Hot Sale Long Battery Lifetime up to 4.28 Years Container/Asset GPS Tracker for Persons CT-2000

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Product Description:

1. Key Features:

 - Slim Size
 - Long battery lifetime with 10+Months Self-powered 
 - SMS/GPRS Communication
 - Flexible Configuration up to your application
 - Low data stream cost budget for International Roaming work
 - IP65 Rated

2. Description:

CT-2000 is a self-powered terminal with GSM and GPS connectivity for 10+months lifetime, which is able to get device coordinates and transfer via GSM (GPRS or SMS).The device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of self-powered remote objects is needed.

It's adopted dual tracking technology with traditional satellite track and CellID track, which can bring the user tracking experience even in NO GPS signal area.

Track your assets wherever they are!

3. Applications:

 - Container Tracking
 - Secret detector Tracking
 - Security (Anti-theft)
 - Rail-carriage Tracking
 - Transit goods tracking

4. Technical Details:

> GSM:
 - Quad-bands 900/1800MHz, 850/1900MHz
 - GPRS Class 10
 - SMS(text/Data)

 - AGPS Supported
- 160dBm GPS antenna Sensitivity

> Interface: 
 - USB Port (Configuration and Firmware Upload)

> Internal Memory:
 - 32MB ( Up to 10000Points storage capability)

> Mechanical Dimension:

MU-2000 Size

How it worksService Platform


MU-2000 Battery Life Time

MU-2000 Accessories

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Q:How to cancel QQ service positioning system
Set the privacy locator service to find QQ then close
Q:GPS locator really can be used for car theft
With this full-time can open the oil;The gentleman does not guard against small things
Q:How to build GPS (location tracker) service platform
The first to have a second positioning software, to the server, so that you can, recommend software ECTEL GPS positioning
Q:How to pay for the satellite locator on the car, how much to pay?
Asked the manufacturers: in the phone edit "RST" (do not quote) to send text messages, the alarm is to restart, 5 minutes later you can use the. If this method does not work, you can only buy the store on the site and customer service online communication solutions.
Q:GPS how to find installed
Note that the GPS locator has a side of the lamp to the sky, the air side of this side of the metal is not close to the internal GPS antenna, it also received twenty thousand km outside the satellite signal;
Q:Can not be installed on the dog like a car on the location of the GPS Dongdong?
Chip to the dog ah, we hit the houseCan not find lost can not know.
Q:My phone does not have a GPS positioning system
With the next mobile phone software system is not necessary so much trouble
Q:Car GPS positioning system a month how much flow enough ah
Specific look at the location of your device using the upload time settings,Under normal circumstances, the device is ACC open 30 seconds to upload a time, ACC off when the next 60 seconds to upload.Probably less than 20MB, so the opening of 5 yuan package 30MB is enough.Hope that "Sheng Sheng GPS" He Peng can help you, thank you.
Q:Samsung mobile g7106 navigation GPS positioning slow what reason
Samsung companies know, to provide you with quality solutions, intentions to answer your questions, hoping to get your satisfaction evaluation.
Q:Younger brother bought a used car how to know where his GPS positioning system installed
We are loaded with this, are generally installed in the cab under the table, connected to the regular FireWire, turn off the car keys, look at the table below the live equipment. Above the general LED indicator, a look at the know.

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