LED light/ LED down light/ LED ceiling light /LED Spot light/C22DL-Q8

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LED light/  LED down light/  LED ceiling light /LED Spot light/C22DL-Q8

- Omni-directional light distribution

-Die-cast aluminum recessed down light
-No UV or IR, environment-friendly 
- Low energy consumption. Long life 
- Dimmable


Residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, supermarkets, showrooms and more.  


Technical Data

Electrical Specifications 
Wattage options:  10/12/20/24 
Voltage options:    120v-277v

Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Optical Performance
Chip brand:  Nichia
Color temperature:  3000K/5000K
Luminous flux:  80lm/w

Color render index (CRI):  80-91
Beam angle:  Omni-directional
Colors and Materials
Body material:  Aluminum

Products color: white

Ambient temperature range:  -20~+40°C
Lifespan:  30,000 hours
Warranty:  5 years
Type of installation:  Screw-in type
Dimmable:  Yes
Test & Certifications
Standards:  UL Energy Star CEC
Test reports:  Energy Star




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Q:Lamp lighting options
In order to reach the minimum illumination 300LUX as an example, the total illumination is 35*300 = 10500LM, 12 lamps per lamp lamp illumination should be at least 10500/12 = 875LM.
Q:13.9 square meters of indoor equipment need the number of Duodawa downlight lamp
12 watt lamp 4 or 8 watt lamp 6;Indoor lighting usually reaches 300~350 lumens per square meter (according to storey height, height is higher, lumen value is greater)
Q:Downlight spacing between how many?
If the lamp just do auxiliary lights, generally do not require downlight too much, too bright, more it is very complicated of smallpox.
Q:Excuse me, 5 inch downlight standard hole size is the number of
The lamps produced by each manufacturer are different, and the opening sizes will be different. If the standard of the product, the opening diameter 135-145MM is ok.
Q:What is the difference between these two kinds of lights and spotlights downlight
The same grade, spotlights more expensive. Generally speaking, the domestic good quality downlight spotlights brand OPPLE, three, NVC, three male aurora. Among them, the NVC and the three vertical best price. Tongdeng generally have large (5 inches) in a small (4 inch) (2.5 inch) three. The trumpet at present in the market price of 2015 yuan, medium late Yuan, in size between 36-48 yuan. Of course, none of the above prices include light sources. A horizontal or vertical lamp plug two, inserted vertically inserted a little expensive than the price.
Q:How to choose the light? How much is the price down?
All the lamps only through the 3C certification only after the sale, consumers should choose 3C certified downlight! Only in this way can there be guarantees.
Q:3 inch and 4 inch downlight diameter is how much?
3 inch downlight conventional size: 11.2 cm, 9.5 cm hole is. Conventional size 4 inch downlight is 14.3 cm, 12 cm hole is.
Q:Home LED downlight generally require much power?
Mainly depends on the size of your room, height, as well as the density of the installation, the general use of 5W more.
Q:2.5 inch downlight 7.5 hole can be used?
Concealed fixtures mounted inside the ceiling, all of which are projected downward to direct light distribution. Different light effects can be obtained with different reflectors, lenses, louvers, and light bulbs.
Q:What are the differences between the lamp and lamp, that is better?
Distinguished from the above product performance: LED downlight is a ceiling light illuminating lamp type by embedded into. The utility model belongs to an orienting type lighting lamp, and only its opposites can be absorbed by light, and the utility model has the advantages that the lamps with more condensing property than ordinary lighting lamps are generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting.

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