Cable duct Grouts/Cable duct Grouting agents

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Initial Fluidity: 10-17s Final Setting: <24h initial setting: >5 h
30 Min Fluidity: 10-20s

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Cable duct Grouts/Cable duct Grouting agents

YH - CGM high-strength cable duct grouts with special cement as binder, selected for aggregate high strength material, supplemented by high flow, micro expansion, made from materials such as anti segregation.The product has a reliable quality, reduce cost, shorten the construction period and convenient use.Force situation fundamentally change equipment base, and make it evenly carry the full load of the equipment, to meet all kinds of machinery, electrical equipment, heavy equipment and high precision grinding machine installation requirements, is the ideal filling material of the pad installation times.
A, implement standard
GB50448-2008 "cement grouting material application technical specifications"
JC/T986-2005 "cement grouting material"
Second, the grouting material performance characteristics:
1, the construction is simple, economical and practical, need to add water to use.
2, good liquidity, strength increasing quickly, the late high strength.
3, impact resistant, resistant to vibration, non-toxic, non-corrosive.
4, oil resistance, permeability, good durability, high and low temperature resistance.
Three, the grouting material specification shall apply
1, especially suitable for emergency repair engineering, such as the railway bed plant disease control;Highway pavement, airport runway repair reinforcement;Sectional water plugging grouting;Rapid support engineering;Foundation grouting engineering;Sprayed concrete.Preparation of super early strength of concrete, etc.
2, large equipment and precision equipment anchor bolt and base anchor.
3, steel structure (such as steel, steel, steel column, etc.) with the base fixed edge of perfusion;The method of post-tensioned prestressed grouting and beam and column reinforcement.
4, subway, tunnel, underground seam build-in inverse style construction projects.

Four, the grouting material usage
Add water mixture can be used directly, and water is commonly, 13% of the material consumption in construction of high temperature, can increase the fluidity of a small amount of water until the required, in construction of negative temperature, temperature of about 20 ℃ warm water mixing are available, and in order to increase their liquidity.When used for anchor bolt anchorage, water consumption can on this basis, according to the actual circumstance of engineering is reduced.Mixing water should be used in drinking water.
Six, packaging, storage

Using composite paper bag lined with plastic film film packaging, 50 kg / 25 kg, stored in a dry and ventilated environment, storage period of six months.
Seven, the grouting material use matters needing attention
1, before filling, should fill the need to clean up space, fill the space on the surface of concrete shall be cut around fully prewetting over 12 hours.
2, mixing can be adopted or artificial mechanical stirring.Using mechanical mixing, stirring time is commonly 3 minutes.Artificial mixing, should first join the two-thirds of the water, stir 5 minutes later to join the rest of the water, continue to stir until smooth.
3, mixing location should be near the grouting construction site, distance shoulds not be too long.
4, mixing amount every time should be depends on how much usage, to ensure the material out of 60 minutes.
5, winter construction, the grouting material curing measures should conform to the concrete structure engineering construction quality acceptance specification "(GB50204) regulations.
6, the scene, when using untested are strictly prohibited in the grouting material mixed with any other admixture, the additive agent.
7, mold temperature and curing time and the environment

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