FRP Molded Grating

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10 m
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50000 m/month

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction of FRP Molded Gratings

The product is a kind of structural plates which uses high-strength fiberglass roving as reinforcing material, thermosetting resin as the base and then is cast and formed on a special metal mold. It provides properties such as: light in weight, high in strength, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, solid and anti-skid. It is widely used in oil industry, power enrineering, sewage treatment, ocean survey as working floor, stair tread, trench cover, and the . It is an ideal loading frame on corrosion circumstances.

Product Performance of FRP Molded Gratings
1. Corrosion-resistance
2. Fire-resistance
3. Light in weight and high in strength
4. Ageing resistance
5. Designable
6. Safe and anti-skid
7. Insulation

Main Application of FRP Molded Gratings

Operation terrace off-shore oil rig Inspection rack

Stair tread Ground floor

Trench cover

Bridge sidewalk foot bridge

Equipment safety fence

Stair landing

Scaffold filling supporting

Decorating grid

Air grid, etc.

Specification of FRP Molded Gratings


Panel size mm
Width times Length times Thickness

Lattice size mm

Void ratio

Panel weight Kg

AS/38.1 x38.1/25.4

1220 x 3660 x 25.4




AS/25.4 x101.6/25.4

1220 x 3660 x 25.4

25.4 x 101.6



AS/38.1 x38.1/38.1

1220 x 3660 x 38.1




AL/38.1 x38.1/38.1

1520 x 3960 x 38.1




AS/50.8 x50.8/50.8

1220 x 3660 x 50.8

50.8 x 50.8



AS/38.1 x152.4/38.1

1220 x 3660 x 38.1




AS/38.1 x152.4/38.1

579 x 3048 x 38.1

38.1 x 152.4




1247 x 3087 x 25

40 x 40



JS/40 x40/40

1247 x 3087 x 40

40 x 40



ES/52 x52 /30

1000 x 4000 x 30

52 x 52 + 19 x 19



ES/52 x52 /50

1000 x 4000 x 50

52 x 52 + 19 x 19



GS/100 x 100 /25.4

117.5 x1480 x25.4

100 x 100






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a, ISO 9001-2008 quality control system;

b, Strict and regular quality control in production;

c, Inspeciation when loading into container before shippment;

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Q:Plastic or better glass fiber reinforced plastic better?
Plastic steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic have their own advantages, in the mechanical manufacturing and vehicles, ships and other industrial fields, glass fiber reinforced plastic is used; in furniture decoration, the use of plastic steel profiles.
Q:What does M23 grade of glass fiber reinforced plastic section mean?
The basic components of the FRP profiles for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, mat etc.), which is based on the fiber (including glass fiber, carbon fiber, organic fiber and other metal and non metal fiber) as reinforcing material, resin (mainly epoxy resin. Polyester resin, phenolic resin) as crosslinking agent, auxiliary and other supporting materials (mainly accessories: release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing mould agent, light stabilizer, UV clean water, gel coat) composites. It has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small specific gravity, low moisture absorption, small elongation and good insulation.
Q:FRP pultrusion process?
Reinforcement materials used in pultrusion processes, mainly glass fibers and their products, such as roving, continuous fiber felt, etc.. In order to meet the special requirements of the products, aramid fiber, carbon fiber and metal fiber can be used. No matter which fiber is used in the pultrusion process, the surface must be treated so that it can be well bonded with the resin matrix.
Q:The difference between polyurethane pultruded profiles and glass reinforced plastic profiles
The polyurethane pultrusion section is a product formed by mixing the polyol and a reactive isocyanate easily and quickly.Isocyanate is to optimize the molding characteristics and selection, these characteristics are: low viscosity (good impregnation fiber), gel time (easy to start and stop), rapid polymerization (improve molding speed), good surface finish, cost competitive.
Q:Will the FRP section crack for a long time?
Under normal circumstances, glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles will not appear cracking phenomenon, if there is cracking phenomenon, may be the following reasons:1, the placement method is incorrect, such as irregular, non closed section of a large number of stacked2 、 the resin content in the profile is low, filling is more (see if the section color is whiter, and more powder fall off at the same time)
Q:How to install GRP mark pile
The possibility of theft (because of the pultruded glass steel material is square or triangle pipe is hollow know who stole 1. useless also know this thing is not plastic can not sell 2. take home cushion not after all not solid no component)
Q:What are the circumstances in which the pultrusion should be performed?
The roving yarn assembly in yarn frame, yarn unwinding through a series of guide roller and cluster grid plate, roller set, enter the resin impregnated resin impregnated yarn groove. Then through the pre forming die, the die is required according to the shape of products and configuration in the guiding device. The mold after discharge excess resin and bubbles into the cold. Cold mold cooling by cooling water, so that the resin viscosity, reduce the loss, and finally into the mold, the fiber reinforced material and resin molding in mold curing, and then the traction device is pulled, cut into required length of products by cutting device.
Q:What raw materials do FRP pultrusion require?
Core material: generally does not use, the existing PU foam material as the core material, and outside as a continuous extrusion frame shaped profiles, as insulation panels.
Q:What are the features of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pultruded materials and chairs?
Glass fiber reinforced plastic extruded sections for chair bars, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good decorative (wood grain glass fiber reinforced plastic), Candice's color wood grain felt.No recycling value. I'd say that's probably the best feature right now. Installed, no one cares about, will not lose!
Q:The manufacturing process of FRP products?
1, hand paste production method; 2, spray forming method; 3, fiber winding process; 4, molding process and molding process; 5, pultrusion method.

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