LED light/ LED down light/ LED ceiling light /LED Spot light/C22DL-Q8

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LED light/  LED down light/  LED ceiling light /LED Spot light/C22DL-Q8

- Omni-directional light distribution

-Die-cast aluminum recessed down light
-No UV or IR, environment-friendly 
- Low energy consumption. Long life 
- Dimmable


Residential homes, commercial buildings, offices, supermarkets, showrooms and more.  


Technical Data

Electrical Specifications 
Wattage options:  10/12/20/24 
Voltage options:    120v-277v

Frequency:  50/60 Hz
Optical Performance
Chip brand:  Nichia
Color temperature:  3000K/5000K
Luminous flux:  80lm/w

Color render index (CRI):  80-91
Beam angle:  Omni-directional
Colors and Materials
Body material:  Aluminum

Products color: white

Ambient temperature range:  -20~+40°C
Lifespan:  30,000 hours
Warranty:  5 years
Type of installation:  Screw-in type
Dimmable:  Yes
Test & Certifications
Standards:  UL Energy Star CEC
Test reports:  Energy Star




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Q:LED lamp is not the more the better
First of all look at the lamp material, in the case of same volume, zinc alloy die-casting shell is the heaviest, Aluminum Alloy time, the plastic light; and another key component of downlight is the weight of the radiator, the radiator is greater, the greater the overall quality.
Q:LED lamp without installation will try to light
Drive the external, the exposed 2 lines connected to the driver output, the drive input to the 220V city power test.Operation must pay attention to safety
Q:What size LED downlight
LED lamp belongs to directional lighting, only its opposite to the light beam angle, belonging to the light, light is concentrated, contrasting. More prominent objects, higher lumen, but also set off a quiet atmosphere of the environment.
Q:Lamp lighting options
In order to reach the minimum illumination 300LUX as an example, the total illumination is 35*300 = 10500LM, 12 lamps per lamp lamp illumination should be at least 10500/12 = 875LM.
Q:The position of the partition mounted downlight?
If you install home is an auxiliary lighting lamp function, proposed downlight do not install too much, the effects of light. To take the best spacing and wall lamp is calculated, and the wall is maintained at thirty cm almost.
Q:What is the name of anti dazzle lamp
Anti glare glass is also called anti reflection glass or non reflecting glass. It is a kind of glass specially treated on the surface of glass. The principle is to process high-quality glass on one or both sides.
Q:The living room lamp, lamp, lamp with what color collocation up?
Most of the family love if modern or avant-garde points, you can use cool colors or other colors, or are generally used to do with warm light yellow lamp downlight.
Q:LED lamp holes 9.5 cm, how much to buy Tile
You choose it, want to light a little, choose the power point, brightness is not too big to request, choose the power a little smaller, enough is good!!
Q:What is the meaning of 3w6000k downlight
White 5500-6500K, neutral warm white light 4000-4500K, 2700-3500K
Q:What is the use of LED lamp beads?
Generally speaking, understand the lamp brand and packaging, lighting lamp quality lamp, lamp and radiating effect of packaging process quality and other key factors. The United States, Taiwan LED chip chip chip, domestic chip etc.. Different brands, the price difference is large.

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