JZB-1800C Stackable Syringe Pump

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1. Compatible with syringes of most of the standard brands.
2. Automatic Calibration for syringes.
3. Three working modes: Rate control mode, Time control mode and Dose weight control mode

(ug/kg/min or mg/kg/h).
4. Built in rechargeable battery (Lithium-ion polymer battery).
5. 8 hours internal battery backup.
6. Spec of the fuse: F1AL /250V, two (inside).
7. Alarm functions: occlusion, empty, near empty, low battery, infusion over, syringe loose, etc
8. Three levels of the occlusion limited pressure: high, middle and low.
9. Three levels of alarm sound: high, middle and low.
10. The JZB-1800C goes into KVO mode automatically when infusion is completed.
11. Purge / Bolus function.
12. Waterproof Level: IPX4

Technical Specification

1. Flow range (Rate mode):
 50 ml syringe : 0.1 – 1800.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 30 ml syringe : 0.1 – 1200.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 20 ml syringe : 0.1 – 800.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 10 ml syringe : 0.1 – 400.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 5 ml syringe : 0.1 – 200.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
2. Accuracy: +/- 2% (After correct calibration)
3. Time setting mode range:
 Volume: 0.1 – 199.9ml, 0.1ml step.
 Time: 1 – 1999min, 1min step.
4. Weight setting mode range:
Sol. volume: 0.1 – 199.9ml, 0.1ml step.
Drug mass: 0.1 – 999.9ml, 0.1 ml step.
Dose: 0.01 – 99.99ug/kg/min, 0.01ug/kg/min step.
0.01 – 99.99mg/kg/h, 0.01mg/kg/h step
Weight: 0.1 – 99.9kg, 0.1kg step.
100 – 300kg, 1kg step.
5. Purge rate:
1800.0ml/h (50ml), 1200.0ml/h (30ml), 800.0ml/h (20ml), 400.0ml/h (10ml), 200.0ml/h (5ml)
6. Volume limits range: 0 – 1999.9ml, 0.1ml step.
7. Bolus volume: 1.0 – 100.0ml, 0.1ml step
8. Bolus Rate:
 50 ml syringe: 1.0 – 1800.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 30 ml syringe: 1.0 – 1200.0ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 20 ml syringe: 1.0 – 800.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
 10 ml syringe: 1.0 – 400.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
5 ml syringe: 1.0 – 200.0 ml / hr (0.1 ml / hr step)
9. Power supply: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz.
10. Power consumption: ≤25VA
11. Class: I
12. Type: CF
13. Size: 230mm (W) x 150mm (H) x 125mm (D)
14. Net Weight: 2.0 Kg. (Approx)
15. Operating condition:
  Ambient temperature 10-40degree C
  Relative humidity 20-90%
16. Storage condition:
  Ambient temperature: -10~55degree C
  Relative humidity: 10~90%.
17. Possibility of creation of a database about used solutions (drugs)

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