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Product Description:




Cold-rolled steel sheet.


Thickness of steel sheet

Door leaf: 0.3/0.4/0.5/ 0.6/ 0.7/ 0.8/1.0 mm;

Door frame: 0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/ 1.2/ 1.4/ 1.5/ 2.0 mm.


Standard size(H*W)


(other size available, such as: 1970/2030*800/900/1000)


Door leaf thickness

50/ 70/ 90 mm                  (other size available)


Final surface

Heat transfer print or spray powder.


Infilling material

Honeycomb paper or rock wool.


Opening direction

Left /Right inward;

Left /Right outward.



Red, Brown, Black walnut, Cream, Catalpa, Teak, and so on.



Machinery lock with 5 main lock points, 8 side lock points, 4 upper and down lock points



Movable both inside and outside; Various styles available.



Stainless steel or painted.



90° invisible or 180 °  visible reinforced hinge.


Other Accessories

Peephole, Installing bolts, Rubber seal, Doorbell.

Conveyance (1x40'HQ):






392 sets

310 sets

220 sets


362 sets

290 sets

205 sets

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Q:What are my options for covering an ugly metal door?
u can put door beads on it or like window curtains it doesnt sound good but it looks good ! it will be like anothe rroom!
Q:Bathroom door price is probably how much? Aluminum door that kind of.
It is recommended that the doors of the bathroom adopt high-quality steel-plastic materials, because aluminum is very easy to oxidize the active metal, the thickness is not too thick aluminum alloy profiles, general profiles are about 1.5mm, although the surface is oxidized, sprayed or oxidized spray treatment, The process will inevitably damage the protective layer, the water is still very easy to oxidation, not a few years will be rusty.
Q:How do aluminum windows and doors push?
Landlord, hello, from the map point of view, you buy the first window broken bridge aluminum alloy sliding window (border 45 degrees stitching), the second is the ordinary aluminum sliding window (border for 90 degrees stitching). If it is finished, then there should be instructions, see your third map should be the second window of the schematic, and should be attached to the profile, should be as follows: 1. This part of the large material for the fixed frame (on the fixed); 2. This part of the large material for the horizontal in the very side (one side should be similar to the decline, this face down); 3, this part of the material for the lower border (there are two Track, 4,6,7,8, this part of the large material for the side of the border (the material is biased with two aluminum bars on the side of the small slot, the use of the lock point); 4,6, this part of the small material Light enterprises; 5 this material for the sliding window hook enterprises. Recognize the profile, the key also have to look at the section of the node map, the corresponding profile to see the cross section of the billing to know, but if you do not familiar with these materials, would like to group up is not easy, it is recommended that the landlord or find a balcony or processing Aluminum doors and windows of the master to help.
Q:can I insulate a metal garage door?
I just bought 2 Styrofoam insulation, cut it to size with an electric carving knife and glued it directly onto the door panels with Liquid Nails. You do have to allow a little tolerance where the joints bend as the door goes up. I put the panels on first, then carved off a 45 degree slice off every panel at each joint. BTW, painting the door bright white on the outside will make an amazing difference as well.
Q:What is the aluminum bridge? What is the difference with aluminum doors and windows?
Broken aluminum doors and windows are also aluminum doors and windows, but it is used in the middle of the aluminum through the insulation treatment technology, the aluminum cut off the formation of broken bridge, which can effectively prevent the heat conduction. Therefore, with the ordinary doors and windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can reduce the loss of half of the heat, energy saving and environmental protection effect is very good. However, the price of broken aluminum doors and windows are generally more expensive, and the current market has more counterfeit products, need to seriously identify in order to buy a good authentic. If you want to save money and fear of buying fakes, if not the northern part of the relatively large temperature difference, and limited funds do not have to buy a large brand of high-end aluminum doors and windows can be, because even the OPEC door, send Ya, the new standard Of the top ten brands of aluminum doors, their high-end aluminum alloy door prices are not too high. Moreover, these large brands of aluminum doors and windows in all aspects of performance are not bad, very high cost.
Q:Interior chrome/metal door handles?
They use vac metallized plastic handles in acuras...and they're fine. A local machine shop can make you new handles if you take them off but they'll say something similar to's a door handle on an 18 year old car then charge you 50-60 bucks for custom work (no installation)... They don't really mass manufacture a metal replacement because it's not something people worry about.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows how to play glass glue to play well
Glue mouth with a flat foot, and then cut the knife. So that the glue out of the fast and beautiful
Q:Paint door, aluminum door, stainless steel door
GB standard anti-theft door steel plate thickness of not less than 1 cm, the thickness of the door a little higher strength. Of course 1.2cm thick steel plate is good. Good things certainly more expensive, according to their own needs to choose. Wood-based board thing is not incredibly, 1 cm thick door is not stop the thief, after all, your home is not a bunker, do not need to resist the fire bombing.
Q:Where can I find replacement metal shed doors?
Q:Repair small hole in metal front door?
Go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get some Bondo putty. It's what is used on auto-body repairs. Or, just do like I did recently and use some powdered drywall mud (the kind you add water and mix). Make the mix using water that is about 1/4 wood glue. Smooth it on (sand lightly first) and then let it dry and sand it with fine sandpaper. Wipe it with a damp sponge, let it dry then paint. That's the cheap way and it will make the dent disappear.

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