Inflatable boat for fishing, 2.3 meters, 2 persons

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Product Description:

Structure of Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat 

1)By 1000 Daniel polyester fibres made in Korea

2) double-side PVC coating

3)our  Inflatable boat boats are CE certificated


Main Features of Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat  

Standard equipment 

+ Two pieces Aluminum oars
+ Marine grade plywood bench seat(one piece)
+ Foot pump
+ Repairing kits
+ Carrying bag


Optional equipment

Inflatable thwart
Under seat bag
Front bag
Boat cover
Extra seat


Optional floor

+ plywood floor
+ Aluminum floor
+ Air mat floor
+ VIB floor


Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat Images






Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat Specification


Overall length (cm)Overall Width (cm)Inside Length (cm)Inside Width (cm)Tube Dia.(cm)No. of Chamber

Net Weight (kg)

Max Power(Hp)Max Load (kg)Max personTransom Height (cm)





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Q:I'm a very seasick person. Can I take a speedboat?
Yes, the speed and full outdoor experience of a yacht do not make people feel seasick, but when there is a storm, there is a jolt when the car runs on the road.
Q:Why do the boats exhaust at the propeller?
2, effectively reduce the noise when exhaust, water is a very good noise reduction materials;3, effectively reduce exhaust gas, exhaust carbon dioxide less, part of dissolved in water, there are other major exhaust matter can be directly stuck by hand, not floating in the air.
Q:A speedboat started in a calm lake and sailed toward the lake, in the process of fish in the water,
This is because sound travels slower in the air than in waterSo choose B.
Q:I want to have a speedboat tour. What's the procedure?
4 crew members must have crew certificates5, if in the sea, but also to the public security frontier for the record
Q:Do I need a driver's license to drive a speedboat?
6. yacht water survival skills7. maintenance and trouble handling[driving practice training]:1. start and close the mechanical propulsion unit2. on, off the pier3. pull in and tie off the buoy4. mooring operations5. navigation (accelerated, directional and high speed directional navigation)6. snake sailing around (5 markers)7. rescue drowning personnel8. basic emergency treatment9. use of life saving and fire fighting equipment10. commonly used tying knots11. sails, the use of rigging
Q:520 with much of the FRP Yacht outboard machine right
4 meters for outboard engine weight.15P 15P the most appropriate short axis in about 36 kilograms, if HP again not necessary, not easy carrying boats two
Q:Which is better, a speedboat, a two stroke gasoline engine, or a four stroke gasoline engine?
Personal advice: Generally speaking, if the frequency of use is not high, more sensitive to the price of users, as far as possible to use the two stroke gasoline engine more cost-effective. I hope you will be satisfied with my answer. If you are satisfied, please accept it!
Q:What's the fastest type of speedboat?
As everyone knows, "Sukhoi" is a set of military aircraft development, production, sales, maintenance, testing is one of the world famous Aviation Industry Corp, the "Su" series is the world famous fighter. In recent years, the group in Russia in the first chair of the fighter development at the same time, expanding the scope of enterprises, has merged many non aviation enterprises. For example, the development of "fish dart" ship, that is, the group under the famous Russian ship design bureau - "agate" Design Bureau developed, 120 kilometers northwest of St Petersburg, Viborg shipyard manufacturing.Known as "sea light cavalry", the speed boats are equipped with sub - torpedo boats, missile boats and missile torpedoes boats. The boat is fast, because the bottom is provided with a hydrofoil boat or two pairs, while sailing hydrofoil will produce lift, the hull lifted out of the water, thereby reducing water resistance, improve the speed of the ship. According to reports, the "agate" Design Bureau, the use of the latest achievements of science and technology in the design of "fish dart" ships, the ship made Aluminum Alloy materials, rely on the optimal design of hydrofoil, and power plant 1800 horsepower, speed 19 meters long sailing boat body can leave the water, and the surface contact area of the hull only about two square meters.
Q:What is the average speed of a speedboat?
As well as river vessels, the speed measurement unit is more than kilometers (kilometers) per hour, while the speed unit of sea ships (including warships) is called "Festival"
Q:Can the fiberglass 4-8 meter speedboat come out of its own DIY?
Yes, the cost depends on how large you are. Generally do it yourself, the departments concerned will not let you make too much

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