New Design Led Solar Camp Lamp With Phone Charing And Sos Function

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Product Description:


SOLAR CAMP LAMP with SOS function and can be used as phone charger






New design led solar camp lamp


This solar camp lamp is a lightweight, versatile solar-powered lantern and mobile phone charger.                                                                               

It is not only used for illumination but also can be used as power bank. The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to carry to place it on a workbench, in a tent, on a tree or wherever you find yourself in need of a bright light.


Solar camp lamp features:

• 3 in 1 function: lighting & mobile charging & SOS

• Green/ Blue/Black/Orange colors are available 

• 3 brightness settings (High, Medium, Low)
• SOS signal light
• Charges mobile phones and other low powered USB devices
• Dual charging capability from solar and USB power source
• Includes solar panel, solar light and USB charge cable
• 6-18 hours of light (depending on brightness setting)

• It can be a hand lamp or a desk lamp, for both indoor and outdoor use

Solar camp lamp Specifications:
LED: 12 PCS, 3.7V/1W

3 brightness settings: Low(60LM), Medium(75LM), High (100LM)

Working current: 100MA/180MA/250MA

Working hour: 14-16/10-12/4-5  hours
LED color: White
Solar panel: 5V/300mA

Rechargeable battery: Polymer Li-ion Battery, 3.7V/2200MAH


USB: Standard Micro-USB


Charging time: 1. with solar panel (100-300MA), it needs at least 8-10 hours depending on the sunlight


With DC power adapter (5V,1000MA±10% MAX), it needs 2.5-3 hours


Discharge time: 1A, 2 hours


Compatible for iPhone, HTC, Samsung and other well-known mobile devices



Operation of solar camp lamp:  

Switch on/off


Double click the switch button, the lamp will turn on with low brightness. Press one more time, it is the medium brightness. And press one more time, it is the high brightness.


Double click the switch button, the lamp will turn off.


Charge the lamp

The lamp can be charged by USB power adapter or by solar panel. Plug in the power adapter, or place the lamp under direct sunshine. The LEDs flashes to indicate the charging status and the battery capacity. The LED indicator will turn off automatically when the battery is fully charged.


Charge mobile phone


  1. Plug in standard USB2.0 data cable, the solar lamp can charge your mobile phone or other digital products.


The LEDs flashes to indicate the discharge status and the capacity of the lamp battery. The LED indicator and the charging will turn off after 10 seconds when the mobile phone is fully charged or the mobile phone is not connected.


SOS signal

Long press the switch button for 3 seconds, the SOS signal will turn on. And then press the switch button for 3 seconds, the SOS signal will turn off.


LED indicator

Short press the switch button, the LED indicator will show the battery status. It will turn off after 10 seconds. The 4 LEDs indicate 25%/50%/75%/100% capacity.



1. When charge the lamp by solar, please make sure the solar panel is under direct sunshine without any shade.


2. This product is not waterproof, please avoid water or dust goes into the lamp. Please beware of falling down to cause any damage of it.


3. If you do not use it for long time, please try to charge it at least one time per month. This can prolong the lifetime of the battery.


4. Warranty: 1 year warranty



Package including:


1pc * solar lamp


1pc* USB cable




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Q:The led lamp low-grade why current sound
1, if appear this kind of current sound, then you buy the desk lamp of more times. Inside the power module is not very good. 2, the better the desk lamp of all is the use of constant current power supply, ensure that the service life of the lamp is longer.
Q:Hurry, common desk lamp is ac or dc output, and energy saving LED lamp?
Common desk lamp is communication, voltage 220 v, 12 v in the majority; Most energy-saving LED lamp is a dc output voltage international big brands is 9 v, domestic brands generally 12 v.
Q:LED lamp general 6/7 w is very bright, is too light is bad for your eyes
The current charging lamp pass much, just buy a new can also, the longer the storage function will reduce in the end just charge it into electricity, problems in the internal rechargeable battery, it is no longer able to store energy so I won't charge electricity. Tell you I have a you so the desk lamp of the same, not thoroughly with the eight months, I finally changed only USES a small battery now. I can because I love electronics repair maintenance.
Q:Long card LED charging small desk lamp
Use desk lamp of 5 hours a day, a month how to use electricity. This kind of LED desk lamp is very energy. If you are only used for lighting, can answer 0 degrees, almost no electricity, electricity meters are invisible. If you want to study how much degree, the za to calculate. 12 lamp holder is 12 leds, each press 3 v, 25 ma calculation, power P = 12 * 3 * 25 = 900 mw = 0.9 W, before considering other loss, even if the power is 1 W. 1000 watts of electrical appliances use 1 hour to 1 KWH 1 KWH, the desk lamp of 1 watt 1 months use 150 hours is 0.15 KWH. So for the average person can answer 0 degrees. Do you have any questions? Can you give me a message!
Q:Three lights in parallel, and should be how the resistance of the step-down series?
If you are sure with 6 v battery power supply, then I suggest you use four leds, two series and then parallel, such high efficiency
Q:LED lamp base fever is normal
Some adopts stabilized voltage supply drive leds, regulated power supply power design is critical, no allowance, also get hot. Should be choose the calorific value of the smaller good drive and regulated power supply, is more advantageous.
Q:With few desk lamp LED tile good children
LED lamp general 6/7 w is very bright, is too light is bad for your eyes
Q:New LED lamp USES "magnetic -" the voice from time to tome, how to eliminate the noise?
Open it, switch on the transformer has a magnetic gap, gap, to fill the gap in 502.
Q:Do leds have ultraviolet radiation
No radiation, do not use LED lights, now we'll use the TCP bullying, the effect is good.
Q:I charge the battery of LED desk lamp is broken, can put the cell phone battery received above?
LED lamp standard current to 20 ma, just meet this condition

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