Inflatable Boat 2015 Newest Fiberglass Fishing Boat

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Fiberglass Inflatable Boat
1.Competitive Price
2.Optimal and Modern Structure
3.Safety in All Situation

Fiberglass Inflatable Boat


Item Introduction: 


It is Item No. 90706 which is a boat with fiberglass floor .

inflatable size: 520 x 205CM

tube diameter: 50cm
person capacity:7
recommend engine power:70HP
No. of chamber: 5
gross weight: 230kg

Packing Dimension:480*155*80cm


Our inflatable boats use 1,000 &1.200 denier fabric, which has been specially coated on both sides with P.V.C The fabric is completely airtight in water and highly resistant to abrasions, fuel and hamful sunlight.






RIB series can made by fiberglass hull and pvc/ hypalon tubes . It come with a single deck or double deck. It features a unique and eye-catching design, stability during navigation and durability. You can enjoy a more comfortable and exciting journey in this exceptionally safe boat. The 'V' hulls provide superior handling, and excellent performance. The performance of this boat will be beyond your imagination.

*Tubes constructed from heavy duty pvc or hypalon fabric

*All modes feature fiberglass seat

*The optimal length and widthe of the hull providing greater living space.

*Non-skid deck

*Conveniently located grab lifting handles

*Underdeck cabling passage
*Hi-Quality and imported PVC for sea Water

*New generation of higher plating
*Large load capacity
*Double-action hand pump,with air pressure gauge and repain kit
*Convenient paddle-securing clamps

*Hypalon models feature a 3-year limited fabric , seams and 1-year hull warranty.



Size Range:


90701270 x 160CM42CM3+110HP  364.00KG
90702300 x 160CM 42CM410HP 370.00KG
90703330 x 160CM42CM4+115HP374.00KG
90704420 x 190CM45CM630HP4153.00KG
90705470 x 190CM45CM650HP5196.00KG 
90706520 x 205CM50CM770HP5230.00KG
90707560 x 225CM55CM1090HP6450.00KG
90708680 x 280CM55CM1290HP7960.00KG


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Q:What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke on a rubber boat?
2 stroke internal combustion engine, a stroke to complete two projects, in order to complete a work cycle, crankshaft rotation 360 degrees a week.
Q:People sit in rubber boats, boats dipped in water, a certain depth, to the night, the temperature has decreased, but the atmospheric pressure is constant, ask the boat immersed in water, how will the depth change?
Because the night temperature is low, the ship volume decreases, V decreases, but V is constant, V is equal to the displacement of the gravity drainage plus aboard gravity accordingly. Therefore, to maintain the original V row, hull certainly can V reduce the decline (here understood as hull thinning, so to maintain the original the row V volume, depth to increase).
Q:The sea horse 18 boats with two stroke Outboards, speed over 15 km after the clearance of the ship such feeling, why?
First of all to see reason to exclude ship. Ship or V. Then look at the bottom without filling machine elevation. Another angle to see the last to see if you are driving a 15 horsepower general rubber boats half throttle can fly
Q:Is it against the law to draw a rubber boat with two friends to go fishing? Seek explanation,
Not illegal, but not more than one nautical mile from the land. Otherwise, the Shenzhen marine police will expel you
Q:What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 6 stroke on a rubber boat?
The internal combustion engine has 2 strokes and 4 strokes, and the crank angle of each stroke is 180 degrees. A cycle of internal combustion engines is: intake, compression, explosion, exhaust, four projects.
Q:Five meters two boats, and probably with much horsepower outboard machine?
These are my experiences. Hope to help you. In addition. Domestic Jiangsu and Zhejiang those cottage 40 horsepower, it is best not to buy.. Some friends bought it. Regret unceasingly. More slowly and more trouble. Shanzhai or immature?..
Q:How about the rubber boat of CNT brand in China boat? I want to buy one
There are players in the classroom, you can go inside to learn, there are online shopping malls, forums, etc., which basically on the rubber boat information, you go to see it
Q:Just bought an inflatable rubber boat, manual
When you are free, do not go out with a rubber dinghy. No one dares to do that
Q:How do rafts fix rubber boats?
Cast stone after B, the boat to the middle point of AB, both ends of the pull rope, the rope is fixed on the ship.That's OK, see the details.I went fishing with a friend last year, that's what I got.
Q:How about fishing with a rubber dinghy?
Best not to use, really want to catch on the water, it is safer to get a boat. Rubber boats are unsafe and dangerous when they have bigger fish.

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