Inflatable boat for fishing, 2.3 meters, 2 persons

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Product Description:

Structure of Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat 

1)By 1000 Daniel polyester fibres made in Korea

2) double-side PVC coating

3)our  Inflatable boat boats are CE certificated


Main Features of Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat  

Standard equipment 

+ Two pieces Aluminum oars
+ Marine grade plywood bench seat(one piece)
+ Foot pump
+ Repairing kits
+ Carrying bag


Optional equipment

Inflatable thwart
Under seat bag
Front bag
Boat cover
Extra seat


Optional floor

+ plywood floor
+ Aluminum floor
+ Air mat floor
+ VIB floor


Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat Images






Aluminum  Floor  Inflatable Boat Specification


Overall length (cm)Overall Width (cm)Inside Length (cm)Inside Width (cm)Tube Dia.(cm)No. of Chamber

Net Weight (kg)

Max Power(Hp)Max Load (kg)Max personTransom Height (cm)





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Q:How can I get a speedboat driver's license?
The maritime department issued Measures "license" yacht will standardize water traffic safety regulation in China have long followed the regulations is mainly aimed at the operation of the ship made many provisions, do not apply to the yacht safety supervision
Q:Is the water jet propeller good or propeller propeller good?
Water jet propulsion has the advantages of excellent maneuverability and flexibility, high speed and high efficiency, promote the host is not easy to overload, suitable for shallow water navigation, generally used in high speed and high performance ships, and gradually applied to large and medium-sized ships.Propeller blade: by hub and a plurality of radial fixed to the hub on the composition of the propeller, commonly known as propellers. The propeller is installed below the stern line and rotated by the main engine (see the ship's power unit) to push the water toward the ship and push the boat forward with the counterforce of the water. The propeller is simple in structure, light in weight and efficient, and is protected below the waterline. The propeller is the main propulsion tool of modern ships. Nowadays most ships are propelled by propellers.
Q:The boat was racing along the water, with a long rope behind it and pulling a man
Name: water skateboardThe same principle as dashuipiao: speed of the hydraulic pressure is small.Naught principle: the speed of the hydraulic pressure is small. When dashuipiao should use flat objects (the force area) to parallel to the surface of the water as fast as it could to throw out (get the velocity), when dashuipiao objects across the surface of the water can drive it up and down the water flow in a very short time, so as to reduce the pressure, and the water is still of great pressure, you can put the object out of the water, and then second times or more times and so on objects into the water.
Q:What's the fastest type of speedboat?
Sukhoi spokesman revealed that the single ship cost about $2 million 800 thousand, "fish dart" ship plans an annual production of 20 ships. The company admits that the "fish dart" ship that has been developed now is only a basic type of speedboat, and the boat's weapon system consists mainly of 37 millimeters of fireThe artillery and rocket systems consist mainly of Russian navy, border and emergency affairs units. However, according to Russian media reports, the military in Eastern Europe and some NATO countries also showed strong interest in "fish dart" vessels. Russian weapons experts believe that the reason is that a ship with extraordinary speed, can be used to quickly implement the rescue at sea; two is the military value, namely the technical reconstruction of the "fish dart", with torpedoes or missiles, the "fish dart" to become the world's fastest torpedo boats and missile boats (the world's most advanced torpedo boats and missile boats speed only 35 - 45), used in coastal waters with large and medium-sized ships "by surprise" lightning attack.
Q:Use outboard boats to brake?
Low speed does not matter, when the high speed, it is best to first hang neutral, speed down a little, then hung reverse gear, slow refueling until the ship is completely relative to the water and static
Q:What about the action of the Whitewater speedboat 2?
Step two: while flying on a motorboat, slide your thumb on the screen at the same time, such as a hover movement, and slide with the left thumb at the same time.
Q:What is the average speed of a speedboat?
Generally speedboat speed of up to 40-60For the sake of understanding, it is necessary to convert units: land vehicles and air planes, as well as river ships
Q:How to describe a speedboat?
Boats are small tonnage, high speed, flexible and flexible, the displacement is usually tens of tons to hundreds of tons, sailing speed of 30 to 40 knots, and some can reach 50 knots, endurance of 500-3000 nautical miles. Boats equipped with weapons, some boats are also equipped with 20 to 76 mm caliber naval gun, the larger tonnage of the speedboat may also include mines, deep water bombs and so on. The matching sensing systems include search, detection, weapon control, communications, navigation, electronic warfare, and so on.
Q:In high school physics, a speedboat is subjected to a resistance proportional to the square of its velocity (f=kv2)
The question is, then I understand that the boats do uniform motion. The drag and drag are equal
Q:How many years does the speed boat last?
Service life of high speed speedboatIn China, a yacht usually has a service life of eight years,However, the country has 30 years of scrap for related ships,And high-speed passenger ship for 29 years

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