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Solar PanelMax Power0.6W solar panel ( silicon-dropping seal)
 Lifetime5 years
BatteryTypeNi-MH rechargeable batteries
 Size3pcs AA 1.2V 800mAh 
 Lifetime3 years
Light SourceType4 pcs 0.5W LED, 25LM each
 PowerMax power 2W
 Lifetime100,000 hour
 Loading rate of the light source
Continuous working timewith full batteries 4-5h
Continuous charging time5-6h
Lighting range 2m
MaintenanceA:  If  use  this  light  every  day,  please  place  it  in  a  enough  sunny  location  in  order  to ensure battery in full 
B: When don not use it, please turn off  the switch. 
C: Please kindly charge the internal battery in full if you don't use the light more than 8 weeks, that is to avoid the battery empty which will effect the lifetime of battery. 
AccessoriesA set of desk lamp holder
PackagingSolar torch:
a.  Box Size :9.5cmx6.0 cmx23cm (1 unit per box)
b.  Carton Size :50cmx32cmx47cm (50 units per carton)
c.  Carton gross weight: 16kg; Carton net weight: 15.0 kg 
d.  Carton volume:0.075m³ ;  
e.  20'ft-14,000 units   40'ft-228'000units 
Solar reading light:
a.  Box Size : 13cmx8.5cmx25cm (1 unit per box)
b.  Carton Size: 45.5cmx28.5cmx52.5cm (20 units per carton)
c.  Carton gross weight: 16kg; Carton net weight:15 kg 
d.  Carton volume:0.068 m³   
e.  20'ft-7640units   40'ft-15280units 
Featuresa.    4 pcs LED; service life of up to 100,000 hours, LED without replacement :
b.  With poly mask and bright but not dazzling
c.  The appearance of fine and easy to carry.
d.  Luminous Circle with silica gel, in a dark place it is easy to find
e.  Double service as flashlight and reading lamp 



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Q:sk next incandescent lamp, led lamps and halogen lamps have what distinction, which better
So only the halogen lamp, but is low voltage halogen lamp, need a rectifier, and halogen lamp itself temperature is high, pay attention to the heat dissipation, color rendering index selected 90-100, color WenXuan 2700 k, the best for you.
Q:Whether the LED desk lamp, luminous points: two guide plate and the patch?
LED lamps light source generally have patch light, into the light, and power source, there is also a surface light source. But more popular on the market at present is made of tiles and is by the desk lamp of light after diffusion of light guide plate, so the light will be soft not dazzling! But no matter what kind of light source, LED desk lamp is not main lamp power supply shall be without stroboscopic is the most important thing, is good for your eyes desk lamp. Because whatever the source, as long as meet the function of the lamp lighting the reading, the second function is to protect his eyes.
Q:There are several major disadvantages of LED lamps
LED lamps and lanterns is due to the low entry barriers, including some of the unqualified products, domestic also lack the quality of detection means, mainly in the developed countries of quality inspection standard.
Q:What are led lamp accessories
USB cable, drive power panel. + 3, rechargeable, rechargeable battery, voltage regulator circuit board (rechargeable).
Q:I buy LED lamp light moving light and shade is how to return a responsibility
LED lamp light (light shaking) generally there are two reasons: one is the direct use of alternating current drive, the lowest cost of this kind of desk lamp, it is only a current limiting resistor circuit and a set of leds, produce power frequency flicker is inevitable; Second, using the low cost of electronic transformer, circuit performance is not perfect, the LED drive power constant current effect is poor, in high frequency belch phenomenon, users will feel the light shake in light and shade
Q:The child for LED the desk lamp that shield an eye myopia?
Now there are some LED desk lamp which color temperature, due to the color temperature of LED light source is designed is fixed, so this kind of desk lamp USES is two different colors of light ratio of different brightness, change the function of light color, in order to achieve this kind of table lamp table lamp accurate sense should be the color that move light, desk lamp, not including color temperature also because of its light mixing two kinds of color, make the light clutter is not pure, can also cause some damage to the eyes
Q:Want to buy the university dormitory with plug-in study desk lamp, LED the good good or tubes
Desk lamp tubes are mostly warm color, look more comfortable. And lit a lamp light up an LED to many difficulties, complex circuit, I help students took a few, internal ballast work are good.
Q:How to charge the LED lamp
Lead-acid batteries used in dozens of pieces of low-grade called students or children desk lamp, rechargeable light most of the products will not change color, usually from a few hours to ten hours. Lead-acid battery charging requirement after filled with a floating time state, with the changed the user capacity and circuit design is difficult to grasp, because charging time short, filling is too long to form a rechargeable battery life shortened, theonly low-grade products without charging protection circuit, only carefully study the product description. Rough judgment: try every half hour after 2 hours filling light observation (do not charge while light), and if no longer increases should be full of light is the brightest and desk lamp brightness, floating charge time same again can Hope to adopt. thank you
Q:LED lamp is broken, put it down, things do
The LED lights down, connected to two wires, is is, negative negative, on two batteries.
Q:A led desk lamp always zi zi ring is how to return a responsibility?
Poor contact After a long time aging.Poor contact After a long time aging

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