High quality hot rolling wire rod(Q195-235)

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Wire section perimeter is very small, common product specifications diameter is 5-13mm. According to the rolling mill can be divided into different high-speed wire (wire rod) and ordinary wire (S & P line) two.

2 classification


Wire usually made of ordinary carbon steel and high quality carbon steel.According to the different steel distribution directory and use the wire,including ordinary low carbon steel hot-rolled plate bar, wire rod, high quality carbon steel, Quenched and tempered threaded rods for welding wire, steel wire rope wire, piano wire wire and stainless steel wire rod etc..

Prichard steel

Prichard steel

1 ordinary low carbon steel hot-rolled plate bar (GB701-65), the ordinary low carbon steel hot-rolled plate by low carbon ordinary carbon structural steel oryield point of low carbon structural steel and rolling, is the largest amount ofwire varieties, the most widely used in the wire rod, also known as the cord.

Main application: general line is mainly used in construction of reinforced concrete structure reinforcement steel, cold drawn steel wire can also bedrawn from, as binding etc..

2 ordinary low carbon steel hot rolled wire rod without torsion cold control,(ZBH4403-88), torsion free and controlled cooling, hot rod by torsion free high speed wire rod mill rolling controlled cooling made, material and general line is the same, but without the mechanical properties of hot rolled wire rod torsion cold control, high size precision, good surface quality, high.

Main uses: no twist and controlled cooling, size precision of hot rolled wire rodis divided into A, B, C level three. A, B, C level accuracy is suitable for drawing,construction, packaging and electrode uses, B, C level accuracy is suitable for processing into bolts, screws and nuts.

3 carbon steel wire rod (GB4354-84), the high quality carbon steel wire rod is made of high-quality carbon structural steel and rolling. Is one of the larger amount of wire varieties varieties.

Main purposes: quality carbon steel wire is mainly used for manufacturingcarbon spring steel wire, oil tempered carbon spring steel wire, prestressed steel wire, high strength and high quality carbon structural steel wire,galvanized steel wire, galvanized wire rope etc..

4 high quality carbon steel hot rolled wire rod without torsion cold control,(ZBH44002-88), the high quality carbon steel hot rolled wire rod without torsion cold control, by the torsion free high speed wire rod rolling mill and rolling,controlled cooling process after rolling. Compared with the high quality carbon steel wire rods, high size precision, good surface quality, with high mechanical properties.

Main application: mainly uses the high quality carbon steel wire rod with the same. Commonly used in the manufacturing of carbon spring steel wire, oil tempered carbon spring steel wire, wire, high quality carbon structural steel wire, galvanized steel wire etc..

5 steel wire rod (YB349-64), steel wire for rope with wire is hot rolled quality carbon structural steel strips of disc.

Main purposes: quality carbon structural steel wire rope with wire rod available in 35, 40, 45, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and 85 grades of manufacturing. Chemical composition meet the GB699 (technical requirements for steel quality carbon structural) regulations.

Torsion free control of cold and hot rolled wire rods for 6 steel wire(ZBH44004-88), torsion free control of hot and cold rolling plate and used high quality carbon structural steel with steel wire for rope rolling in no twist wire rod mill, the rolling control cooling and made. This rolling into wire rod, high size precision, good surface quality, excellent mechanical performance.

Main uses: mainly used for drawing steel wire and steel wire strand.

7 carbon welding steel wire rod (GB3429-82), carbon welding steel wire rodmade of low carbon hot rolled quality carbon structural steel made.

Main uses: mainly used in the manufacture of manual electric arc weldingelectrode.

8 carbon welding rod steel torsion free and controlled cooling, hot rod(ZBH44005-88), carbon welding rod steel torsion free and controlled cooling,hot rod is blocked in a twisted wire rod rolling, and rolling control cooling and made. The high size precision, good surface quality, superior performance, is a kind of high quality welding steel wire rod.

Main uses: mainly used for carbon steel hot rolled strip steel core discmanufacturing welded with the medicine skin.

9 structural alloy steel hot rolled wire coil (GB3077-82), alloy structure steelhot rolled wire rods by alloy structure steel as material and rolling. Alloystructural steel has a total of 26 Steel Group, 78 steel grades. Each productionplant according to any requirements and different use of selected grades for production.

Main uses: mainly used for structural alloy hot rolled wire drawing steel wire,metal products and structures.

10 carbon tool steel hot rolled wire coil (GB1298-86), carbon tool steel by high quality or high quality high carbon steel and rolling. The processing performance and wear-resisting performance is good, the price is cheap.

Main uses: mainly used for drawing steel ratio and manufacturing tools etc..

11 alloy tool steel hot rolled wire rod (GB1299-77)

Alloy tool steel is in the matrix of the carbon tool steel adding chromium,tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, manganese, nickel and cobalt alloyelements and tempered steel. Compared with the carbon tool steel. It has good hardenability and cracking tendency of small, wear resistance and high heat resistance characteristics of heat treatment. Alloy tool steel, alloy tool steel hot rolled wire rod is composed of 5 steel group of 33 steel as the material and rolling. Are produced by the unit of the Dalian steel plant, Benxi steel andShaanxi steel etc..

Main purpose: is used for making the measuring tools, tools and cold and hot working die, shock resistant tool etc..

12 hot rolled spring steel wire rod (GB1222-84)

Spring steel is used in steel manufacturing springs or elastic element. The spring and the elastic element is mainly the use of the elastic deformationenergy absorption and storage, to mitigate the vibration and impact of theparts or do some action for the purpose of. Because it is periodic alternating inshock, vibration or long-term uniform stress conditions, so the requirements of spring steel has a high yield strength, especially to a higher ratio of yield strength (yield strength and tensile strength ratio) and the fatigue strength ofhigh elasticity

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Q:What are the common diameters of steel bars?
Steel bars for concrete reinforcement is straight or strip steel plate reinforced concrete reinforcement steel, its shape is divided into round steel bar and deformed steel two, straight and coiled state for delivery two.
Q:What is the difference between a wire rod and a straight bar?
Straight line refers to the production, delivery is a bundle of straight material delivery in winter, used for the diameter of coarse steel bar, general specifications of 9 meters and 12 meters, the dosage is large (1000 tons or more), steel mills will consider the order made
Q:What are the differences between wire rod, round bar and thread steel? Respective specifications?
Wire rods are round, like wire balls. They should be adjusted when they are used. There are usually 6.5 and 8 millimeters in diameter
Q:What is the diameter of steel wire and the diameter of wire rod, and what's their difference?
The diameter of the steel wire is the diameter of the steel itself, and the diameter of the wire rod is how big it isFor example, you use a 5 mm diameter steel wire coil laps after a large diameter of 1 meters (of course, the middle is hollow)
Q:What is a steel wire rod?
The delivery of long wood is divided into two pieces: fixed gauge and coilYou refer to the wire rod, refers to the coil delivery of steel, under normal circumstances, according to commonly used, refers to the coil delivery of round steel, also known as smooth steel,
Q:Can decarburization occur in low carbon and low alloy wire rods? Why?
In addition, when there is surface defect in the continuous casting billet, the decarburization layer of the slab is deformed because of the existence of the defect, so that a small amount of decarburization layer can be preserved in a small amount.However, in the physical and chemical examination, the low carbon steel is not tested by the decarburization layer, and the decarburization occurring in the normal production process is also a small amount of decarburization.
Q:Cold drawing with lurkin whether it is the same product, how to use the difference
Cold drawing materials used more, testing standards of cold drawing are also different. Cold drawing of high strength, can be used in many aspects, for much is prestressed reinforcement. Do not ask for plasticity, only the strength of the occasion, you can use such steel.
Q:What is a cold drawn steel wire? What does it usually do?
A low carbon steel wire that is worked out to produce cold working hardening.
Q:How can steel bars and bars be differentiated from each other in different uses?
It is not advisable to use a windlass to straighten the wire rod, and if it is pulled directly, it is easy to cause too much plastic deformation, and the pulley should be used at the end to control the tension.The main shapes of wire rod and strip are different.
Q:8 wire rods, one meter, how many kilograms?
Wire rods, also known as wire rods, steel, wire, rod (s), usually refer to small diameter round steel discs. The diameter of the wire rod is in the range of 5-19 millimeters (usually 6-9 mm), and its lower limit is the minimum size of the hot-rolled steel section.

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