Colorful Led Milk Cup Lamp

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SpecificationsColorful LED Milk Cup Lamp/Milk Cup colorful Night Light
1.lovely shape milk cup light
2.super bright milk cup light


Colorful LED Milk Cup Lamp/Milk Cup colorful Night Light



1. Decor and illumination functions. It can be a small bed light.
2. The batteries are put in the bottom of the cup. Turn on the screw on the batteries cover at the cup bottom and put three batteries into the slot according to each pole mark.
3.When turn the switch to ON, keep the cup up, it can be use to light. If don’t use it in a short time, it is not necessory to turn off the switch. Only pout the cup down, the light will go out.
4.When turn the switch to OFF, it will go out. But if don’t use it in a long time, please take out of the batteries in case the power loss or accident.
5. The product should be avoid sunlight, humidity, dust and hith temperature. It is only used in the room. When using outside, please keep it dry because it is not water-proof.
6. Please use wet cloth to clean it, not put it in the water.



White light

Turns off automatically if it is placed upside down 

Main switch at the bottom of the glass 

High quality energy saving LED

Clear acrylic, strong and durable

Battery operated, no wire is needed, safe for children 

It's a glass of milk made with LED light


Our advantage:

1). Good quality and competitive price

2). We have Professional and careful service

3). we are a factory with exporting certificate


Notice for customers

Price depends on different factors,such as quantity,quality,payment term and packing requirement,etc;So,dear ,please,be kindly asked to inform your requirements in every detail in order that our quotation could be to your satisfaction.

Comes with cute milk cow packing. As a night light, it not only bring you bright in the dark

It can decorate you life, on dinner table, on floor, on stairs, in bathroom......, make you night romantic and amazing~



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Q:The study USES the LED lamp?
The current characteristics of LED lighting and technology, the LED reading lamp is bad, mainly light is not very suitable
Q:Three lights in parallel, and should be how the resistance of the step-down series?
6 V battery should use free WeiHuXing 4 ah lead-acid batteries, the charging voltage should be 7.2 V ~ 7.5 V, and to have full automatic protection function. Can't use 10 v charger. Don't know what LED lights you choose? The working current? Positive pressure drop? These have a connection and choose the series resistance and the dimming.
Q:LED rechargeable lamps learning how many watts?
Visual lighting environment is very important, family, speaking, reading and writing assignments at home to read and write operations is one of the most important learning visual lighting environment, specifically is to learn the quality of the lamp quality. Learning is a great variety of lamps on the market, there is the lamp that shield an eye, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp and LED lamp, etc. Discriminant learning quality of the quality of the lamp, if the light color of white, or light color dim, dazzling the desk lamp of illumination is not standard, are unfavorable for family learning source, because then there will be a bad influence on the vision of development.
Q:What if the led lamp doesn't shine
If it is a line break have to pick up, if there is black spots is the LED surface that is was burnt out, that is about to change the LED. Many of the LED circuit adopts the series circuit, that is to say an LED bad throughout the series circuit will not bright. Generally LED not easy bad, usually a transformer is the most easy to bad. Open it and see it
Q:The lamp that shield an eye is after the light lamp or led the good
LED lights Lamps and lanterns of traditional power consumption not only, and will be accompanied by a large number of infrared ray, cause harm to human body, and LED lamp USES high photosynthetic efficiency conversion of LED cold light source, thus fundamentally eliminating the infrared light damage to the human eye. EFE glasses effectively restrain 35% blue light damage to the eyes. Jingdong, Tmall etc are sold. To protect your eyes.
Q:A led desk lamp always zi zi ring is how to return a responsibility?
Inside thrum have poor contact, look at the best, don't have accidents
Q:LED rechargeable lamp, battery voltage is how many v?
LED lamp battery charging are generally lead sulfate battery, voltage is commonly 4 to 6 v. Without marked is negative and without electricity, can see the internal structure of light emitting diode, the bulk of the pole is negative, namely the part attached to a light is negative, or look at like a bowl of concave portion of the attached to the cathode. So you can determine is negative.
Q:Led lamp is broken. Who knows what reason be? How to repair?
Are generally light bead is broken, you can see the lights have obvious black is bad Have a light means that you drive or current enters in the work. You see no light of lamp bead is generally bad
Q:The LED lamp is bad for your eyesight?
SMW there are rumours that the article use LED lights, don't have to talk about blue color change, at the same time, the central 10 sets to show detailed CCTV10 why the advantages of LED lights and LED the lamp that shield an eye can best protect vision video because leds can adjust the color temperature, so you can choose from 3200 ~ 3500 k of warm white LED light source color temperature to reduce the visual perception and the differences of the sun
Q:I am doing an LED desk lamp,
Using PWM technology, you need to use single chip microcomputer output a certain duty cycle of square wave, the duty ratio, the greater the more bright. Also need to use sensors to collect light intensity, the establishment of a model, to achieve automatic brightness adjustment.

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