Consumer luminaire Home ceiling HC350 420 650 Home Hotel

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White LED type: RF5730 Size: HC420
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 1600 Body material: PMMA Working lifetime(Hour): 20000
Power(W): 19 Certification: CE Working Temperature(℃): -20
PF: >0.5 Input voltage(V): 100-240 CRI (Ra>): >80
Warranty: two years IP Rating: IP20

Product Description:


Replaceable led chip, optimized lens design,Even, balanced continuous light with no dark spaces

High-quality acrylic cover (PMMA), 99% light transparency,Lighter, safer and up to 20% brighter than glass cover

20,000 hour lifespan,Lasts 2 times longer than fluorescent, up to 15 years lifetime 


• Color maintainted  over 10 years

• Convenient and energy saving                                                                                                                                                 

• Install and forget                                                                                                                                                                     



Product DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
HC350 16W 2700K White16 0.5 1300 81 >802700 50000 A
HC350 16W 4000K White16 0.5 1300 81 >804000 50000 A
HC350 16W 5700K White16 0.5 1300 81 >805700 50000 A
HC420 19W 2700K White19 0.5 1600 84 >802700 50000 A
HC420 19W 4000K White19 0.5 1600 84 >804000 50000 A
HC420 19W 5700K White19 0.5 1600 84 >805700 50000 A
LED HC650 45W 5700K White45 1.0 3600 80 >805700 50000 A


Consumer luminaire Home ceiling HC350 420 650 Home Hotel

Consumer luminaire Home ceiling HC350 420 650 Home Hotel


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Q:15 square meters of living with the Duodawa number LED ceiling lamps
LED lights in the living room are generally around 20W, if there are other lights at the same time, or the number of lights a little bit more, you can consider 15W or so.
Q:Led ceiling lamps, a lamp is broken, you can use the short circuit
Led ceiling lamps, a lamp is broken, for the parallel circuit, short circuit breaker can not, can. For a series of circuit systems, a short connection makes the light available. However, due to the circuit in this connection, because the LED is short, the current of this road will become larger, the lights will be brighter, but the life is not long, easy to damage. It's better to change the bad one and change it to a good LED.
Q:The LED ceiling light mounted in the living room will turn on the light after the power is switched off
Micro bright almost no power consumption, the impact on the lamp belt life is not great. However, this may indicate a problem with your switch or wiring. For example, a double switch (that is, two switches), or a small light on the switch. The leakage current of ground wire is large, and the problem of power supply design is likely to cause this phenomenon.
Q:LED ceiling light mounted in the living room, with subsection and remote control. The first paragraph (the first switch) all lights are blue (color change);
Check the switch first. Is there anything wrong with it?
Q:I would like to ask the master to sell LED ceiling lamp, two lines are not divided into FireWire, zero how to connect security?
Due to step-down rectification, filtering into low-voltage DC to LE D lamp work. So you don't have to fire the zero line.
Q:Led ceiling lamp is broken. How do you know that the starter is burned or is the LED lamp burning?
This is not a lot of trouble, ordinary people can hardly distinguish, directly to buy a starter (also known as ballast, actually called the driver, which is a constant current power supply) replaced the probability of bad LED is less than 1%, if LED is really bad if you can try to buy lottery tickets..
Q:LED ceiling lamp, thunder will burn it?
LED lights, like other lights, have no grounding, and there is no grounding.The so-called grounding is generally designed to use the electrical network input terminals, to prevent leakage of electrical appliances wounding. Some grounding purposes are designed to prevent electrical interference.The lightning protection design is special, but it can only play a protective role within the limited range of lightning intensity.
Q:LED annular patch ceiling lamp used less than half a year, a few days ago suddenly become very dark, what is the reason, how to solve?
If it is half a year to gradually darken, that is, the entire lamp materials are low-end, but if suddenly dark, and that is the power problems
Q:LED the ceiling light is switched off after the switch is switched off
Many people say that the off switch, lights and light or flash, actually not electrical wiring or lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are now popular, after a long line switch (especially the double control switch or switch indicator), capacitor power supply through between the lines to the lamp holder. Accumulated to a certain voltage, the starting circuit light bulb. The resistance of a 470K ohm can be connected at the 220V entry line of the lamp holder to release the induced current, so that the problem of the light or flashing of the lantern can be effectively prevented. I also have electronic hobbies, LED lamp house flash is using this method to solve, some people say I don't agree with the capacitor, capacitor voltage because of problems, once the breakdown, short circuit will cause tripping, the resistance will not
Q:How does the LED ceiling lamp power supply match?
LED. power suggested a direct replacement patch is 12V.300V you should be wrong, or manufacturers virtual standard. No 300V voltage. If so, you're a tragedy. Now is the direct replacement patch. You can only change the inside light source, not the outside shell. Taobao sold patch. More power, longer life than beads.

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