High Quality Hot Rolled Structural Steel I Beams

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Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
50 m.t.
Supply Capability:
100000 m.t./month

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Specifications of High Quality Hot Rolled Structural Steel I Beams

1. Invoicing on theoretical weight or actual weight as customer request

2. Length: 5.8m, 6m, 9m, 12m as following table

3. Sizes of Steel I-Beams: 80mm-270mm


Dimensional Specifications of Steel I-Beams: EN10025, ASTM, GB Standard, JIS, etc.

Material Specifications of Steel I-Beams: EN10025, S235JR, GB Q235B or Equivalent


Applications of High Quality Hot Rolled Structural Steel I Beams

Commercial building structure

Pre-engineered buildings

Machinery support structures

Prefabricated structure

Medium scale bridges

Package & Delivery of High Quality Hot Rolled Structural Steel I Beams


High Quality Hot Rolled Structural Steel I Beams

1. Package: All the products are packed in bundles and tied by steel wire rod then put into containers or in bulk cargo. Each bundle of I-Beam will be hung with the markings of CNBM or as the requriements of the customer. Each bundle contains about 50 pieces.


2.Tag mark: there will be tag mark tied up on the bundles. The information usually including supplier logo and name, product name, made in China, shipping marks and other information request by the customer.

If loading by container the marking is not needed, but we will prepare it as customer request.

3. Delivery: The Steel I-Beams will be delivered to the loading port in 45 days after receiving your advance payment or the original L/C at sight.

4. Transportation: the goods are delivered by truck from mill to loading port, the maximum quantity can be loaded is around 40MTs by each truck. If the order quantity cannot reach the full truck loaded, the transportation cost per ton will be little higher than full load.


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Q:Is the I-beam generally made or is it a long one?
Usually length: model 10#-18#, usually 5- 19M in length, type 20#-63#, usually 6-19 M in length. When custom-made, the I-beam is delivered at fixed or double feet length, and the length of the fixed foot and double length is less than or equal to 8M, and the allowable deviation is + 40 mm.
Q:What is the difference between the support of shed support and the support of joist support in coal mine?
Two support process is the first column dig nest, and then planted a leg, finally.
Q:Will the raw material of I-beam and channel steel be re examined?
Because the factory has material test reports and documents, and belongs to the product section steel I-beam can be used directly or as the processing of semi-finished products, factory test reports and related proof materials, has been able to meet, do not need to re test again.
Q:What angles, angles and channels are used in general? Please try to be specific
Profiles are commonly used in construction for steel structures, plant buildings (single deck, multiple), adding (inserting) layers, and simple and independent components: Roofing frames, interior and exterior steel staircases, etc.In steel construction plants (buildings), what you call those profiles are useful
Q:What does the beam size "H500*250*8*10*10" mean?
You mean this is the expression of H steel:The sections of section H steel can be represented by the following code names: h*b*tw*t.Section height of h:H steelSection width of section b:H steelThickness of center web of tw:H steelT:H steel wing thickness (that is, up and down the two plates)This is very easy to understand, you say H500*250*8*10*10, that is, H steel section of high 500mm, wide 250mm, the middle plate thickness 8mm, two plates, 10mm thick. You finally have a 10, that estimate of 10 fast, that is the number of H steel.
Q:What specifications are used for the steel structure of the 10*10? Do I have to use I-beam? Will the iron square be all right?
Square steel tube is good, both beautiful, anti-corrosion costs and bottom. The base square steel pipe must be closed, otherwise it will be difficult to deal with corrosion from the inside.
Q:How does the arch concrete of the tunnel be poured up? How can the support be used before the casting? Is it made of I-beam? Is it directly supported by earthwork?
Two concrete tunnel lining, template is used according to the size and shape of the tunnel design custom-made, I-beam welded frame, welded steel plate, known as the "two trolley liner" (hydraulic jack lifting and installation of steel wheel moving on the rail), is generally the length of 9~12m, concrete pouring pump concrete.
Q:How much is the load-bearing capacity of No. 10 I-beam per metre
The span of I-beam is different, and the bearing capacity is different.The following are the spans of 10# channel steel bearing drawings with a weight of 1kgf/m=10N/M=1 kg / m.
Q:How can I distinguish I-beam from H?
The I-beam section is well pressed and resistant to pulling, but the section size is too narrow to resist torsion. H steel is vice versa, so both have advantages and disadvantages.
Q:What type of I-beam should be used for span 8m? Beam load is mainly 10cm thick concrete floor
20# I-beam @1000, both ends should be solid.Floor maintenance and dismantling requirements:The concrete strength of the 1, in the span of 8 meters above is more than 100%, 8 meters and 8 meters above 75% can tear open mode; the concrete strength is not less than 1.2MPa on the floor can be people and construction. (usually in the water after 24 hours of strength can reach more than 1.2MPa, spring, summer and autumn winter days under normal maintenance of 7~9; 10~15 in normal curing days to open mode).2, under normal maintenance, not less than 2 times a day, each time to ensure that the floor has 11~16 minutes of water.3, concrete moisture maintenance for its strength growth and performance improvement is very important, especially early proper maintenance can avoid surface dehydration, and greatly reduce the initial expansion of concrete cracks. So, the necessary maintenance of concrete placement after the floor (generally not less than 24 hours) must be guaranteed, such as in the actual construction, the rush to catch the time and watering will affect the elastic line and construction personnel, construction must adhere to the coverage of straw sacks or wet curing properly maintained for a week or so.4, to the floor to the top of demolding strength reached 75%.

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