Concrete Expanding Admixture/Expanding Agents

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Initial Setting: >45min Final Setting: <600min Compress Strength: 7d>20MPa
Compress Strength: 28d>40MPa

Product Description:

Concrete Expanding Admixture/Expanding Agents

YH - PZ concrete expanding admixture is a kind of security, good durability of concrete admixture.Make compensation shrinkage concrete, can prevent or greatly reduce the cracking of concrete, concrete compactness and pervasion ability, so as to realize the waterproof concrete structure.In simplifying the construction process, shorten the construction period, prolong or cancel expansion joint, which has good technical and economic benefits.
Method of use
In the cement mixing 1.5% to 2%.
Range of application
1, can be used in underground structures, such as the basement, underground garage, subway, tunnel, mine, civil air defense engineering, in cable trench and pump room;
2, can be used to the ground with types.the requirements of large concrete engineering, such as concrete ground, airport runway, storehouse, parking lot, mass concrete structures and requirements for retaining a lower scale of large engineering;
3, can be used in the reservoir, reservoir and dam permeability to demand higher engineering;
4, can be used for roof engineering;
5, suitable for filling concrete, such as placing seam anchor bolt connection, prefabricated concrete pouring, concrete, concrete component repair of post-cast strip, etc.
YH - PZ concrete expanding admixture main technical indicators:

1.fineness>200m2/kg           2.Magnesia content<5.0       3.Alkali content<0.75 4.initial="" setting="">45mins

5.finial setting<600mins 6.="" compressive="" strength="">20 MPa      7.compressive strength>40MPa

8.corrosion of reinforcement: no harm


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