vivacelf    is a sterilization molecules which has wide range of applications. vivacelf is a good sterilization effect to all pathogenic microorganisms that spread from water, and it will not make resistance. Especially for influenza, enter virus, nor virus and other infectious diseases all have a good inhibitory effect. Shoot-Shoot is very easy to use. You just need to direct spray it on the place or space where you want to sterilization, you can feel a significant effect.

(3) safety, residue:

       vivacelf  does not generated with the organic matter in the water  to make trihalomethanes or other carcinogenic substances. vivacelf   will not make mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic effect to animal cells, sperm and chromosome. Therefore, usingvivacelf   for disinfection is very safe and no residual toxicity. Its safety level by the World Health Organization (WHO) is the AI level.

(4) Perfect defense

        When using this product, it will make a powerful shield in the space to prevent infectious agents infected by droplets or contact. For example: the cross-infection in hospitals, clinics, counters, or people work in the offices.

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Q:What brand of air freshener do you use?
I used the New Zealand Air Freshener, where I was sprayed, taste also quite pleasant, the car smell is sprayed, and then open the window and air it.
Q:Why did the air freshener begin to smell good and then it didn't smell good?
Not smell habits, that is, volatile volatile
Q:Can air fresheners be used to kill insects?
Air freshener is not used to kill insects. The main functions of air freshener are as follows:Introduction of air freshenerAir freshener, air freshener consists of alcohol, essence, deionized water and so on, it spreads the fragrance to conceal the peculiar smell, and reduces people's uncomfortable feeling to the peculiar smell.Air freshener actionRole 1: the role of air freshener, first of all, to cover up the smell, remove the smell of air, unpleasant smellRole two: fresh air, first of all, the smell of bad smell in the air is removed, then through aroma and other functions emitting a fragrance to cover up the odor.
Q:What kind of air freshener does the bathroom have?
In fact, many hotels use camphor and water, very unpleasant, but very effective.
Q:Is air freshener aerosol?
Only the aerosol is sprayed liquid can be suspended in the air is the main problem droplet size and nozzle design
Q:Can lemon and sweet scented osmanthus air freshener be put together?
Matters needing attention1, lemon and sweet scented osmanthus air freshener put together, smell mixed, the effect is not ideal;2, conditional words, as far as possible the use of lemon, it will not pollute the air.
Q:Feel inside the home always has very smelly smell, how to do? Can the air freshener be used regularly?
Air freshener will only confuse odors rather than remove odors, preferably not.
Q:What kind of air freshener is good? Have you done anything special with Lavender?
This feeling of Sealand brand in recent years as air fresheners do very well, my office now in the New Zealand pure solid fresh jasmine, this is very pleasant flavor.
Q:The solid air freshener is at home
Solid fresh ingredients: seaweed essence, adhesive, surfactant, water, pigment made by adopting the sustained-release technology, pure fragrance. Features and functions: the air freshener containing specific NEUTRALODOR? Odour agent, effectively neutralize odors. We distribute fresh air, it is like being in the nature of the green garden. The concentrated formula, a bottle can be sprayed hundreds of times, economic benefits. We abandon with CFC as a propellant, replaced by hydrocarbons, avoid the destruction of atmospheric ozone layer. Applicable scope: the removal of the kitchen in stimulating food smell, such as onions, garlic and the smell of fish, and a strong smell of smoke and other odors. The bedroom, living room and bathroom to disperse the smoke, smell and other unpleasant smell. It is also suitable for office and place some poor ventilation, keep the air fresh. It is suitable for the journey by car and hotel rooms, fresh scent. We do not put below zero place.
Q:How about using air freshener in the bathroom?
In fact, the best way to keep fresh air to the bathroom is the use of smart toilet, such as titanium Taka good, through the activated carbon in the race, in your "convenient" can be a strong adsorption odor, air drying, residual odor will be discharged from the drainage tube, after double filtration, deodorization effect is very obvious.

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