LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP41 Power(W): 4-18 Body material: high thermal conductivity aluminum plate
Certification: other Input voltage(V): DC/24V Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55
Warranty: three years

Product Description:

●C21SL-C  LED Crystal Strip Lights is a high brightness LED used as special decorative light source. 


The product is sleek in design has simple installation method, composed of top grade LED chips, soft light, and high luminous efficiency. 


This product is widely used as a back-light source or decorative lighting. Inter-connectable in a variety of sizes and lengths.


Product Features


●Circuit boards with high thermal


●Conductivity aluminum plate  


Mercury and lead-free


AC90~132V wide input voltage range


Operating Temp -40℃~+55℃




Types of Application 


●Advertising light boxes, buildings,

decorative lighting purposes



LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C      LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C



Technical Parameters



         ModelPower WattageLuminous Flux       CCTCRI  IP     DimensionNet Weight
C21SL-C150-18W         18W      1440lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L1370×W20×H17    8.0 kg
C21SL-C120-15W         15W      1200lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L1220×W20×H17    7.2 kg
C21SL-C100-9W          9W       720lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L1020×W20×H17    6.4 kg
C21SL-C070-8W          8W       640lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L720×W20×H17    5.6 kg
C21SL-C060-8W          8W       640lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L620×W20×H17    4.8 kg
C21SL-C050-6W          6W       480lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L520×W20×H17    4.4 kg
C21SL-C030-4W          4W       320lm4000K/5000K≥65IP41L320×W20×H17    3.2 kg



Size Chart(mm)     C21SL-C


LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C


Light Distribution Curve   C21SL-C


LED Crystal Strip Light / C21SL-C 


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Q:What is the difference between T4 tube and LED lamp? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
T4 tube is fluorescent three primary color lamp tube. It has a diameter of 12MM.
Q:My living room, I do not want the ceiling can use LED lights? How can we install it?
Place a button on the wall, and put the light belt on it
Q:LED what does the band add to change colors?
The 2 wire dual chip is a chip that changes color by changing both positive and negative inputsThe 3 chip (RGB RGB) is at least a common line 4 line into the other three are respectively connected with the RGB by changing the load in the RGB end of the current size change display color which is a special RGB controller of the lamp belt is generally connected to the output of the switch mode power supply (RGB controller is 12V with remote control)
Q:Can anyone tell me what's the difference between LED lights and indoor and outdoor installations?
Zhongshan bright lighting LED lamp production as an example, behind each LED lamp belt are affixed with self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, the installation can be directly off the surface of the 3M double-sided adhesive stickers, and then the lamp strip is fixed on the installation place, hand press flat is good. As for some places need to turn or grow, what should I do? Very simple, LED light belt is a series of 3 LED as a series of parallel circuit structure, each 3 LED that can be cut alone.
Q:LED lamp with a whole such as bad if not how to detect the lamp with a lamp quality
Very simple, 2 battery 3V, each lamp does not light the ends of test, bad, LED is also a diode, try again when the reverse voltage is equal to the open circuit test for other beads, beads are measured
Q:How to fit the proper driving power for the LED light?
Light color is different, the working voltage at both ends of each 1.5V is different, such as red yellow and green; each 1.8-2.0V; blue and white each about 3.3V
Q:Why does the LED band suddenly go dark?
If the external power supply, considering the light attenuation, is mainly determined by the LED chip.LED decay refers to LED after a period of time after the light, the light intensity will be lower than the original light intensity, while the low part is the LED light failure. General LED packaging manufacturers to do the test is under laboratory conditions (25 C under normal temperature), to 20MA DC to LED1000 hours of continuous light intensity before and after the light contrast.
Q:Why can't the LED light band be broken from the fracture, but it can be light from the middle?
From your point of view, the whole bunch of LED should be connected in parallel, and the lines are all connected.The reason why the port is not bright: most likely the following is broken under the port pad.
Q:PCV flame retardant material toxic? (LED background light band)
From the aspects of health, non-toxic materials design products to the high price, especially indoor LED lighting, do not use cheap smell of LED lighting, currently only a handful of LED manufacturers are manufactured using non-toxic materials, identify the method can be directly used nose respectively, smell a lot of products at lower prices than no odor. Similar toxins, such as lead, mercury and cadmium, should be analyzed by professionals. From the application of environmental safety, there is a reliable dust control design, material fire, UV protection, anti - low temperature cracking LED products high prices.
Q:What are the requirements for the LED light driver?
When the load of the protection line is increased and the rated current is greater than 1.4 times, the protector can cut off the line after the time delay.

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