FRP Bolt Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod

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FRP Bolt: GFRP Bars

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Bolt support in coal mines in recent years, railway, highway, water conservancy and urban construction engineering project, at the same time, the rapid development in the glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) anchor applied correspondingly, GRP anchor of safety and operability are far more than the metal bolt now used by coal mining, and is gradually replacing the traditional metal bolt, is the new alternative metal bolt supporting materials. Its advantages:

FRP Bolt Glass  reinforced  plastic  anchor  rod

1, high strength, easy cutting rod body: the tensile strength of glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor rod is better than that of ordinary steel, higher than 20% of the steel bar, the same specification and good fatigue resistance performance, light weight, only for the same volume of steel 1/4. Its material is a composite material, easy cutting, can protect the coal winning machine cutting head;

2, safety performance is good, explosion-proof anti-static: thermal conductivity, conductive, flame retardant, antistatic, collision won't produce sparks, through the formula change and metal for tunnel safety construction is very good, especially suitable for gas concentration area;

3, Gao Jiangnai corrosion, high bearing capacity, tensile resistance is strong, the diameter of the rod body strength is better than that of rebar bolts, as a support for a long time, can resist erosion of chloride ions and low PH solution, especially the resistance to corrosion of carbon compounds and chlorine compounds is better.

4, material binding force strong: closer to the cement thermal expansion coefficient compared with steel, so the rod body with concrete grip of stronger;

Light 5, can design sex is strong, easy to operate, stable modulus of elasticity, thermal stress under the size stability, heat bending shape can be arbitrary shape, and weight is only 1/4 of coequal norms metal bolt, can be used in tight Spaces such as tunnels and mines is convenient, make it easier for the construction, reduce labor intensity;

6, construction is convenient, can produce all kinds of different cross section according to the requirement of the user and the length of the standard and non-standard, non-metallic drawstring tie available at the scene, the operation is simple.

FRP Bolt Glass  reinforced  plastic  anchor  rodFRP Bolt Glass  reinforced  plastic  anchor  rod

Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod production equipment, our company is using the company independent research and development, after more than 10 years of market recognition, production research and development department improve MYC - 1200 pultrusion equipment, with completely independent intellectual property rights, more than 20 supporting patent technology, is a domestic initiative.

FRP Bolt Glass  reinforced  plastic  anchor  rodFRP Bolt Glass  reinforced  plastic  anchor  rod

So far, our company has formed glass reinforced plastic anchor rod of raw materials, production equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor rod products production and sales of the whole industry chain, pultrusion technology, production, processing and application of full thread glass reinforced plastic anchor rod, the glass fiber content as high as 80%, at the same time because of pultrusion technology of prestressed effect, can greatly improve the strength of glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor rod body, tensile strength can be big, to ultra high strength bolt corresponding technical indicators. And can be installed directly nut, because the rod surface area significantly increase can significantly increase the anchorage rod body strength and tensile strength; Tray, nut supporting with tray, nut of invention patent.

FRP Bolt Glass  reinforced  plastic  anchor  rod

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Q:Is the test standard for FRP pultruded profiles and FRP gratings the same?
Different process, production, different uses, testing standards, of course, there are differences.
Q:FRP pultrusion process?
Pultrusion is a process for the production of glass steel linear profiles, its raw materials are used in unsaturated polyester resin and continuous glass fiber roving and mat, high performance composite materials for all sectors of the use of its production.
Q:Are FRP Pultruded Shapes poisonous?
It shouldn't be poisonous. He can use it in a lot of production and life, especially all kinds of pipes, including water pipes
Q:How to install GRP mark pile
The life of the font (because the FRP material should be polished and polished before printing, so that the printed fonts can be longer and a little bit less concrete)
Q:Can not use glass steel support column, the main support for the door
1, glass steel toughness and carrying impact performance is strong, but the rigidity is relatively poor, that is, tensile, impact resistance is better, compressive performance is poor, so it is not suitable for props and other components.2, toughened glass is completely transparent, visual art, and the vertical stiffness is very large, excellent compressive strength, can be customized according to the needs of the processing of different thickness, if used to support the weight is not a big door can, but need to have the steel frame (outsourcing stainless steel).
Q:Can FRP profiles replace carbon steel profiles?
It can not be used as a cable carrier, but it can not replace the carbon steel profile. The general pultrusion section is connected with the connecting plate
Q:What are the features of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pultruded materials and chairs?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic extruded sections for chair bars, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good decorative (wood grain glass fiber reinforced plastic), Candice's color wood grain felt.No recycling value. I'd say that's probably the best feature right now. Installed, no one cares about, will not lose!
Q:The manufacturing process of FRP products?
Each technique has its own characteristics. Production enterprises determine the process method in the selection, according to the basic situation of the enterprise and the production of products, such as mass production and product quality requirements, as well as the technical basis for enterprise capital and production factors such as comprehensive consideration.
Q:Are pultruded FRP sections strong? What are its main areas of application?
More fields. Advantage is obvious, if the corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, quality is lighter than steel; strength and steel strength comparable;
Q:What are the best manufacturers of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profiles in China?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic 1.5mm really can not do, I suggest you do PVC, PP or ABS profiles, the same corrosion resistance.

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