LED light/ LED down light/ LED ceiling light /LED Spot light/C22DL-Q8

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LED light/  LED down light/  LED ceiling light /LED Spot light/C22DL-Q8

- Omni-directional light distribution

-Die-cast aluminum recessed down light
-No UV or IR, environment-friendly 
- Low energy consumption. Long life 
- Dimmable


Residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, supermarkets, showrooms and more.  


Technical Data

Electrical Specifications 
Wattage options:  10/12/20/24 
Voltage options:    120v-277v

Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Optical Performance
Chip brand:  Nichia
Color temperature:  3000K/5000K
Luminous flux:  80lm/w

Color render index (CRI):  80-91
Beam angle:  Omni-directional
Colors and Materials
Body material:  Aluminum

Products color: white

Ambient temperature range:  -20~+40°C
Lifespan:  30,000 hours
Warranty:  5 years
Type of installation:  Screw-in type
Dimmable:  Yes
Test & Certifications
Standards:  UL Energy Star CEC
Test reports:  Energy Star




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Q:LED lamp is not the more the better
The most important thing about LED lamps is the heat dissipation. Lamp of many styles, but in general or in the aluminum radiator.
Q:How much is the installation distance of downlight
According to the requirement of indoor lamp spacing, and the total length of flexible arrangement spacing, as long as determined on the same side, the need to install a few lights Tongdeng, according to the length of average distribution can then set aside appropriate space according to the specifications of the lamp, if inconsiderate, do not reserve space, I am afraid it is not installed under the lamp. As for the lamp power, according to the size of the space, and light enough to consider, choose the appropriate power.
Q:7.5 cm hole should buy the lamp
7.5 cm hole for ring 102mm, 3W downlight just good.
Q:How much is the general living room lamp distance
The general lamp bulb for energy-saving light bulbs, the lamp is energy-saving lamps. For the installation of energy-saving lamps, want to know the installation space of indoor downlight, also need to be adjusted according to the use of the environment and the role of.
Q:LED lamp holes 9.5 cm, how much to buy Tile
LED lamp holes 9.5 cm can be made of 5W or 7W.
Q:Why downlight will sound, how to remove the sound
You may buy is a low voltage bulb lamp, is equipped with a voltage transformer, if you use 220V bulbs, will not have these troubles. Because, if the voltage transformer quality is not very good, it will produce current sound, the transformer core, the greater the gap between the steel plate, the greater the sound. Regardless of the quality of the transformer is good or bad, in fact, it will produce current sound, just big and small, high and low, the quality of the transformer, sound can be very weak, and negligible.
Q:How many watts of light?
If you have separate wiring, you can install 5W LED lights, plus a sub control switch, respectively, control, you can adjust brightness and degree. Recommend not to use three primary energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps 3W brightness enough, but it takes some time to start, and shorter than the life of LED.
Q:How much is the bedroom lamp spacing
The right spacing is between 1 and 2 meters, or can be further.
Q:The difference is led panel light and lamp?
If you want to choose a large number of tiles, the difference between the two is not obvious. In addition, a downlight hole size is relatively small. It has a round shape.
Q:The position of the partition mounted downlight?
In the lamp installed should pay attention to many problems, whether the spacing between the lamp and the lamp or lamps and wall spacing, these problems are to be considered clear. If no lights and lamps spacing well one will affect the light, two is installed more will waste downlight.

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