Paper Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine with Good Quality

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$100.00 / set
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China main port
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TT or LC
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1 set
Supply Capability:
10 set/month

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Product Description:

Paper Roll Slitting and Rewinding Machine 


- 1.Structure of Description 

1. Smooth on the both sides of the paper strap after cutting .

2. Hydraulic without shaft type feeding device.

3. Tape tension automatic control, since the plate of rewinding tension remained.

4. Equipped with computer system, automatic correction.

5.Hydraulic shaftless type feeding device

6.Upper and down cutter initiative transmission.


-. Main Features

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work


- Images




- Specifications 


Paper roll slitting rewinding machine JS-SR2000

Technical parameter

Control system

Mother roll max width


PLC controller


Finish roll min width


Man-machine interface


Mother roll

max diameter


Length sensor


Finish roll

max diameter




Speed of slitting 


Signal component


Slitting paper


Pneumatic component


Way of rewinding

Adduction type

Program edition


Quantity of knife

21 sets


YASKAWA  15 kw

Power input

380V *3 phase 4 lines

Outfit assemble

Speed of control

and adjust


Loading material

Liquid compression

Way of loading paper

Liquid compression

Unloading material


Size (mm)

Way of correct edge

electric edge correcting

Unwinder  size L*W*H


Tension control

Air pressure

Rewinder  size L*W*H


Rewinding  double airshaft 3”

Specification of upper knife


Unwinding  by clapper

Specification of lower knife


double knives for slitting, thickness knife



Pneumatic  tension control system

Drive system

Taper grip

3stes(size can to order)

Mainframe power

15 KW

Free component

Mainframe rotate speed


Useful tool

1 set

Liquid compression motor


Air compressor


 Edge correcting motor

Y110 60:1

Way of convey

Shaft coupling



Rewinding spindle

Rubber roll 178mm

Rewinding steel spindle



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