Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch Touch Screen USB/Travel Charger

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300pcs set
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20000 Pcs Per Month set/month

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Mobile Phones Android Smart Watch EG200+ SNS Touch Screen USB/Travel Charger

64 Polyphonic ringtones  

(1) Webcam                                                                                                                          

(2) Shake to change songs & themes (3D sensor)                                                                                

(3) Compass


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Q:Yahoo Messenger and the mobile phone.?
yai totally agree with you man!
Q:Mobile Phone Unlocking?
High okorder
Q:can anyone say what s d use of wifi in mobile phones?
Q:What is the difference between mobile RAM and ROM?
RAM is running the phone memory, is to run the program.
Q:How can I cancel my Virgin Mobile Phone/Account?
Virgin Mobile Cancel Account
Q:Will an at&t sim card fit into a t mobile phone?
You can use any phone from t-mobile but you will first need to unlock the phone. It is usually better to purchase the phone already unlocked. If you want to buy a t-mobile phone and use it for ATT then you can either go to a cell phone store to get unlocked, depending on location could cost anywhere from $25 to $65. Or if you purchase the phone at a t-mobile store and pay full retail price you can fax the receipt to t-mobile and they will unlock the phone for you.
Q:help with nano technology in mobile phones?
nanotechnology includes the latest electronic chips Your mobile phone has to communicate at frequencies of about 1GHz, and does numerical computations at the speed of a few GHz too For that, you need the latest technologies, including the 90nanometer chips. (well, you don't NEED it, but it allows you to do the job better) 90nanometers refers to the smallest part of the smallest component on the chip. (usually the minimal width of the grid of transistors) now, in a cell phone, you also have a lcd screen that is sometimes considered nanotechnology, and also 1Mpixel (or more) photocaptors (ie: the camera on your cellphone). And that's nanotechnology too. In all that, you don't have a single moving object, but the electronic chips have nanometric properties. ie: there is nanotechnology, but no MEMS(micro electro-mechanical systems) since nothing is mechanical (ie: moves) in there. Another thing that can be considered nanotechnology is the battery. Bateries are only as powerful as the surface of metal there is inside, so to boost the surface while keeping the same volume and mass, they create nanometric bumps on the surface, that will boost the surface of metal, and power of the batery a bit. (a lot)
Q:virgin mobile phones???????????????????????????
i don't know the answer specifically but i used to have virgin mobile and then i switched to verizon and it let me keep the number. my best guess is yes you can keep your number, but you should ask about it before buying a new phone
Q:T-Mobile phone similar to Sprint's HTC Evo?
There are some features similar but it is very much different.
Q:Wifi on a mobile phone?
Wifi is free to use on mobile phones that can access it. Like my iPhone can detect and connects to Wifi anytime I'm in a Wifi zone so that it cuts down on my data usages. Its great isn't it? Yet I would say if you have to pay a lot for the data services on your phone, I would just use the data because it is not worth paying a lot for something you're not going to use a lot. But yeah, Wifi does not charge anything to your phone account. :) hope I helped!
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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